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TL - Chapter 69: Wu Yu 09 (2)

Perhaps she did not know this, but I had to muster all my will to not go after her.

When I saw her at twilight to fetch her for dinner, her rosy cheeks and red lips, I felt a hint of selfishness again.

When I kissed her, I felt my heart really trembling for a lady. I noticed I had been holding myself back plenty of times. Perhaps it was the numerous dangers we had gone through together that finally caused me to make up my mind to not indulge myself. Yet the thought of holding myself back had backfired, which resulted in me kissing her passionately.

I knew I could not bring her down to where I was. I had been wasting my time, searching for revenge. From certain perspectives, I could be considered a degenerate. That was why I could not get her involved. If I were unable to do good by her and instead brought her into danger, then how could we even be in a relationship?

Or perhaps, deep inside of me, I had become fearful of losing someone dear to me again.

When I saw her again on the ship,…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.