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TL - Chapter 68: Wu Yu 09 (1)

I pushed open the door, and tears started to roll down my face.

I seldom cried. When Wu Miao and mother were still alive, they never saw me crying.

With two women behind me and an uncertain future facing our household, I had to be strong as a man. I had to work hard to let them and myself have a good life.

The room was very bright, with the sun rays refracting into a rainbow of colors when they hit the window. She was still wearing that shirt, and her face still looked pretty; she had always cared about her appearance. Sitting in front of the desk, she was reading one of Tan Jiao’s novels. When she saw me, she immediately tossed it aside and said, “Brother, it’s morning, and I’ve completed all my homework.”

I never knew where she hid them, her stash of Tan Jiao’s novels. She was always good at hiding stuff, a smart girl.

Yet, on the 5th of August, she was unable to avoid that person?

My memory of her, the image that had been seared into my brain, was the unrecognisable buck…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.