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LTBE - Chapter 330: Vow of Protection

On the bed, Lilian was crawling up to where Roel was, but the latter was still looking downward with a reddened face.

Roel was feeling conflicted at the moment. On one hand, his innate fear was prompting him to stay away from Lilian, but on the other hand, he was enchanted by the gorgeous woman before him. These two intense feelings pricked at his nerves.

Terrifying… but beautiful. I want to get close to her.

This inner conflict grew greater as Lilian came closer to him, leaving him unsure whether he should advance or retreat. 

Lilian’s hair was still a little wet from having just come out of the bath. Water droplets trickled down her neck toward her collarbone. Her movements inevitably loosened her towel a little, causing it to droop slightly. 

Some of her hair had fallen in front of her face and blocked her vision, so she gently pulled them back and tucked them behind her ears, revealing her lovely face and fair neck. The clash between her youthful appearance and mature disposition brought out a unique charm that made Roel’s heart skip a beat. 

“Roel, it’s me… Do you still recognize me?” 

Those words induced a slight tremble in Roel’s body.


“Yes, it’s me. Don’t be afraid, I know what you’re feeling right now. Is it the suppression of Origin Levels?”

“I-it seems so. I’ve never experienced this before, so…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. I understand.”

Lilian crawled a few inches closer to Roel till she was right in front of him. She leaned toward his furiously blushing face and lightly planted a kiss on his forehead.


Roel’s body shuddered the moment the kiss landed, but he forcefully suppressed the urge to run away. With his head still lowered, he asked a question.

“S-senior, this is…?”

“It’s a morning kiss.”

“I-I see.”

Roel nodded with a reddened face after hearing her answer. Lilian thought that his response was as adorable as a little pet, and that stoked her desires further.

I want to kiss him, hug him, and dote on him more, but I’d scare him if I abruptly make a move. What should I do… 

Her mind started to heat up once more. She looked at his trembling hands, and an idea suddenly emerged in her mind.

“But that isn’t exactly right either.”


“This kiss is actually a treatment.”


Roel finally raised his head slightly to reveal eyes filled with intrigue. Lilian was delighted by this response. With affection brimming in her amethyst eyes, she began spouting half-true words.

“That’s right. We need to work together to cure your fear caused by the suppression in Origin Levels and the side effects of your spell. It might be faint, but you should still be able to sense our bloodline bond, right?”

“… Yes, I can still feel the resonance.”

Roel thought about the earlier kiss on his forehead and nodded in realization.

He wasn’t certain whether this could really alleviate the suppression of Origin Levels, but the bloodline resonance was indeed stimulating his hibernating bloodline. The stimulation was weak, but it could potentially aid in his recovery.

He could sense that his powers had been blocked off by some kind of intangible barrier; they were still there but he simply couldn’t access them. It looked like this intangible barrier would only slowly wear down with time, but it was possible to speed up the process.

Through bloodline resonance, he could strengthen his own resistance and wear down of the barrier faster, thus reducing the duration of the side effect. 

This led him to think that Lilian’s actions were justifiable even though it felt awkward. 

“I see. Senior, you’re intending to alleviate my side effects through the resonance?”

“Indeed. For that, we need to get even closer to one another. This is for your treatment.”

Lilian slowly lured Roel in with a lovely smile, though her thoughts were completely different.

She had always liked adorable things, and Roel’s current form was indescribably captivating to her. If not for the fact that his loss of abilities would endanger him, she would not want him to recover too quickly. 

She sighed softly in her mind before leaning in once more to plant another kiss on Roel’s forehead.

“I know that you must be feeling flustered now, but there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m with you.”


“As long as I’m alive, I won’t allow anyone to hurt you. Just like what happened four hundred years ago.”


The solemn vow made Roel raise his head and look at her with widened eyes. This was the first time he was looking straight at her since the regression of his body. 

He found himself met with a pair of clear amethyst eyes that were tender and determined. They gleamed brightly as if there were stars in them, and the only thing reflected in them was him. 

The woman who stood firmly behind a towering fortress to protect him from the dangers beyond surfaced in his mind, and slowly, the fear he felt from the suppression of Origin Levels disappeared. In its place came a flood of shame. He felt awful for fearing someone who was willing to put her life on the line for him. 

Lilian noticed Roel’s self-reproach, but she didn’t say a word at all. She simply opened her arms wide with a smile, her action far surpassing the significance of any words.

“I’m sorry, senior,” murmured Roel hoarsely.

The two of them embraced one another right after.

Roel was unable to reach Lilian’s shoulder due to his miniaturized physique, resulting in him being buried into Lilian’s breasts across the towel. He was uncomfortable with this, but at the same time, a mixture of gratitude and affection made him reluctant to part from her… not to mention that he was indeed unable to move at all. 

Lilian’s arm was holding his waist firmly, causing their bodies to be pressed together. He could hear her hastened heartbeat loud and clear. Bloodline resonance, despite being weakened, naturally occurred between the two of them. Time ticked by, and their bodies began flushing red. 

It eventually came to the point where Roel was overwhelmed by his embarrassment.

“I-I think I should go and bathe.”

“W-wait, don’t struggle all of a sudden. Roel!”

The feverish Roel tried to struggle free from her embrace, but in his anxiousness, he forgot about Lilian’s current state. A towel loosened and fell onto the bed along with Lilian’s panicked exclamation.

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