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IGK - Chapter 2.2: Am I a Scammer? (2/2)

“No, I don’t believe in vows! Those despicable men and women would have already been struck dead by lightning countless times if vows worked!” Wang Ke shook his head.

“Then, what would it take for you to believe in me?” Zhang Zhengdao asked desperately.

“Give me your lifeblood as a pledge to me. I will destroy it if you try to fool me!” said Wang Ke with a deep voice.

“Wang Ke, you’re so vicious! I’m the only child in all nine generations of my family. I don’t even have a child yet, and you want to destroy me?” Zhang Zhengdao immediately covered his groin area and took a few steps backward fearfully.

Wang Ke: “...........................!”

“The folding fan in your hand. Isn’t that your lifeblood? You’ve even been willing to risk your life for it!” Wang Ke said with a black face.

“Oh! You should have told me earlier! That was quite the scare! The fan, you say? This folding fan…!” Zhang Zhengdao looked at the black fan in his hand with reluctance.

The folding fan was ebony black. Even while opened, it was veiled by a layer of black mist which obscured it. Zhang Zhengdao held onto it, unwilling to hand it over.

Wang Ke snatched the fan and said, “I’ll give it back to you if you’re not lying.”

“Okay, okay,” said Zhang Zhengdao and nodded, still gazing at the fan with a reluctant face, “Don’t lose it!”

“Relax!” Wang Ke stored the folding fan into one of his sleeves.

Wang Ke was extremely excited at that moment. It wasn't because of the folding fan, but because of what Zhang Zhengdao had mentioned just then. He could become a part of the Heavenly Wolf Sect if he was able to rescue Princess Youyue? That was his hope for the entire decade. He could only deal with the misfortune looming over his life in the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

Wang Ke looked toward Zhang Zhengdao and said, “Okay, I believe you. Now, tell me more about Princess Youyue’s situation! How did you manage to collect the intel? By the way, the bounty announced by the Golden Crow Sect has no portrait of her! How is the She Clan sure that they captured the right person?”

“I decided to make the trip over after learning that Princess Youyue had escaped and gone into hiding in the Ten-thousand Great Mountains. A few days earlier I found remnants of their last fight in a valley. As I followed the traces, I found the Zhu Cultivation Town and captured a She Clan member who was heading toward the Golden Crow Sect; I questioned him and learned that the She Clan doesn't know Princess Youyue. They only met her group coincidentally, and it was one of Princess’ who accidentally exposed them.

“After Clan Lord She found out, he immediately crafted a plan to earn Princess Youyue and her followers' trust before drugging them, eventually killing the followers and capturing her! Now they’re just waiting to collect the reward from the Golden Crow Sect! Although I captured one of their messengers, three others were also sent by different routes. We have at most half a month before someone from the Golden Crow Sect arrives!” Zhang Zhengdao briefed anxiously.

“The She Clan? That’s the top cultivation clan in the Zhu Cultivation Town! Clan Lord She Tianba is a sly old fox! It’ll be impossible to save Princess Youyue from his clutches!” Wang Ke said with a frown.

“It’s impossible for others, but not for you, Brother Wang!” Zhang Zhengdao continued with his desperate persuasion.

Wang Ke said with a black face, “Although the Wang Clan has been working in the Zhu Cultivation Town for a decade, we are merchants at most. The most capable fighter in the clan is me, and I’m merely an average Innate Stage cultivator! On the other hand, the She Clan has a few dozens of Innate Stage cultivators. She Tianba had already reached the peak of the Innate Stage 30 years ago. Who knows how powerful he is by now! You’re asking me to fight against him?”

“Could you at least help me find out where she’s being detained? I can dig a tunnel and get her out of there!” Zhang Zhengdao said.

“I’ve already told you, She Tianba is a sly old fellow. Do you think he’ll expose where the Princess is held before claiming the bounty? I had never heard any news of such a big matter. From this I can tell that She Tianba kept a tight lip and told no one! He wants to become filthy rich in secret!” Wang Ke said with narrowed eyes.

“You’re right. The messenger I caught previously was one of She Tianba’s trusted relatives; not even he knew where she was being held,” Zhang Zhengdao said anxiously.

The old coot must have hidden her in utmost secrecy. He will never reveal her position until the Golden Crow Sect comes! Snatching the Princess from him will be very difficult!” Wang Ke said with narrowed eyes.

“Then what should we do? I’ve already given you my lifeblood. You can’t just leave me to my own demise! My boss will take my life if Princess Youyue dies. Brother Wang, I’ve guided you to find treasures in many ancient graves and you’ve gained much because of me. You must help me this time, please!” said Zhang Zhengdao as he was about to pounce on Wang Ke.

Wang Ke immediately evaded Zhang Zhengdao’s sobbing face.

“Calm down. Let me think about it, let me think!” Wang Ke brainstormed with tightly-knit brows.

Zhang Zhengdao remained perfectly still, waiting for Wang Ke to come up with something.

The latter wanted to save Princess Youyue. Wang Ke found himself wanting the same thing, all because it was his only ticket into the Heavenly Wolf Sect.

Wang Ke paced back and forth in the main hall; his eyes started to glow after a long time thinking.

“Brother Wang, did you find a way to snatch Princess Youyue from She Tianba? Zhang Zhengdao asked frantically.

“Snatch?” Wang Ke shook his head, “There’s no way to snatch her! But, I’m going to make another Princess Youyue!”

“Make another one? Don’t tell me… Are you going to cheat the Heavenly Wolf Sect with a fake princess?” Zhang Zhengdao asked in confusion.

“Am I just a great scammer in your eyes?” Wang Ke said with a black face.

Zhang Zhengdao nodded with both despair and determination in his eyes.

Wang Ke: “...........................!”

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Written by Guan Qi — Watching Chess. Translated by IcyRain. Edited by Calofel.