TL - Chapter 36: Tan Jiao 06 (3)

On our way back, I drove while Wu Yu sat at the passenger side, resting without saying anything. He seemed tired. My mind could not help but think about the case as I cruised along the road and headed toward the city. When I finally came close to where Wu Yu stayed, he finally said, “You can just let me off at the shop.”
I did not say anything.
After a while, I said, “Even though this criminal seems like a madman, his every move seems methodical. He gives Zhu Zihan special treatment but uses Zhao Ruixin for the initial ransom, which completely goes against our analysis that he’s not in it for the money. So what do you think his plan is?”
A very heavy fog, that was the feeling I got from this case.
After voicing my questions, I waited for his clear, husky voice to ring out. Yet, after a while, all I could hear from him was his drawn-out breathing. I turned to look and saw that he was already asleep.
I stopped at a red light and fixed my gaze on him, especially those well-defined and impressive brows. Currently, he looked rather beat up, with his wrapped up head stained with blood and his clothes covered with dirt. However, I felt he had something in him that made me feel warm inside when I saw his similarly grimed hands that were placed on his thighs.
As we cruised along the city streets with him sitting beside me, I felt joy even though I had never had any man sit beside me in my car.
Since there were very few cars on the streets at night, I drove along steadily. I felt a sense of satisfaction when I saw Wu Yu sleeping soundly in the car with minimal sudden turns or jerks.
When we finally arrived at the front of the shop, a closed shop without any lights greeted us, appearing cold at this late hour. Obviously, no one would be waiting for him here. Does he have any food to eat? Who would take care of him? How would he go to the hospital?
As I thought about all of these problems, I looked at him for a brief moment before deciding to not wake him up. Instead, I continued to drive on.
After a short drive, we arrived at the best hospital in our area. The well-lit emergency department felt somewhat welcoming for late-hour arrivals like us. I tapped his shoulder. “Hey, wake up.”
He opened his eyes abruptly, giving me the impression that he remains alert and tense even when asleep. After making out that we were in front of a hospital, he glanced at me and said, “Thank you.”
“You don’t need to accompany me. Go back to rest,” he told me right as I was about to open the car door.
I turned to him with a smile and said, “Why would I burn my bridges?”
He was briefly shocked before letting out a smile. “Do all authors use idioms when talking?”
I got down from the car, nodded, and said, “Yeah, we use them appropriately when we need to. Come on then and stop wasting time.”
Wu Yu did not say anything as we walked into the emergency department. “I know how it feels to come to the hospital alone. I sometimes have to visit a hospital when I’m sick, and I have to pay the fees, go around to do tests, and get an IV all by myself.”
Wu Yu looked at me with a ghost of a smile on his lips. “You ladies may need a companion, but what man would need someone to go with him to a hospital? Especially when it’s for something small.”
In response, I stood with my arms akimbo and said, “You mean you don’t need me here with you?” My heart raced immediately after saying that, thinking to myself that I had let my tongue run ahead of my brain.
Yet, I kept my gaze on him.
He seemed somewhat shocked and hesitant when he looked at me briefly. However, when we arrived at the counter, he acted as though he had heard nothing, taking out his wallet to pay for the registration.
I felt somewhat relieved as if I had diffused a bomb, even though he had not replied to the comment I made. He was the kind of guy that would keep mute if it was something he did not want to talk about.

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