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TL - Chapter 55: Wu Yu 08 (2)

Tan Jiao intervened with a smile on her face before I could say anything. “Mr. Yan, you don’t need to keep thanking us. Let’s just be friends from now on. But we did come all this way on a hot day, so could you at least let us come in for a drink? We’ll be quick about it, don’t worry.”

I smiled promptly and looked at Yan Yuan.

Tan Jiao’s gentle approach would make it hard for any guy to decline. Although the request was fairly normal, Yan Yuan still insisted, shaking his head. “I… I’m sorry I can’t allow you to come in. The house is a mess, and I am about to take a shower. Miss Tan, you guys should leave.”

Yan Yuan was about to shut the door after saying that, but I quickly put my foot in to stop him. The next moment, Tan Jiao grabbed onto my arm, probably because she was worried.

With the door in between us, Yan Yuan and I stared at each other. His friendly and polite eyes were now replaced with a sharp, somewhat hostile gaze.

At that moment.

A loud bang came f…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.