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TL - Chapter 10: Wu Yu 02 (1)

——Wu Yu——

The wind caused the city to rattle. At night, the skies here would be clear and starry, and the smell of the sea would blow in. My mind would quiet down with the symphony of the night—the sounds of the wind, the sight of the stars, and the smell of the sea.

It was around the time when the evening lights were lit. I rolled out from underneath a car, covered in sweat because of the stuffiness, with oily stains on my palms. I would have never imagined myself doing this in the past. But now, I think it is good. After a day of work, I could enjoy venting through the ache and heat from my muscles.

I got up and grabbed a bottle of water to drink. Xiaohua gave my arm muscles a few bumps with his fist and said, “Brother Yu, you’re a man among men, a fighter jet among men! I’m really curious about what you did before this? You’re so smart, able to fix any machine or car after giving the manual a read. You’re just like a computer!”

I chuckled and answered, “T…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.