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CSG - Chapter 2922: The Spiritsages (Two)

“I’m not sure about that, but I did learn a little about the history of the Spiritsages from an ancient record senior Wind gave me. It was said that the Spirits’ World shattered in the past, and the entire world became uninhabitable. The thousands of races that originally occupied the Spirits’ World were forced to leave their homes and migrate to the Saints’ World…”

“The years when we first entered the Saints’ World had been an extremely difficult test to all races of the Spirits’ World, as the origin energy of the Spirits’ World and the Saints’ World are completely different. When we first entered the Saints’ World, not only were we unable to absorb the origin energy here to cultivate, but we also faced the rejection and oppression of many organisations native to the Saints’ World…”

“That was definitely the toughest, darkest part of history to all the races that survived from the Spirits’ World. It was also during that period of time that the Spiritsages suffered heavy losses. In battles against the various organisations of the Saints’ World, our clansmen fell in large swathes. Many of our treasures have been stolen too…”

“The pressure of survival forced all remaining races of the Spirits’ World to band together, assimilating into one existence, which turned into the Spiritsages afterwards. After consolidating their forces, the Spiritsages finally gained a footing in the Saints’ World after paying a great price.”

“However, after consolidating themselves, internal strife gradually began to erupt among the Spiritsages, as we no longer faced any external pressure. After all, there were far too many races among the Spiritsages. In the Spirits’ World, we all controlled and reigned over an entire region, so it was obviously peaceful. Now that all of these organisations had been forced to assemble together, various conflicts obviously sprang up endlessly.”

“As a result, internal conflict among the Spiritsages erupted multiple times in the past. With each internal conflict, many races left the clan. We either hid away somewhere in the Saints’ World, or we left the Saints’ World and hid away in certain miniature worlds, choosing to live in the miniature world alone.”

“The Wood Spirits had experienced a fragmentation like this in the past.”

“According to the ancient records, the Wood Spirits split into three organisations during that fragmentation. Each of the three organisations took a part of the treasures left behind by the sovereign of the Wood Spirits before completely going their own ways. Two of the organisations obtained the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits’ two lifebound god artifacts, while the third organisation obtained the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits’ main cultivation method…”

“The two branches of the Wood Spirits that possessed the lifebound god artifacts left the Spiritsages before falling silent completely. The Wood Spirits that possessed the cultivation method remained in the Spiritsages, gradually declining from their powerful and prosperous state back then to now…”

As he said that, Shen Jian sighed at the sky. He continued, “Similar fragmentations were not limited to the Wood Spirits. It happened among the other races too, and the various treasures passed down by our predecessors of the Spirits’ World flowed out with them. As a result, the Spiritsages of unprecedented strength that originally possessed the power of an entire major world declined with each passing down.”

“And, as we declined, the Spiritsages faced setbacks from the Saints’ World time after time as well.” Reaching there, Shen Jian glanced at Jian Chen deeply and said, “The disaster that the Spiritsages faced most recently came from the Myriad Bone Guild. Back then, the Myriad Bone Guild killed their way into our clan, not only causing us significant losses, but also pillaging many of our treasures. If the Spiritsages had not been protected by the power of the ancestral artifact at the critical moment, the consequences would have been unthinkable.”

Jian Chen sank into his thoughts. He asked, “Then in other words, the Forsaken Saint race you came from in the lower world was also a group that split off from the Spiritsages?”

Shen Jian hesitated slightly. “The ancient records of our race have always said that we were a race forsaken by the Saints’ World, which was why we were called the Forsaken Saints. Only after I met senior Wind did I learn that the Forsaken Saints in the lower world were actually also one of the larger races of the Spirits’ World, the Starry Sword race.”

“The Starry Sword race?” Jian Chen was taken aback with that. He was someone who had read through vast numbers of records. He personally believed that even if did not know everything about the Saints’ World, he still knew most of it.

However, he had never heard about the Starry Sword race before.

“However, senior Wind told me that the Spiritsages of the Saints’ World no longer has the Starry Sword race anymore. The Starry Sword race in the Saints’ World has gone extinct a long time ago. My branch of clansmen in the lower world is probably the last branch that exists. Moreover, due to many years of procreation, the bloodline of my branch has stopped being pure a long time ago…”

“The ancestor of our Forsaken Saint race is called He Tu. I told senior Wind about ancestor He Tu, but senior Wind has absolutely no impression of him. He only roughly deduced that ancestor He Tu probably was not a person of this age. Senior Wind might not have even been born during the age he existed. Ancestor He Tu did leave behind some information regarding the Spiritsages for us, but it’s completely outdated now…”

Through Shen Jian, Jian Chen gained a rough understanding of the history and current situation of the Spiritsages. However, what really interested him were the large numbers of legacies and supreme treasures that had flowed out of the Spiritsages during the earlier years.

After all, before the Spirits’ World had shattered, that was a complete, major world on par with the Saints’ World that had existed for who knew how many aeons. Who knew how many supreme experts or even sovereigns of the world they had produced.

Afterwards, all of the remaining treasures had been brought into the Saints’ World with the Spirits’ World’s shattering. He knew just how rich they were even without thinking.

The Wood Spirits broke into three branches. The two branches that left the Spiritsages took away the lifebound god artifacts of the sovereign of the Wood Spirits. A sovereign’s lifebound god artifacts must be peak god artifacts on par with the Anatta Tower and the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng,” Jian Chen thought. Although he had never seen the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits before, he did have some rough contact with him in the past.

The Two World Mountains within the World of the Fallen Beast were created by the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits’ residual power. The life force and recovery rate of the Life-devouring Beasts that lived in there were so terrifying that they even left Jian Chen, a practitioner of the Chaotic Body, rather dumbstruck.

He had basically witnessed the powers of the Grand Exalt of the Wood Spirits before.

Their conversation came to an end, but Sacredfeather was still wrapped up in a blood-red cocoon. As a result, Jian Chen and Shen Jian both entered a state of cultivation.

However, Jian Chen’s method of cultivation was very simple, which was to take out Gusta’s fleshly core and absorb the tremendous energy in the fleshly core before converting the energy to Chaotic Force.

After reaching the fifteenth layer of the Chaotic Body, the chaotic neidan in his dantian had turned back to its original size. He did not have a large reserve of Chaotic Force, and following the few battles that came afterwards, he had basically come close to running out a long time ago.

Back then in the Darkstar World, he was unable to find a lot of resources to replenish his Chaotic Force. After all, the energy required to refine each strand of Chaotic Force after reaching the fifteenth layer had multiplied by several dozen times. It was not something he could make up for with regular heavenly resources.

Afterwards, he returned to the Tian Yuan clan and collected the fleshly core, but he was forced to run around again for Sacredfeather’s sake, even crossing through vast distances in outer space. He had absolutely no time to replenish his Chaotic Force.

It was the perfect opportunity now. Jian Chen was trapped on the nameless planet, unable to leave, which instead gave him ample time to cultivate.

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..