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IGK - Chapter 13.1: The Sabotaging Princess Youyue (1/2)

“Who’s there?” She Tianba shouted as he walked out of the old temple.

He had yet to find a single person from the Wang Clan after searching for two days, which left him desperate and furious. At this point, everyone began to look like Wang Ke. Then he met these three people after making a stop in that old temple. Are they the ones he was searching for?

She Tianba looked over.

The fat woman was continuously rubbing her breast. The makeup on her face rendered She Tianba’s scalp numb in a flash. The visual impact of her face was even more mindblowing than Wang Ke’s big cousin sister. She Tianba, who had an eye for beauty, refused to look at her again; her very sight truly stung his eyes.

Next, he looked at Wang Ke, who was pretending to have an arched back and narrow eyes. The pimples on his face did a good job veiling his original look. His look didn’t make She Tianba think of Wang Ke, whom he considered to be quite handsome.

And the last man wearing a woman’s veil?

He was shorter than Wang Ke, so She Tianba didn't think of him as Wang Ke.

“What a let down! Another group of random people!” She Tianba said with tangible disappointment.

But Wang Ke and the other two heaved sighs of relief. Their disguise passed the test?

“You! Take off your veil. You are a man, why wear a woman’s veil? What a sissy! Take it off and let me see your face!” She Tianba said with round eyes.

Princess Youyue was anxiously at a loss.

“My little brother is affected by leprosy; it’s for the best that he stays veiled, lest the disease may spread. I’m already a little infected!” Wang Ke replied with a hoarse voice.

“Leprosy? Humph. I’m not afraid of that. Take it off!” She Tianba commanded as he drew his saber.

Even though he didn’t think they were his targets, he still went with the protocol.

Princess Youyue was reluctant, but she complied since Wang Ke motioned her to take it off. She Tianba’s hair instantly instantly stood on end upon seeing her face. What the f*** …what kind of leprosy is this?Can he still be considered human?

“Cover it. Cover that thing now!” She Tianba cried out the moment he saw her face, clearly disgusted.

Princess Youyue felt a little depressed. No one had ever disliked her to such a degree. It’s all Wang Ke’s fault!

Princess Youyue covered her face again, fuming with anger.

“Okay. Get lost, you disgusting lot!” She Tianba cursed at the three.

And the three were delighted by it. We passed the test?

Without a word, the three turned around to leave immediately.

Still, Zhang Zhengdao might have been overly excited at the moment. He twisted his body, which was followed by a “piak” sound. The two melons dropped beside his feet.

The three of them froze. She Tianba was equally stunned. He looked at the old woman’s sunken chest in a daze, followed by the two melons at her feet.

The atmosphere immediately became stifling. The old woman rubbed her breasts too hard, and they fell?

“How....?” She Tianba looked at the melons, baffled.

“The vine... the vine snapped!” Zhang Zhengdao whispered fearfully.

Wang Ke was still thinking about how to salvage the situation, but Princess Youyue got too nervous. “Our cover’s been blown! Run!” She cried out.

“A woman’s voice? You’re really a sissy then? No, you’re a woman!” She Tianba came to a swift realization and pounced at her.

Princess Youyue turned and fled. Zhang Zhengdao no longer cared about the melons on the ground and ran for it.

“You think you can run from me?” She Tianba shouted furiously and leaped in front of the two of them.


He punched Princess Youyue, sending her flying backwards; she vomited blood while in midair.

Following the punch, She Tianba slashed at Zhang Zhengdao with his saber.

“Ahh!” Zhang Zhengdao received the slash with his sword as he cried out in shock.


Followed by a loud explosion, Zhang Zhengdao’s sword crumbled. He flew backwards and painfully smashed into the ground.

She Tianba blocked their way with his saber and a menacing face.

“Sissy? No, you’re a woman! And you said your cover was blown? I understand now. Hahaha! Hahahaha! You are Princess Youyue. I searched so hard for you, but then you delivered yourself to me, right in the palm of my hand! HAHAHAHA!” She Tianba burst out in laughter.

Princess Youyue, who was still on the ground, said angrily, “She Tianba, I will have my revenge one day! ”

“Hahaha, revenge? In your dreams. Once I capture you, I will become a disciple of the Golden Crow Sect. What can you do to exact revenge later? Oh yeah. These two are...? Let me think. The one who was rubbing the melons should be…?” She Tianba looked at Zhang Zhengdao, puzzled.

While enduring the stinging sensation in his eyes, She Tianba looked at Zhang Zhengdao carefully; he suddenly got the answer based on his figure. Raising his brow, he asked, “You’re Immortal Zhang, Zhang Zhengdao? Hahaha! How did you end up like this? Where’s your little Yue Yue? HAHAHAHA!”

Next, She Tianba looked at Wang Ke. “If I’m not mistaken, the last person should be Clan Lord Wang. Wow, you really played your trick well. I was almost fooled by you again just now. You’re the first one who can remain disguised in front of me!”

She Tianba recognized all three of them and was exhilarated by such a find. He didn't expect to be rewarded so handsomely after venturing on a random path.

“Brother Wang, we were discovered in the end. We can only fight now!” Zhang Zhengdao walked up to him in frustration.

“Yeah, Wang Ke. Let’s fight him together, three versus one!” Princess Youyue wiped the blood off the corner of her mouth and mustered her courage.

Wang Ke: “...........................!”

Seriously! If not for your “perfect teamwork,” would he have discovered us?Didn’t you see that She Tianba had already allowed us to leave?And then two of you went and still exposed yourselves!Are you here to sabotage me?

“Hahaha! Three of you against me? Does that mean you can defeat me? Zhang Zhengdao, Princess, I already tested your strength; the two of you cannot defeat me even if you combine forces. Much less Wang Ke. He’s a businessman in the Zhu Cultivation Town, so I had to investigate his background. He’s just a mediocre Innate Stage cultivator. How dare he dream about fighting against me? I’m at the pinnacle of the Innate Stage. Moreover, considering my She Clan’s specialty, the “Wind Divine Technique,” not even a mediocre Innate Stage disciple from an immortal sect would stand against me. How can the three of you defeat me?” She Tianba said in cold laughter.

“Clan Lord She, aren’t you being overconfident?” Wang Ke took a step forward and replied coldly.

“Confident? I’m speaking the truth. No Innate Stage cultivator can stand against me. You’re still too weak. I’ve really been fooled by you these few days. Humph, don’t worry, I won’t let you die so easily. You will witness how I capture all your clan members; I will make the men slaves and women will be prostitutes. You shall regret offending me! Take my Wind Divine Sabre!” She Tianba let out a menacing cry as he slashed at Wang Ke.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.