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TL - Chapter 40: Wu Yu 06 (4)

Did all of Tan Jiao’s friends have overly expressive faces? Within seconds, a myriad of expressions flashed across Zhuang Yu’s face. Ultimately, an expression containing a sliver of strange and secret delight appeared as she sneaked a peek at us. “Sorry for the interrupting.”

Tan Jiao, who seemed thick-skinned at times but sensitive at others, almost instantly explained, “Zhuang Yu, don’t let your imaginations run wild! He was injured yesterday, so I brought him back here to take care of him more easily. He slept in the guest room. Plus, we still need to discuss the case.”

The odd expression still lingered on Zhuang Yu’s face as she nodded and said, “Oh, take care of him more easily.”

Suddenly, I felt that this somewhat abnormal lady seemed more tolerable.

The three of us sat down with me sitting beside Tan Jiao. Zhuang Yu sitting across from us cleared her throat purposefully as if to clear the non-existent air of awkwardness before she said, “Da Zhu, didn’t yo…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.