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TL - Chapter 19: Tan Jiao 04 (1)

I felt sulky and afraid when I heard Wu Yu ask me why I had come here.

I stared him in the eye, trying to find hints of dishonesty or evil intent. Yet, there was none. His eyes looked clear and bright, showing a deep black color that seemed visible even at night.

That was when I knew that it was not him.

He was not the person that lured me here.

The events started at night when I got home. Everything at home was normal, and nothing was moved from my furniture, household items, the windows to the doors. Even my slippers that I had tossed to the side were where I had left them.

Feeling stuffed after having dinner with Zhuang Yu, I leaned back on the sofa with my filled stomach to watch some TV. When I noticed the box of tissue on the table was finished, I opened the drawer of the coffee table, looking for another box.

Upon opening the drawer, I noticed an eye-catching red envelope lying in there. I neither had any idea what it was nor did I have any recollection of such a letter, s…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.