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CSG - Chapter 2958: Seeing He Qianqian Again

The Heavenly Crane clan sat on top of a huge, icy mountain. Everything within ten million kilometers of the icy mountain was the Heavenly Crane clan’s territory.

Beneath the icy mountain was a colossal city completely carved out of ice.

The city was called the Divine City of the Heavenly Crane!

The Heavenly Crane clan was like a hermit clan on the Ice Pole Plane. Weaker cultivators even had no idea about the Heavenly Crane clan’s existence.

The Divine City of Heavenly Crane was a city specially built by the Heavenly Crane clan as a form of contact with the outside world, as well as to gather some items that the Heavenly Crane clan regularly required.

Today, outside the Divine City of Heavenly Crane, the space above an expansive tundra twisted slightly, and an old man in white appeared there silently.

The old man was Jian Chen in disguise.

The Divine City of Heavenly Crane should be here!” Jian Chen hovered above the icy-cold tundra and gazed at the snow-white city several dozen kilometers away before taking a step.

When he took the step, his figure immediately vanished. By the time he reappeared, he was already standing in the Divine City of Heavenly Crane.

The city lord’s estate was right in front of Jian Chen!

Several guards dressed in snow-white armour with the cultivation of Gods stood as straight as spears, guarding the entrance of the estate loyally.

The guards obviously noticed Jian Chen’s sudden appearance, but they had watched the entrance for a very long time now, so they had witnessed all sorts of experts before. As a result, they had grown accustomed to something like this already.

Immediately, a guard arrived before Jian Chen and asked, “Senior, how may I be of service?”

“Take me to your city lord!”

In the city lord’s estate, the city lord received Jian Chen enthusiastically. As the highest point of contact the Heavenly Crane clan had stationed in the outside world, the city lord obviously was not a Godhood cultivation. Instead, he was a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime.

“I’ve come hoping that the city lord can assist me with something. I hope the city lord can pass this tablet onto He Qianqian of the Heavenly Crane clan for me,” Jian Chen said to the city lord as he took out a tablet. Meanwhile, he intentionally gave off the presence of a Chaotic Prime.

The customs of the Heavenly Crane clan were a little different. If any outsiders visited, they had to go to the Divine City of Heavenly Crane, which would pass on the message to the clan. They would only let them in once the upper echelon of the clan granted permission.

Otherwise, if Jian Chen tried using the method when he visited the Pill King clan of planet Tianming on the Heavenly Crane clan, it would be viewed as a form of provocation no matter how sincere he was.

It was not just the Heavenly Crane clan. This was a custom adopted by many peak organisations on the Ice Pole Plane.

Perhaps because the strength Jian Chen had displayed was far too great, the city lord dared not brush him aside, let alone decline Jian Chen’s request.

After all, it was just passing on an item. Even a clan as powerful as the Heavenly Crane clan would not want to offend someone on par with great elders over such a trifle.

Moreover, he could tell with a single glance that the tablet belonged to the Heavenly Crane clan.

The city lord immediately returned to the Heavenly Crane clan with the tablet as quickly as possible. In the end, the tablet reached He Qianqian’s hands after being passed through numerous people.

At this moment, on some training grounds in the Heavenly Crane clan, He Qianqian wore a set of white, tight-fitting robes that completely outlined her slender and graceful figure. Currently, she held a sword, having just unleashed a God Tier Battle Skill, which made energy surge through the training grounds. The heavenly might of a God Tier Battle Skill slowly receded.

“Young miss, this is something sent over from the divine city outside. The elder stationed at the divine city gave special orders to pass this to you. The item has already been checked. There are no issues with it.”

At this moment, He Qianqian’s trusted maidservant presented a wooden box before He Qianqian and passed it to her.

Having just used a God Tier Battle Skill, He Qianqian seemed rather out of breath. She wiped away her sweat and opened the wooden box in a very unconcerned manner.

A tablet that could clearly represent the Heavenly Crane clan to a certain degree sat quietly in the wooden box.

When He Qianqian saw the tablet, her unconcerned mindset suddenly froze. Her eyes narrowed, becoming fixed on the tablet.

The tablets of the Heavenly Crane clan all seemed the same, but in reality, there were some minute differences between tablets. They could identify the owners of the various tablets through these tiny differences.

As a result, He Qianqian realised that the tablet belonged to her as soon as she saw it.

Of course, the most important aspect was He Qianqian had only given away one of these tablets over the past few centuries!

He Qianqian grabbed the tablet instinctively. Her mind was in a daze, and her emotions were mixed.

A while later, He Qianqian turned around and left the training grounds without saying anything at all. Two hours later, she had already left the Heavenly Crane clan and appeared in the Divine City of Heavenly Crane, making her way towards the city lord’s estate.

I am in a snowy fir forest outside the city.” But suddenly, a voice drifted through He Qianqian’s head. Hearing the voice, He Qianqian’s chilling eyes immediately rippled.

She immediately changed directions and flew towards the snowy fir forest outside the Divine City of Heavenly Crane.

Very soon, He Qianqian saw the familiar figure in the forest.

Jian Chen had returned to the appearance he had used back in the Hundred Saint City. Of course, this was not his real appearance, as this was the only appearance He Qianqian could find familiarity in.

He Qianqian’s clothes were even whiter than the snow. As she stood in the world of ice, she seemed to become one with it. She maintained a thirty-meter-distance between her and Jian Chen, and her gaze towards Jian Chen was extremely mixed.

“It’s been over two centuries since we last met. Miss Qian’s grace is the same as always, or even better than in the past now.” Jian Chen smiled.

He Qianqian said nothing. Her gaze was fixed on Jian Chen, sometimes mixed, sometimes sharp, and sometimes cold. It was quite obvious that she was filled with mixed feelings right now.

She could not help but recall the two figures Jian Chen had disguised himself as in the Darkstar World. One was the talented Godking on good terms with the Hundred Saint City who wielded both the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space.

The other was the fifth hall master who possessed paramount authority in the Darkstar World, who even contended against the seventh hall master to protect the Hundred Saint City and had fooled the many organisations of the Hundred Saint City out of large quantities of divine crystals!

“Who are you exactly?” Only quite a while later did He Qianqian speak. She realised she had never truly gotten to know the Yang Yutian before her. 

“You can just treat me as the Yang Yutian of the past, miss Qian.” Jian Chen smiled wryly.

“Yang Yutian shouldn’t be your true appearance. Your current appearance must be a disguise created through some special method too.” He Qianqian said. Her voice was rather cold.

Jian Chen nodded.

“Yang Yutian, I treated you like a friend back then in the Darkstar World, but what did you do? Even right now, I still don’t know what your true identity is. I don’t even know who you are. Is that how you repay me?” He Qianqian became slightly angered.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..