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ABBR - Chapter 83-Pt.1

Messages flooded Xu Chuanchuan's reader group, catching Xu Chuanchuan by surprise.

As the two were sitting close to each other, Murong Shi also saw the messages. Then, she pinched Xu Chuanchuan's stiffened cheek and teasingly asked, "Afraid of replying to them?"

Xu Chuanchuan wasn't afraid of replying to her readers' messages. Instead, she was stumped by the large number of people tagging her in their messages, and she didn't know which one she should reply to first.

Even after several minutes had gone by, new messages still flooded the group chat one after another. Meanwhile, everyone's discussions still revolved around topics such as "Is the new book the author's autobiography?", "Did the author really get bent?", and "What is the relationship between Tycoon Shi and the author?"

Looking at the rate at which the group's members were sending out messages, Xu Chuanchuan felt that the group members would eat her alive so long as she appeared.

There were over a thousand members in the group chat and close to a hundred daily active users. Meanwhile, Xu Chuanchuan only had two hands. How could she possibly win against all these people?

Before Xu Chuanchuan managed to resolve her anxiety about starting a new book, she had to face another serious problem. After nervously swallowing her saliva, she timidly said, "Maybe it's better not to reply…"

In response, Murong Shi applied more force to the arm she had wrapped around Xu Chuanchuan's waist. Then, she narrowed her eyes and asked, "Are you still afraid of letting them find out?"

Xu Chuanchuan wiped the sweat on her palms against her pants. Then, leaning into Murong Shi's chest, she blinked her eyes and said, "I'm not afraid. I just feel that...it's very embarrassing. I'll be writing about you in a few chapters anyway. They'll know what's going on once they read that part. Aren't I right?"

However, Murong Shi did not follow up with Xu Chuanchuan's question. Instead, she asked, "What are you embarrassed about?"

A faint blush appeared on Xu Chuanchuan's cheeks. Then, she timidly said, "I used to emphasize that I'm straight. Afraid that they'll misunderstand, I've even repeatedly sworn in the group chat that I won't be bent. Yet, now…"

Murong Shi gently caressed her lover's lips that had dried up from anxiety. Then, she slowly said, "If I remember correctly, you even swore to me that you'd never date your readers."

Xu Chuanchuan's eyelids trembled. Then, in a guilty voice, she asked, "D-Did that happen?"

Murong Shi raised an eyebrow, her eyes revealing her mirth. However, she still maintained a calm expression as she said, "I still have our conversation history saved up. Should I find it to prove it to you?"

"No need!" Xu Chuanchuan hurriedly stopped Murong Shi from grabbing her phone.

"You lying author," Murong Shi teased.

Xu Chuanchuan guiltily shrank her neck until her head reached Murong Shi's chest. When she heard the pounding of the other party's heart, her own heart calmed down a little. Then, Xu Chuanchuan sat up, lifted her chin, and said, "You have the gall to call me a liar? Who was the one who used a pseudonym to mess with me at the beginning?"

Murong Shi's expression stiffened.

"You liar," Xu Chuanchuan said, poking a finger at Murong Shi's heart.

Murong Shi really did not wish to revisit this dark past of hers. She also couldn't argue about this matter since she was indeed in the wrong. So, she pointed at the washboard and broken keyboard sitting in the corner of the room and collecting dust, asking, "Should I go kneel now?"

...I should get rid of those things. What an eyesore. When Xu Chuanchuan saw Murong Shi standing up, she quickly pulled her lover back down and said, "What nonsense are you saying? You already showered."

Murong Shi sat down and embraced Xu Chuanchuan once more. Just as she was about to lower her head and kiss the shorter woman, she found the latter's gaze focused on her phone.

A novel was like an author's child, and the moment of publication was equivalent to the moment of childbirth. Xu Chuanchuan was both eager and anxious to see everyone's reactions. With a swipe of a finger, she refreshed the page of her novel, revealing many new comments.

After carefully looking through the comments, Xu Chuanchuan found that rather than the novel itself, everyone was more focused on gossiping.

Meanwhile, the most eye-catching comments were none other than the system announcements mentioning Passerby Shi's ten Deep-water Torpedoes. One of those comments even had a long list of replies.

—Caught me a Tycoon Shi!

—Tycoon Shi, you actually got the first comment! Did you find out about the book as soon as Lord published it? There must be something going on between you two!

—There must be something going on! Just look at the book's name and these ten Deep-waters! There's no way you two are innocent!

—I'll pass the mic to you. Tycoon Shi, please tell us the story between you and Lord.

—I'm dying of curiosity! Did you really bend our Lord???

—Tycoon Shi, why aren't you in the group chat anymore? Join the group and talk to us! We're all eagerly waiting to hear from you!

Xu Chuanchuan was rendered speechless by the comments.

Failing to see any story-related comments, Xu Chuanchuan exited jjwxc's app and switched to QQ. When she saw the messages there, she couldn't help but scratch her head in frustration.

Since the group members couldn't tag Passerby Shi, they switched to tagging I Love Malatang instead. This ended up causing Xu Chuanchuan to be tagged in even more messages.

Whatever. I'll just continue playing dead. Their messages should stop once the novelty wears off. With such thoughts in mind, Xu Chuanchuan tossed her phone aside.

The next moment, though, Murong Shi picked up Xu Chuanchuan's phone, unlocked it, and began tapping away on the screen.

"What are you doing?" Xu Chuanchuan asked in confusion. When she snatched her phone out of Murong Shi's hands and looked at the screen, she couldn't help but gape in shock.

Group System Message: Moderator I Love Malatang has approved Passerby Shi's request to join the group.

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

Although new messages quickly drowned out the system message, many people with sharp eyes still saw it.

—I saw Tycoon Shi entering! [Image]

—Tycoon Shi must've seen our summons! Heavens, why am I so excited?


When Xu Chuanchuan saw Murong Shi busily typing away at her phone, she wanted to ask what the other party was trying to do. However, before she could open her mouth, Murong Shi had already clicked the "Send" button.

Then, Xu Chuanchuan looked at her phone.

Passerby Shi: "Everyone, thank you for supporting my girlfriend and her story."

This message was akin to a bomb as a torrent of messages instantly flooded the group chat.

—My god.

—Tycoon Shi, your girlfriend is our Lord???

—Heavens! I guessed correctly!

—Passerby Shi, did you really bend Lord?

—Is there even a need to ask? Lord must've been bent! Lord doesn't even dare show herself right now. She must be hiding in a corner and lurking the chat.

—Could this Passerby Shi be a fake?

—That shouldn't be the case. Even her avatar is the same.

To prove that she wasn't a fake, a certain someone had casually sent a 1,000-yuan red packet to the group. Murong Shi's actions were so quick that Xu Chuanchuan didn't even have time to stop her.

Immediately, the group members began frantically fighting over the red packet. Then, after emptying the red packet, they promptly resumed their previous discussion.

—Tycoon Shi, I love you~

—Ahhh! I didn't get any!

—I didn't get any, either, but I don't care. I want to listen to gossip! Tycoon Shi, did you really get together with Lord?

Unfortunately, Murong Shi didn't have the time to reply to any messages as Xu Chuanchuan had pushed her down onto the bed and was currently educating her on being thrifty.

"You even sent a red packet?! Do you have too much money lying around?!" Xu Chuanchuan chided, pinching and squeezing Murong Shi's body. Of course, she made sure to control her strength.

While nimbly avoiding Xu Chuanchuan's attacks, Murong Shi smiled and said, "They're too cute."

"Who's cuter? Them or me?" Xu Chuanchuan asked, her arms akimbo.

"Of course you're cuter," Murong Shi said before turning the tables and pressing Xu Chuanchuan down on the bed. Then, she sealed the latter's lips with her own.

Several minutes later, Murong Shi separated from Xu Chuanchuan while panting. Then, she sat up to check her phone again.

However, there were too many messages to read. After roughly reading a few messages, she summarized her words and said: "Your Lord and I have been together for five months already."

—Five months??!!!

—So, you two were already together since the last book!

—Heavens! It's been so long already? Aren't you two too good at hiding it?

—Ahhh! It's actually true! Congratulations!

—Congratulations! I also want a girlfriend. Maybe I should start writing novels as well?

—The Lord actually got bent, lololol.

—So, is this new book an actual story about Lord and Tycoon Shi?

—Lololol, Lord has always emphasized that she wouldn't get bent. What do you have to say for yourself now? @I Love Malatang

—Lord, I know you're here. Stop lurking.

—That's right, that's right.

"..." Xu Chuanchuan the Lurker quietly hid under the blanket.

Murong Shi couldn't help but chuckle at this sight. After dragging Xu Chuanchuan to her side, she quickly typed: "Your Lord is shy."

—What's there to be shy about? Come out and flaunt your love.

—That's right. What's there to be shy about? Come out! We're very gentle. We won't beat you.

—We won't beat you. At most, we'll give you a punishment.

—What kind of punishment?

—Have them upload a 10-second video of them French-kissing to the group!

—Good idea!

—I'm curious about something. Is Lord the one on top, or is she at the bottom?

—Is there even a need to ask? Of course, she's at the bottom! She doesn't even dare to come out now. She's definitely a submissive!

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

If Murong Shi were to reply to every message, her fingers would probably become crippled. So, she selectively chose the top-and-bottom question and replied: "Your Lord has a bad back, so she prefers staying at the bottom."

—I knew it!

—Ah! My nose is bleeding!

—Lord, launch a counter-attack tonight!



The discussion topic deviated more and more, and Xu Chuanchuan's face turned bright red when she read the messages. Finally, unable to take any more of this nonsense, she pushed Murong Shi down and said, "Stop talking nonsense!"

However, Murong Shi revealed a bright and joyful smile before kissing Xu Chuanchuan on the lips. Then, she asked, "Planning to launch a counter-attack?"

Infuriated by Murong Shi's words, Xu Chuanchuan decided to retaliate and bit down on Murong Shi's lower lip.

After letting out a groan, Murong Shi hugged Xu Chuanchuan and rolled onto the bed. Then, her hand slithered its way down and gently rubbed Xu Chuanchuan's sensitive place.

"Uu—" Xu Chuanchuan let out a subdued moan as her body became mush, and tears formed in her eyes.

—Why did Tycoon Shi disappear again?

—Did she get counter-attacked by Lord?

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