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TL - Chapter 11: Wu Yu 02 (2)

Her apparent hesitation lasted for some time. Eventually, I heard her slowly let out a sigh of relief before going over with Xiaohua to discuss signing up for a membership.

I knew that she did not recognize me.

It was just like a chanced encounter. She came here to fix her car today; she may even come here to get her car washed from today onward. But she and I would not have any further interactions.

I lowered my head and concentrated on fixing the paint. It had already been quite some time and doing these tedious, hard, and simple things helped my heart feel at peace. Perhaps the shop was too quiet today, as the other repairmen would more or less pay some attention to her. Speaking with Xiaohua, her tender voice seemed especially clear in the shop; it was pleasant to the ear. Like a piece of silk, shining slightly and floating behind me.

She said, “Tan Jiao. It's the Tan with the radical Yan, while Jiao is the character for bright.”

I became diverted for a split second, only …

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.