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CSG - Chapter 2948: Lei Shiguang

“Not only did they take away the four brothers, but even the imprint I left on them has been shattered. My strength might not have recovered, but the imprint I left is not something that can be detected by just anyone. I didn’t think the Spirits’ World would actually be hiding an expert like that.” Fang Jing concealed her presence. She seemed like she had already departed from the world, no longer bound by the elements. Her eyes flickered as her expression changed rapidly, brightening up and darkening. “Could it be a supreme expert of the Lightning God clan? But it doesn’t seem like it. If this really was the work of the Lightning God clan, they wouldn’t cover up everything like this.

After a moment of silence, Fang Jing sighed in the end. “But if that’s the case, the four brothers are probably done for. Not everyone can see through their origins, but they won’t be able to hide the Origin of Ways on them.”

“Perhaps the person who abducted the four of them has their eyes fixed on their Origin of Ways. They erased the traces probably to prevent the Lightning God clan from finding them.”

In the Saints’ World, near the passageway towards the Spirits’ World, the ancestral elder of the right’s ancient body resembled a god’s. He simply sat in the centre of the passageway, but the pressure he gave off was so powerful that it could be described as devastating.

He blocked everyone from the Saints’ World just by sitting there. He blocked the various peak experts who had come here from various regions of the Saints’ World to enter the Spirits’ World.

At this moment, the ancestral elder of the right seemed like he was holding off an entire army, watching the pass and forcing back the enemy.

More and more spaceships parked near the passageway. These spaceships from all the planes and planets of the Saints’ World were scattered in the surroundings, forming a great black mass.

The various experts that hovered in outer space were numerous too. It was of no exaggeration at all to call it a sea of people. Among them, the Grand Prime ancestors alone had reached several dozen in number.

Even Grand Primes were so plentiful, let alone Chaotic Primes and Infinite Primes.

But without an exception, the ancestral elder of the right blocked all of them.

The ancestral elder of the right had only said a single thing, “Our Lightning God clan is determined to obtain the Origin of Ways. Before our Lightning God clan has obtained the Origin of Ways, no one is permitted to enter the Spirits’ World.”

It was such a simple yet awe-inspiring statement, but it was enough to stop all of the ancestors from peak organisations of the Saints’ World from acting up.

The Lightning God clan had finally demonstrated a glimpse of their terrifying strength as an archaean clan to the world here.

They had only sent a single person, yet that was enough to deter a crowd of experts. Just how terrifying of a force were they?

Of course, while the Lightning God clan was powerful, they were still nowhere close to dominating the Saints’ World. However, all the powerful organisations that could rival the Lightning God clan all seemed to understand the true reason why the Lightning God clan was in such a hurry to find the Origin of Ways.

As a result, none of them were willing to make trouble for the Lightning God clan right now.

At this moment, the ancestral elder of the right slowly opened his eyes. He glanced at the end of the passageway with his sombre eyes, and he became more and more anxious. “It’s already been so long. Is there still no trace of the Origin of Ways? The person that obtained the Origin of Ways is a Grand Prime after all. A person like that can absorb the Origin of Ways extremely quickly. If this continues, it’ll all be too late by the time the Grand Prime completely refines the Origin of Ways.” The ancestral elder of the right sighed inside.

Thinking up to there, the ancestral elder of the right suddenly began to worry again. He hesitated for a moment before forming a seal and contacting the Lightning God clan through a special secret technique. “Send Lei Shiguang to the Spirits’ World immediately. At the same time, ask the Myriad Bone guild to step forward and convince the Sacred Lord of Guarding Energy to not block his path.

At the same time, on the Desolate Plane of the forty-nine great planes of the Saints’ World, on the highest peak of the Sword God Mountains, the white-robed Celestial Sword Saint suddenly appeared without the slightest sound. He did not create the slightest disturbance.

He waved his hand, and the four brothers suddenly appeared there.

The four of them looked around in confusion. One of them asked, “Master, where is this? Why does this place feel completely different from the Burial Zone?”

“This is the Saints’ World, my place of cultivation. Earlier, the four of you were in the Spirits’ World. The Spirits’ World and the Saints’ World are two completely different worlds, so it’s obviously different.” The Celestial Sword Saint’s voice rang out. It was slow but very dignified. He stood with his back towards the four brothers as if he was gazing at the white clouds in the sky. It made him seem unfathomable.

“The Saints’ World? We’ve actually returned to the Saints’ World so quickly?” The four brothers were astounded. During the days they spent roaming the Spirits’ World, they obviously understood how distant the Spirits’ World was from the Saints’ World.

But they had actually returned to the Saints’ World so quickly now, which the four brothers found to be surreal.

“Master, then how far is here from the Cloud Plane? We want to go to the Cloud Plane,” one of the four brothers asked, his eyes shining with a fervent light.

“The Cloud Plane? You want to go to the Tian Yuan clan founded by Jian Chen?” the Celestial Sword Saint said calmly without the slightest emotion.

“Master actually knows Jian Chen too?” The four brothers widened their eyes in complete surprise. Since when did Jian Chen become so famous that even someone like their master knew about him?

The Celestial Sword Saint turned around and shook his head gently at the four brothers. “The Cloud Plane is not a place you should go to. You can stay here and cultivate in peace from now onwards.”

As he said that, the Celestial Sword Saint pointed out, and a streak of white light immediately shot into their foreheads. “This is some of the Three Lives Sword God’s comprehension of the Way of the Sword. You can cultivate in seclusion in the centre of the mountain. Obtaining the Origin of Ways is your fate and fortune, so don’t waste it.” With that, the Celestial Sword Saint waved his hand, and the four brothers vanished. Their presence completely vanished from the Sword God Mountains.

A man in white flew towards the entrance to the Spirits’ World, rapidly approaching the passageway.

The man in white was not old. He seemed like a mature man in his twenties and was extremely handsome. His face alone was enough to drive countless mortal women crazy.

The man in white strode through the vast space without giving off the slightest presence. He seemed like a mortal. Wherever he passed by, the flow of time there seemed to come to a standstill. Countless planets fell silent. Even the various kinds of energy that filled outer space froze up.

It was as if the entire world would stop and enter absolute silence wherever he passed by.

The young man in white shot past the experts waiting around the passageway and appeared before the ancestral elder of the right silently. He clasped his fist towards him slightly and smiled. “Greetings, ancestral elder of the right!”

Pipipingu, Deceptioning.'s Notes:

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..