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ZY - Chapter 103- What do you need

"It takes 1500 to raise the stats of just one equipment? So expensive? Is he a conman?" A girl holding a staff said solemnly. It was obvious that she wanted to upgrade her staff but she didn't dare to believe the price.

On the side, an oily-faced middle aged Paladin said solemnly, "He seems like a liar. He is trying to scam us with a few photoshopped photos. It is 2022, do you think it so easy to earn money? Let me tell you, I have seen so many of such people. Once you pass equipment and money to him, he will go offline right away... He will cheat you of money and equipment, he isn't a nice person at all!"

A young Warrior frowned and said, "August End.... This name sounds familiar, isn't he the person with the Hidden Job Inscriber that Breaking Dawn wanted to kill? Right, it is him. Did he gain control of the hidden job?"

"Scoff, just looking at how arrogant he is, I know that he isn't trustworthy. Whoever gives him equipment is dumb!"

A bunch of people discussed at the east gate but no one dared to talk to Ah Fei, much less do a deal!

Ah Fei was helpless. Five minutes in and no one cared about him.  He had become a joke in Linchen County.


"Damn, why does it feel like things aren't going smoothly?"

He was helpless and looked at me. He said to me in real life, "Why do I feel like I am like the god of cooking and I made a good dish but I can't sell it. I feel like this stall is going to attract flies..."

I laughed, "What is the rush, think about how the god of cooking got famous?"

"That fat nurse?"

"Right!" I nodded my head, "After all this is the first time the Inscriber has appeared in public. You don't have any reputation so it is normal for people to not believe you. Under such a circumstance, you only need one thing."


"You need some help."

"Damn..." He laughed out loud, "I understand, then is it time for you to perform?"

"En, wait for me!"


I got up from Great Sage Hall and with my ID "A Little Brother" and walked over. I held up my wooden sword and said, "You say that you are an Inscriber but who will believe you? Moreover, with 1500 RMB, no one will dare to take the risk. If you have balls then inscribe on this!"


An Assassin laughed, "This noob is right, it is easy for you to prove that you aren't a liar. Inscribe that wooden sword!"

Instantly, a bunch of players surrounded him.

Ah Fei looked at me lazily, "What business do you have here, do you know how expensive the ingredients are? Little brother, you should just scram, this place is not for you."

"You really are a liar." I rolled my eyes in disdain.


Ah Fei stood up and his veins popped, "You show everyone your sword. I will waste the ingredients to treat all of your blindness!"

I raised it up and its stats appeared for everyone to see. Everyone laughed, "Someone is actually using such a weapon, what a noob..."

I passed it to Ah Fei.

He sat down and started to draw on the wooden sword. Instantly, a circular inscription appeared on it and Golden Spirit Ink seeped in. In less than a minute, a streak of golden light surged into the sky before disappearing. At the same time, the dark wooden sword started to shine gold and it looked so different from before.

"Take it!"

Ah Fei looked like an impatient genius.

He laughed coldly, "Now can you shut up? You noob!"

I received it and was shocked. My veins were about to pop out. I held it high up and its stats appeared. One inscription had appeared on the stats. At the same time I said with joy, "Damn... He isn't a liar, he really is an Inscriber. Damn, my wooden sword's stats can compare to a level 20 blue equipment. Mummy, you don't have to worry about me anymore~~"

After saying that, I ran out of the city happily.

Behind me, the bunch of Linchen County players looked at my back view with their mouths agape, "Damn, you can really inscribe things? The Hidden Job is real?"

Ah Fei showed his Inscriber title, "Is there a point in lying to you? Who is next, 1500, no bargaining!"


An uncle-aged Warrior walked up. He held a dark blue sword and said, "Level 37 Super Rare Sword, I hope you don't spoil it if not you can forget about living in Linchen County.

"Don't worry!"

Ah Fei accepted the sword and money and started to inscribe. As for me, I charged into the bushes and shattered the City Return Scroll to get back to Black Castle.

"How is it?" I laughed in the outside world, "How was my acting?"

"A bit over the top but for them to actually believe it means that they aren't smart, hahaha~~"

"Do the first equipment well, if you do then we will get famous!"

"Okay, you don't have to tell me, I know what to do."

I believed that in a short amount of time, the name of this shameless Inscriber will spread across Linchen County.


Black Castle.

I switched to my Shura account and looked at my stats. I still had a few hundred thousand points which I needed to spend. I rushed to Precious Treasure Pavilion. When I stepped in, the beautiful attendant walked up and hugged my arm, "My beloved July Wildfire, what treasures would you like to choose?"

I am a VIP now, this treatment... I lowered my head and saw that her peaks were pressing on my arm. My nose started to bleed so I raised my head so that it didn't fall. I said proudly, "I want to look at skillbooks."


"Shua", the skillbook list of Precious Treasure Pavilion appeared. I looked at those for Assassins. There were two basic skills that I could learn. In truth, I could have learnt them at level 40 but I was too busy so I forgot about it--

Mist Slash (A): Spend 30 energy, deal 200% damage to the target, cooldown of 8 seconds, required contribution points: 2000

Spirit Dance (A): Passive skill, physical skill avoid chance +10%, required contribution points: 2000


One was an active skill that greatly increased damage. The other increased avoid chance. In truth, Assassins were Agility focused characters that pride themselves in Critical Strike, hitting, dodging and speed. Spirit Dance's appearance increased the Assassin's survivability against physical attacks. This was also a passive and didn't spend energy which was really useful.

I didn't even think and just learned them both. Both skills appeared in my skill column. I was delighted, now I could be considered a complete Assassin.

Right at that moment, there was a bell and the Wind Cloud Platform's countdown timer appeared. 3 hours later which was around 12pm. It seemed like I had to have an early lunch.

But it appeared that Ah Fei didn't need to call me anymore as he had a more important mission which was to earn money. I could deal with Wind Cloud Platform myself and just had to kill many people.

"Ah Fei, Wind Cloud Platform is starting at 12, remember to order food delivery, we can just eat at home."

"Ok, leave it to me, you can focus on acting cool!"



Right at that moment, someone dashed in. It was Little Scum Dong Yuanbai who grabbed my arm and pulled me, "Senior Brother, return to Wind Cloud Platform, something happened!"

"What, what is the rush?" I asked.

"Land of Reincarnation are here, they are finding trouble with you! Land of Reincarnation deacon Zhuang Huai Shui personally came and both sides are in a standstill. They want you to give them an explanation!"


My heart sank, was it because I killed Ghost Axe. That wasn't right, I was so careful and went into stealth right away. The whole process was less than 10 seconds so no one should have noticed. Moreover, I searched the area and there was no one else. I shouldn't have been exposed right?

A few minutes later, Wind Cloud Platform.

After Dong Yuanbai and I passed the group, we saw a bunch of Land of Reincarnation people staring at us. The elders were all here. Zhuang Huai Shui was dressed in grey and his gaze was so deep and couldn't be seen through. His body gave off a deathly aura that was really overbearing. Behind him were the four Land of Reincarnation elders with really weird names.

Wind Cloud Platform's two elders Elder Feng and Elder Yun. Land of Reincarnation's four were called, Elder Lun, Elder Hui, Elder Zhi, Elder Di, they formed the name of Land of Reincarnation. The designer really didn't put in any effort right? Elder Lun, Elder Hui, Elder Di were all okay but Elder Zhi, that was just too much!

At this point, behind them were the bunch of Land of Reincarnation warriors and disciples. There were over 500 of them and they looked really aggressive.

As compared to them, Wind Cloud Platform was much weaker. We had at most 300 people.


"Scoff! July Wildfire is finally back!"

Zhuang Huai Shui laughed coldly, "Senior Brother Ding Heng, no matter what you have to be fair. July Wildfire started an internal battle and killed Land of Reincarnation's Ghost Axe. You need to give me an explanation for this!"

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