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TL - Chapter 72: Tan Jiao 10 (1)

I have lived in a disorganized manner lately and was definitely not up to the ‘Enjoy our lives and not waste it on sorrows’ post.

That was why, on this day, I felt extremely depressed. In fact, I began to despise everything sorrowful, even love. After taking a hot shower, I changed into a cooling dress, put on some makeup, and went to find Zhuang Yu for dinner.

This was probably what Lu Xun meant when he said that if a person did not explode silently, they would become perverted.

Zhuang Yu and I met up at her school's front gate.

She was pretty out of luck recently. It was her summer vacation, but she still had a mountain of projects to finish. I had asked her out several times, but on multiple occasions, she replied, “I’m very busy with all the tests that've been going on.”

Finally, she took some time out to have dinner with me, but she had a haggard appearance. Wearing a black T-shirt, hair as messy as a bird’s nest, with a pile of paperwork in her arms. Originally, I had…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.