TL - Chapter 35: Tan Jiao 06 (2)

Shen Shiyan and I went back to where everyone else was. “Wu Yu, I told him about the birds.”

Wu Yu nodded and replied with a simple alright, while Shen Shiya glanced at me without saying anything.

I fixed my gaze on the back of Wu Yu’s head. “Does it still hurt?”

The doctor beside him chimed in, “How could it not hurt. It probably hurts more with the medicine I just applied. Young man, you should go to a hospital for a full examination. Trauma to the head can be potentially deadly.”

“Thank you, doctor.”

I felt somewhat uneasy all of a sudden, but Wu Yu looked at me and said softly, “It’s nothing, really.”

“Better safe than sorry,” I mumbled before catching a ghost of a smile on Wu Yu’s lips, which quickly faded away as he gave Shen Shiyan a look that had me somewhat worried.

Shen Shiyan remained calm and said, “I’ll be quick with the questioning.” Then he proceeded to repeat his questions about the events that occurred tonight for Wu Yu. After recording Wu Yu’s account, Shen Shiyan closed his small notepad and said, “You two should go to a hospital. I will contact you if there’s a need.”

I was about to agree, but Wu Yu shot me a look that took me by surprise.

Before I could figure out what he meant, he had already asked, “Detective Shen, is there anything special about Zhu Zhihan? His family background?”

Immediately, I became interested upon hearing that. Shen Shiyan thought about it for a while before shaking his head. “I haven’t noticed anything special for now, but I’ll keep that in mind.” After pausing briefly, he asked, “There’s a kid named Zhao Ruixin among those kidnapped. He’s around five and has a skinny appearance. Did the suspect do anything to him? Or did the kid seem special?”

I was somewhat taken aback and looked toward Wu Yu, who answered, “No. Zhao Ruixin and the two children were all curled up against the wall without receiving any special treatment.”

Shen Shiyan put on a thinking face while staring blankly toward the sky.

Meanwhile, Wu Yu looked toward me, and it was as though our minds became connected at that moment. I thought, Shen Shiyan has some important information, we mustn’t let him go.

“Shiya, I think you guys should really do some digging into Zhu Zihan. There must be a reason for his treatment, perhaps even related to the suspect’s motivation.”

Shen Shiyan gave me a warm look as he nodded. “Sure. You two must be tired after all that chaos. I’ll be heading back to the station.”

He’s leaving already? Abruptly, Wu Yu said, “Aren’t you going to bring us back to the police station for questioning after such a huge incident?”

Shen Shiyan’s eyes flicked over and looked toward him.

My heart tensed up and looked at Wu Yu as well. This was my first time witnessing him taunting someone. Ah, I forgot he was previously a very purpose-driven engineer.

The two men stared at each other without saying anything, causing the awkwardness in the air to become palpable. I felt like I had to say something to break up the stillness, so I picked up where Wu Yu left off and said with a more casual tone, “Yeah. The last time we encountered that man, you guys brought us back to the police station for a marathon of questioning. Asking everything and anything related to it. Yet, you’re not gonna do more questioning after such a huge revelation? Not only did we find the suspect and the abducted children, but we even located his hiding spot. You’re just gonna let us go? This makes us feel somewhat worried.”

I stood beside Wu Yu as I said that with a casual tone and a smile. Looking at Shen Shiyan’s stern face, I suddenly felt like I’ve become Wu Yu’s accomplice, helping him bully this honest policeman.

“Did something more serious happen? Requiring more of your team’s efforts? What has happened?” Wu Yu pressed him.

I became somewhat curious. However, Shen Shiyan remained emotionless and calmly said, “There’s no need for you two to know more about the details. Farewell.”

Immediately, I grabbed his arm and said, “Shen Shiyan, Wu Yu and I are already deeply involved in this case. We helped prevent an abduction, and this time, Wu Yu even found the hiding place of the suspect. We are both victims of this case, and both of us became injured for the sake of these children. Do you really think it's necessary to exclude us now? As I said before, if you provide us with the appropriate information, maybe we can recall even more information? We will only help you solve the case, and you know it. What happened to the child named Zhao Ruixin? Don’t tell me something bad happened? We care, and we want to know!”

Shen Shiyan turned around, looking at us briefly without saying anything. Finally, he said, “Fine. I hope you two can keep this information to yourselves. This afternoon, Zhao Ruixin's family received a call asking them to prepare three million Yuan to pay the ransom in two days. That's all I can tell you. The police will deal with this. We have started working on a detailed action plan, in which we will take advantage of this opportunity to rescue the children and catch the criminal! It's going to be very dangerous, so don't get involved.”

I became shocked before looking toward Wu Yu.

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