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TL - Chapter 12: Tan Jiao 03 (1)

——Tan Jiao——

I never thought I would meet Wu Yu again so soon. Is fate like silk threads? Once they become entangled, they will always be entangled.

A cool breeze blew in the afternoon; clouds covered the sun while leaving the blue sky clear. The blue background appeared like a boundless existence quietly overlooking everything.

I went to the library in the Shixi district to borrow books. As an author, I naturally read plenty of books. I stayed in the library for a great deal of time; in fact, I was there more frequently than during my school days. I was a mediocre student back then and never thought that I would fall in love with reading again because of my hobbies and dreams.

I came down the steps of the library with ten books in my arms. At the side were several basketball courts and a mini football field; in fact, this was a public sports center in this neighborhood. A few topless men were playing football. I walked past the court without paying any attention to it. Rig…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.