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IGK - Chapter 2.1: Am I a Scammer? (1/2)

Of all the acquaintances Wang Ke had, only Zhang Zhengdao could be as happy about his shamelessness, and even marveling at this trait as a gift.

“Brother Wang, I have a big job at hand. Being the long time friend that you are, I’m here to earn big bucks with you!” Zhang Zhengdao looked at Wang Ke expectantly.

Wang Ke glanced at Zhang Zhengdao with narrowed eyes. Since his plan to empty all major cultivation towns with financial products was just beginning, it was necessary for him to oversee the entire project. Was there really time to earn big bucks somewhere else?

“Big job? How much money can you offer? Tell me about it first!” Wang Ke asked.

Zhang Zhengdao shrugged his shoulder and said, “Money? I have no money!”

“No money? And yet you’re here looking for me?” Wang Ke glared at him.

“You know me. I spend everything I earn. I don’t have any money left!” Zhang Zhengdao replied immediately.

Wang Ke’s face stiffened. “Please see yourself out!”

“Don’t, please don’t! Listen to me. Although I have no money, I can bring you something that has always been on your mind!” Zhang Zhengdao urged.

“Something that’s always been on my mind?” Wang Ke asked suspiciously.

“Aren’t you looking for a strong backing? It’s about the one you mentioned last time... that...!” Zhang Zhengdao said as he pointed toward the sky.

Wang Ke’s pupils suddenly contracted. He burst out laughing right after. “Brother Zhang, come, come. Have a seat! Haha, what an awesome day today. Tell me the situation!”

As he spoke, Wang Ke passed the cup of tea he was holding to Zhang Zhengdao.

The plump man was shocked by Wang Ke’s change of attitude as he took over the teacup with only tea leaves left inside.

“Have you heard about the ‘Golden Crow Sect Bounty’?” Zhang Zhengdao asked.

Wang Ke said, “This Immortal sect has announced a bounty, claiming that whoever catches someone called Princess Youyue will be given a quota of 5 people to enroll as their disciples!

“Yes, that’s the bounty announced by Golden Crow Sect! Five spots to enter their sect! That’s one of the top immortal sects in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. Just imagine, the bounty of a top immortal sect! The entire Ten-thousand Great Mountains were stirred by the news. How about it? Why not capture Princess Youyue and collect the bounty?” Zhang Zhengdao asked as he looked at Wang Ke.

“You’re asking me to catch someone that even the Golden Crow Sect cannot catch?” Wang Ke asked with a black face, “Do you know how many spirit stones I earn every day? I don’t have that much time to waste! Besides, wouldn’t Princess Youyue be protected by powerful cultivators? Is your information accurate? To find a person in the vast Ten-thousand Great Mountains is like trying to find a pin in the ocean. This plan is full of uncertainties! If this is the ‘big job’ you meant, you can go ahead and see yourself out! I don’t want to take part in a fight between immortals!”

“No, wait! I’m not asking you to capture Princess Youyue. I’m asking you to save her!” Zhang Zhengdao urged.

Wang Ke looked at Zhang Zhengdao as though the man in front of him was a fool. Are you nuts?You’re asking me to oppose an immortal sect?An immortal sect as powerful as the Golden Crow Sect?

“Actually, Princess Youyue was captured yesterday!” Zhang Zhengdao explained.

“Captured?” Wang Ke asked, surprised by the sudden revelation.

“Yes, she was caught by Clan Lord She in the Zhu Cultivation Town. She’s currently being kept prisoner somewhere in the She Clan, which has already sent men to inform the Golden Crow Sect and claim the bounty. Someone from the Golden Crow Sect will be coming in half a month to take the princess away! I came to the Zhu Cultivation Town precisely because of this. And to my great surprise, I found you here. Such a coincidence! Brother Wang, you must help me save Princess Youyue this time! Ptoeeyy! No. You must definitely do this big job with me this time!” Zhang Zhengdao said expectantly.

Wang Ke was hesitant as he looked at Zhang Zhengdao. “Zhang Zhengdao, you are the one who wants to save Princess Youyue. Why are you trying to get me entangled in this mess?”

“Uhh? How can that be!” Zhang Zhengdao stuttered instantly.

Wang Ke shook his head and rejected, “You want to pluck a tooth out of the tiger’s mouth, offending the Golden Crow Sect in the process! I dare not do it. I need to live in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains for a long time. My life will never be peaceful again if I offend the Golden Crow Sect!”

“No, Brother Wang, don’t you want to become a disciple of the Heavenly Wolf Sect? That’s another top immortal sect in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. They will definitely take you in as a disciple if you save Princess Youyue and take her back to her sect! I promise! If this happens, your greatest wish will be fulfilled!” Zhang Zhengdao immediately urged in reply.

Suspicion was written all across Wang Ke’s face.

He looked toward Zhang Zhengdao and asked, “The Heavenly Wolf Sect will break their tradition and take me in as a disciple out of gratitude for saving Princess Youyue?”

“Yes! That’s right!” Zhang Zhengdao nodded nonstop.

“Ptooey!” Wang Ke answered with disdain.

“Why? “You don’t believe it?”

“Of course! Suppose the Heavenly Wolf Sect really cares about Princess Youyue. Why would they sit around doing nothing while the Golden Crow Sect puts a bounty on her? Are you trying to humiliate my intellect?” Wang Ke said contemptuously.

“It’s true! Princess Youyue has another identity which no one knows. Only I know! Her other identity will be proven after saving her and escorting her to safety, and the Heavenly Wolf Sect will then protect her. Now, time is short. I can only trouble you since it’s too late for me to seek help from them!” Zhang Zhengdao replied desperately.

Wang Ke didn't seem to have bought it, but his heart was moved. It was all because the Heavenly Wolf Sect had the thing that Wang Ke desperately needed: he desperately wanted to become a disciple. Given that Zhang Zhengdao had just mentioned the possibility, how could Wang Ke not be moved? He was only wary; it was hard to tell whether that shameless man was trying to deceive him.

“Brother Wang, you still don’t believe me? How about I pledge a death vow?” Zhang Zhengdao said.

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.