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ABBR - Chapter 82-Pt.2

At around three o'clock in the afternoon, Murong Shi woke up Xu Chuanchuan, saying, "Get up and wash up. We'll be treating Linda to dinner later."

"Linda is back?" Xu Chuanchuan groggily asked.


Linda did not disappoint Murong Shi and brought back a bunch of souvenirs from Malaysia. She had brought back so much that the back seat of Murong Shi's car had become stuffed with items.

While looking at the souvenirs, Xu Chuanchuan pointed at something and curiously asked, "What is that?"

"It's a silicone pillow. Miss Murong specifically asked me to buy one. Apparently, it's good for the spine," Linda explained with a smile.

Xu Chuanchuan skeptically looked toward Murong Shi.

In response, Murong Shi ran her cold fingers down the back of Xu Chuanchuan's neck and said, "You can sleep on it from now on."

Xu Chuanchuan's lumbar spine and cervical spine had grown bad from the years she spent writing novels. Occasionally, her entire neck would stiffen. And to avoid agitating her cervical spine, she would avoid using a pillow when sleeping. For this reason, Murong Shi would frequently feel distressed and chide her.

This present was incredibly useful. So, while hugging the pillow, Xu Chuanchuan happily said, "Thank you."

"Just a 'thank you?'" Murong Shi asked with an ambiguous smile.

Xu Chuanchuan's face instantly turned bright red. Then, after sneaking a glance at the silent Linda, Xu Chuanchuan glared at Murong Shi and visually warned her, There's an outsider here! Mind your words!

However, Murong Shi simply smiled in response to the warning. Then, she boldly clasped fingers with Xu Chuanchuan and said to Linda, "Thank you for your hard work. Let's go; we'll treat you to dinner."

Linda had just returned from abroad, so Murong Shi didn't want to interrupt her rest. After dinner, she offered Linda a ride home.

"That won't be necessary. My boyfriend is already here," Linda said as she pointed at a car parked some distance away from the restaurant.

Due to the distance, Murong Shi couldn't tell what Linda's boyfriend looked like. She could only discern that someone was in the car Linda pointed out. After retracting her gaze, she said, "I see him coming to pick you up quite often. It seems you two have a good relationship."

Linda shyly smiled at Murong Shi's words. Then, she said, "That's right. We've been together for two years now, and we plan on getting married at the end of the year."

Murong Shi was slightly surprised by the news. Then, she also smiled and said, "Congratulations."

Xu Chuanchuan also hurriedly congratulated Linda.

"I'll send you two an invitation when that time comes," Linda said before leaving.

Linda's resplendent smile before she left caused Xu Chuanchuan to sigh ruefully. "She looks so happy."

"Being able to marry for love is naturally a happy thing."

Looking up at Murong Shi with affection in her eyes, Xu Chuanchuan asked, "Do you love me?"

Murong Shi took a moment to look at their surroundings. After seeing that nobody else was around, she gave a quick peck on Xu Chuanchuan's lips and said, "I love you."

However, Xu Chuanchuan couldn't bring herself to be happy at the answer as she said in a disheartened tone, "But we can't get married."

This was indeed a melancholic problem. Murong Shi's expression stagnated upon hearing her lover's words, and she couldn't help but sink into deep thought.

Realizing that she had ruined the good atmosphere surrounding them, Xu Chuanchuan hurriedly put on a carefree smile and said, "I'm joking. I don't mind if we can't get married. It's fine so long as I get to be together with you."

Murong Shi saw how forced Xu Chuanchuan's smile looked. After remaining silent for a moment, she said, "It might not be possible in the real world, but there is a way."

"What is it?"

In a gentle tone, Murong Shi said, "You can write our story into a novel and make it so that same-sex marriage is possible in the book."

Xu Chuanchuan was stunned. Then, after several seconds had passed in silence, she embarrassingly said, "Actually…I've long since had this idea. I was just worried that you would refuse, so I didn't dare to bring it up."

"Since it's a story about you and me, why would I refuse? Write away," Murong Shi said with a smile.

Upon receiving Murong Shi's approval, Xu Chuanchuan immediately felt the blood within her boiling with excitement. Then, she eagerly said, "You've stirred the creativity within me! This won't do, I need to head back and start writing immediately!"

The story's main characters would be Xu Chuanchuan herself and Murong Shi, so there was no need to waste time on character settings. After three hours of constant writing, Xu Chuanchuan successfully wrote out the general outline of her new story. The story would include their first meeting and the bits and details that took place in the following months. Then, she showed the story's plot to Murong Shi.

"Check if I missed anything."

After looking through the document, Murong Shi pointed at a particular timeline and said, "I want to know what exactly happened when you visited G City together with Tang Xin."

Xu Chuanchuan had only briefly mentioned her visit to G City with Ange. She never thought Murong Shi would notice it. After pondering for a moment, she said, "Nothing much happened. We just paid a visit to the film crew."

Murong Shi did not continue probing into the matter. Instead, she took another look through the document. Then, she said, "Apart from one point, I think everything else is fine."

"Which one?" Xu Chuanchuan earnestly asked.

"If you must write about Tang Xin, I think you should add an extra identity for her."

"What identity?" Xu Chuanchuan eagerly asked.

"My main love rival."

"..." I shouldn't have asked.

Before writing her new story, Xu Chuanchuan asked Ange through QQ whether she could put the other party in her work. She also sent Ange a copy of her plot to Ange for reference.

Ange: "Write as you please. I don't mind."

Ange's reply moved Xu Chuanchuan. "Rest assured, I'll properly conceal your identity."

Ange: "You two really are something. Not only are you showing off your love in the real world, but you're even going to do it online now. Do you plan on telling the whole world about your love?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "[Shy]"

Ange: "I envy you two sometimes."

Although Xu Chuanchuan couldn't see Ange's facial expressions, she could somehow tell that these words carried a hint of grievance.

Xu Chuanchuan: "How are things going along with you and Fang Qin?"

Ange: "Nothing. It's not like we're familiar with each other."

Xu Chuanchuan: "Don't you want to try interacting with her?"

Ange: "Nope."

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

As if receiving some kind of summoning, after Ange typed her last reply to Xu Chuanchuan, her phone sitting by her keyboard suddenly rang once. After sending her phone a glance and seeing an avatar that had frequently appeared in recent times, Ange's expression changed slightly.

Pretending not to have noticed the message notification, Ange tabbed back to her work document and resumed writing her novel. However, because of her restless heart, the words she typed out were merely a bunch of nonsense. After deleting the nonsensical words she wrote, she picked up her phone out of frustration.

Fang Qin: "The holidays are ending, so I'm going back to S City tomorrow. Can I treat you to dinner tonight?"

To match Ange and Fang Qin, Xu Chuanchuan gave Ange's phone number and WeChat ID to Fang Qin before leaving Shanghai. When Ange first saw the friend request from Fang Qin, she had hesitated for a long time. Although she wanted to reject the request, her finger had disobediently clicked "Accept."

Although Fang Qin had indeed said that she had forgotten about what had happened on that night of absurdities, Ange highly doubted that Fang Qin would forget everything. Hence, she would feel incredibly awkward if they were to meet up. Yet, if they didn't meet up, she would constantly find herself having nonsensical thoughts.

Ange had never agonized so much over a question before, and she hated herself for being so indecisive. In the end, she stopped thinking and simply typed: "I'm busy tonight."

Several seconds later, Fang Qin sent another message: "What about noon tomorrow?"

Noon… It's just around the time I wake up...

After sitting idly in front of her computer for several minutes, Ange subconsciously typed: "Okay."

On the 10th of October, Xu Chuanchuan's ninth yuri novel, After Being Bent by Reader, officially began serialization, and the first chapter was set to release at 9 PM.

The time it took for her to start a new book this time was the shortest because she was simply writing a story about herself. She felt she was in her element when writing the book. This was also the first time she had started publishing a novel without preparing a stockpile of chapters. She also didn't bother advertising her book in her reader group or Weibo.

Xu Chuanchuan had made sure to use different names for the characters in the story. She only kept the pseudonyms of "I Love Malatang" and "Passerby Shi." However, when Xu Chuanchuan thought about how this would be an actual story about herself and Murong Shi, she couldn't help but feel a little embarrassed.

After secretly publishing the first chapter, Xu Chuanchuan began fidgeting in her seat.

"What if nobody reads it?" Xu Chuanchuan asked as she turned to look at Murong Shi. "What are you doing? You're topping up??? Don't tell me you're thinking of…"

Before Xu Chuanchuan could finish speaking, she saw Murong Shi agilely tapping away at her phone and sending out ten Deep-water Torpedoes.

Five hundred yuan had disappeared in the blink of an eye…

Xu Chuanchuan instantly lost her mind as she yelled, "I'll only receive half of that money!"

Xu Chuanchuan's frantic expression amused Murong Shi. After kissing her lover on the lips, Murong Shi said, "I need to support my girlfriend's work."

"You can leave a review if you want to support me!!!"



After waiting in agony for several minutes, Xu Chuanchuan's reader group suddenly exploded with activity.

—Lord started a new book!

—Ahhh! She really did! I'm going to read it now!

—I just came back from reading it! It's good!

—Don't you guys think there's something strange about the book's name and description? A yuri author who's been writing for six years being bent by her top donor. Erm… I suspect this is the author's autobiography.

—I know, right?! I think so, too! Lord has also been writing for six years now!

—So, Lord, did you really get bent??? @I Love Malatang

—If this is true… Who's the top donor?

—It's Tycoon Shi!!!

—Eh, I can't even tag her. Why isn't Tycoon Shi in the group anymore???

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