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TL - Chapter 50: Tan Jiao 08 (1)

I never thought I could detect a hint of something interesting from this somber and stressful situation.

It all started that night when I was at the police station, waiting in a questioning room for my turn while feeling tired yet enthusiastic. From time to time, my mind would have thoughts about Wu Yu, worrying about how he was doing. However, my worries subsided when I recalled his ability to tackle difficult situations.

Right then, the door got pushed open, and I saw Shen Shiyan talking on the phone. His voice barely made its way into the room.

“Yes, she’s with me. Her phone has been seized, so you won’t be able to reach her. Don’t worry, miss Zhou, she’s fine.”

Miss Zhou? Does he know another female?

“... We won’t interrogate her… Of course not. Miss Zhou, you’re overly concerned. Tan Jiao is also my friend.”

Then it struck me that Miss Zhou meant Zhung Yu. Oh my, how did she get to Shen Shiyan?

“Sleep? I need to check whether our station allows… It’s fi…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.