TL - Chapter 63: Tan Jiao 09 (6)

“So, that’s it for us?” I heard my strained voice asking him.
Wu Yu looked at me with a gaze that seemed extremely steadfast. “Look, I still haven’t unraveled the mysteries behind the ship, so I don’t know what might happen next. I can’t be with you, but I will make sure nothing happens to you. I will do my best to protect you.”
I sniffed slightly and said, “Is this because of the generous heart you have now? Is that why you want to protect me like a child?”
For a moment, he fell quiet before he said in a calm and slow manner, “No. It’s because of love.”
I stared at him speechlessly, unable to control the tears rolling down my face. Meanwhile, he remained calm with a nonchalant look on his face. As he said, in his current state, he would never settle down or have a future with me. I grabbed his arm and said, “You can’t do this. Who do you think you are? You want to protect me because of love, yet you don’t dare to be with me! You’re scared of losing me or dragging me into this! No! I can’t accept this! Let’s just end it here then! I’ll face whatever comes my way! And I don’t need you to protect me!”
He placed his hands firmly on my shoulders as his lips trembled ever so slightly. I was eager to hear the most honest things he had to say, just like before. However, his face turned cold and deadly serious. “Don’t be childish… what if that person goes after you?!”
I was stunned.
He seemed like a restrained beast right now, looking at me with his bloodshot eyes. With a very cold and serious expression, he stared at me intently. “I always thought I could do it. Ever since Wu Miao was killed, I vowed I would catch him….However, a year has passed, and I’ve made absolutely no progress. I’ve searched everywhere and went after all the possible clues. I even gained the ability to see abnormally far. Yet, I still couldn’t find him. He’s very good, leaving absolutely no traces behind. I think he even knows I am trying to find him… so, what if he finds out about you? You and Wu Miao…” His hand stopped inches away from my face. “And those other victims are so similar.”
“Tan Jiao, go live your life. Write your novels and be happy and safe. I thought about it repeatedly before coming here today. In fact, I couldn’t sleep last night because of this. There are many things we can’t control and many events we can’t foresee. That’s why you must not fall into this hole I’m in. Please listen. I’ll watch over you.”
I cried for a very long time that night, and I was very disappointed with myself.
Around midnight, I got up and stared at the bright full moon. I pondered whether I had really known what true love was.
Would it be a happy ending? I knew that would not be the case now.
So should I just forget about him? No, how can I give up so easily?
I sat up and flipped through the calendar aimlessly, calculating the time. Then I noticed the date when I saw him again. It was exactly fifteen days ago.
Why would I be reluctant to move on when I had only known him for fifteen days? Even after he had rejected me, why do I still feel unwilling to give up?
I really do not know what love is now.
All I know is that now that I think back, for the past fifteen days, every minute we spent together, every moment that seemed normal yet steamy at the same time—all of that was love.
I had fallen head first for Wu Yu, yet he was not willing to be with me.

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