TL - Chapter 34: Tan Jiao 06 (1)

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Footsteps sounded out as the police came up.

I found this night to be rather chaotic even as the calm cool breeze blew by us. While Wu Yu stood up with his blood-covered head and an impassive face, a lingering burning sensation remained around that spot on my neck.

Did he touch me unintentionally or did he… kiss me on purpose?

I sneaked a peek as he stood up, catching a glimpse of his cold bushy brows.

I must be thinking too much. He’s not that kind of guy.

The first person to come was Shen Shiya. He took a glance at us quizzically. Then he and the other policemen turned their attention to Wu Yu’s ghastly and bloody-looking head. A doctor was in tow and immediately tended to Wu Yu.

Shen Shiya walked up to me and asked if we could talk to the side. I agreed to his request before taking a brief look at Wu Yu, who had his gaze fixed on us as he allowed the doctor to treat him.

Those gloomy eyes that seemed mystifying.

Subconsciously, I straightened my back and put on a stern face in front of Shen Shiyan for some reason. Next, I gave him a rough account of what had happened tonight.

Shen Shiyan took out his small notepad and wrote down everything with diligence and speed.

“After Wu Yu ran out of Zhou Xiaoyu’s place, I immediately went to the closest police station to check the surveillance. Yet, there was no footage of the man appearing anywhere in the area. So, how did Wu Yu find this place?”

It took me a few seconds to equate the name Zhou Xiaoyu to Zhuang Yu. I hurriedly replied, “My friends are fine, right?”

“They are fine. Nothing happened. Also, the restaurant you told me about previously. I’ve… checked the surveillance.” He did not finish his sentence but fixed his gaze on me intently.

This guy does his job with care, so it would be hard to fool him. Oh no! Wu Yu and I haven’t discussed what to tell the police. Everything happened so quickly, and we were discussing the case. We found this place by following the birds, so what should I tell him?

Oddly, Shen Shiyan, who seemed like a dull monk during my date with him, now seemed brainier when at a crime scene. As if he had seen through me, he suddenly took a small step to the side, blocking my line of sight to Wu Yu before raising his single eyelid eyes to scrutinize me.


The searchlight the police brought was very bright. Not only did it light up the surrounding area, but it also illuminated the eyes of a seemingly determined and principled man.

Sometimes, a person would be touched by another’s certain looks.

After staying silent for a while, I said, “You want me to speak the truth. But will you believe me when I tell you the truth?”

“I will.”

I did not expect such a straightforward answer from him, so I subconsciously asked, “Why?”

“Because I know you’re an honest woman.”

I had to say I felt a warmth at that moment, feeling somewhat moved by his words. Yet, another thought sprang into my mind as I thought back to the most honest thing I had ever done to him—reject him without any hesitancy.

I rubbed my nose and said, “Well, you don’t have to note down what I say from now on. The reason why we suspected the man would go for the children at the restaurant or my friend’s nephew was the appearance of those birds at the crime scenes.”

“Birds?” Shen Shiyan was taken aback and paused briefly, seemingly thinking about something. “Are you talking about those black, pointy-tailed birds?”

It’s no wonder that he’s a detective. His observational skills are truly exceptional. I nodded my head and told him everything we knew about the correlation between the birds and the crime scenes. Nothing about the ship, of course.

It also was not very hard to explain the logic behind the birds either. “Wu Yu has been attacked by those birds. You can tell from his wounds. So, do you think that man trained those birds?”

“If what you say is true and there’s a certain connection there, then it might be possible.” Shen Shiyan put on his thinking face. “Though, it is my first time hearing about birds attacking people. I’ll have to find out more from Wu Yu later.”

Both of us turned around simultaneously to look at Wu Yu. The wound on his head had been wrapped up, and the blood on his face had been cleaned off, revealing his handsome face. Suddenly, I felt somewhat sorry for him when I looked at the state he was in.

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Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.