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TL - Chapter 15: Tan Jiao 03 (4)

That was my best friend, Zhuang Yu.

From afar, she looked exceedingly beautiful and elegant. Even though she had placed her hair into a casual ponytail, wearing a black T-shirt and leggings while having no make-up on, her beautiful appearance was still unconcealable. If she had permitted her pictures to be posted online, she would definitely top the charts for the most beautiful author.

It was just that… her growth seemed a little quick for a 19-year-old, so she had a mature woman’s charm. Using her own words, “F*ck me and my nubile appearance.” In fact, no one would suspect a thing if I said she was a beautiful and young married woman. That was why she and her nephew, Xiaohao, would always get the parent-child discounts at restaurants without fail, without presenting any identification at all.

This was one of Zhuang Yu’s pains. She was okay with her mature look, just not her overly feminine appearance; she had long, shapely eyebrows, a small, pointy nose, cherry lips, a 3…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.