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TL - Chapter 51: Tan Jiao 08 (2)

I checked my phone after waking up and did not find any message from Wu Yu or a call from him. My mind wandered as I laid on the bed, thinking about the faint air of indifference from Wu Yu. Even when I felt close to him, my heart always felt distant from him.

Then a thought sprung into my mind, Should I consider dating him?

If not, an uncomfortable feeling immediately filled my heart as if a cotton ball was stuck in my heart. Although it was soft, it seemed to be siphoning something away from me.

If yes, I would feel a sense of uneasiness for some reason. These feelings I had were different from what I felt when I fell for a boy in high school or college, which was a pure and blissful feeling.

Why is that?

After receiving a call from Shen Shiyan, I immediately went to find Wu Yu. Unexpectedly, he was still asleep when I got there. I was quite surprised by this, as he would be the one waiting for me at all the other times.

Xiaohua scuttered happily into Wu Yu’s room before I could te…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.