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ABBR - Chapter 1


After granting the death sentence to a mosquito in the midst of committing a crime, Xu Chuanchuan softly cursed, "Little bastard, let's see how you'll bite me now."

The weather had started warming up recently. Fortunately, the apartment Xu Chuanchuan rented was on the first floor, and trees covered it from both the front and the back, which maintained the temperature at a cooling degree. The only problem she had with her house was the innumerable mosquitoes.

To make matters worse, her old PC was buzzing incessantly, creating a perfect harmony with the humming mosquitoes.

As Xu Chuanhuan was pulling out a tissue to clean off the mosquito remains in her hand, a message window popped up at the bottom-right corner of her screen. The sender was her lesbian friend, Ange.

Ange: "It's nearly midnight! Are you updating today or not?! Your readers are rioting!"

Seeing this message, Xu Chuanchuan immediately opened up her QQ group, which had less than a thousand members. Sure enough, all hell had broken loose.

Reader 1: "Lord, why is there no update?"

Reader 2: "Lord, are you stuck again? Or are you lacking time to write?"

Reader 3: "Maybe our Lord is not done writing? @I Love Hotpot What is our Lord busy with?"

"I Love Hotpot" was Ange's sub-account. Upon seeing that the situation was amiss, Ange had immediately sent Xu Chuanchuan a series of private messages.

Quickly browsing through the chat log, Xu Chuanchuan's heart thumped as she shouted out loud, "I clearly published it!"

Did the system choke and deleted her post again?

At this time, Ange sent a second message: "Asleep?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "Not yet."

Opening her web browser, Xu Chuanchuan clicked on the bookmarked link "Literature City," logged into her account, and entered the management interface. In the end, she discovered that…

The system didn't choke. Instead, she was the one who choked…

Xu Chuanchuan: "I made a mistake in setting the publishing time. [Sweat]"

Ange: "No wonder. [Facepalm]"

After Xu Chuanchuan sent that message, her chat group blew up again, and she spent some time chatting with her readers.

At one point, Ange privately messaged her: "What took you so long to reply? You're not messing around with some young lady behind my back, are you?"

Giggling, Xu Chuanchuan replied: "Even if I'm going to mess around, it'll be with a young man."

Ange: "Ha… You're still straight even after writing yuri for so many years. I don't know if I should praise you for your determination or say that you're sexually inactive."

Xu Chuanchuan: "..."

Staring at the blank entry window for a short moment, Xu Chuanchuan sighed and replied: "I'm having trouble writing the ending. The readers are constantly screaming for 'action,' but I've never even dated anyone before! How would I possibly know how to write the bed scene!"

Ange: "You want to date someone? Come to me! I'll give you hands-on instruction. [Drool]"

"Pfft——" Xu Chuanchuan covered her screen in spittle when she read Ange's message. After calming herself, she quickly typed a reply: "Great God, please spare me! I'm as straight as a pen! I like men!"

Ange: "Fine. I'll head over to Thailand sometime later. I'll find you once I return."

By the time she finished writing, it was already two past midnight. Fortunately, it was a weekend today. After shutting down her computer, she took a bath and laid down on her bed while supporting her stiff back.

After a satisfying sleep, Xu Chuanchuan woke up and washed. When she came out of the bathroom and checked her phone, she noticed a greeting from Ange: "Awake?"

Xu Chuanchuan: "I'm awake. Was just about to order takeout."

Ange: "Stop eating takeouts. You're already complaining about a stiff back before reaching 30. You should go out and take a walk. Mingle around with people and find some inspiration."

Xu Chuanchuan was only 25 this year. However, due to her sedentary lifestyle, problems had started occurring with her back lately. She had visited the hospital for a check-up, and the doctor told her that she had lumbar muscle strain and should rest and exercise more.

After seeing Ange's reminder, Xu Chuanchuan started feeling discomfort with her back again. Sensing this, she thought to herself, I guess going out for a walk isn't a bad thing.

However, when Xu Chuanchuan had dressed and felt the sun's scorching rays shining down on her after she left her apartment, she shrank back, returning to her room to retrieve her umbrella.

After walking out on the street for a dozen minutes or so, she could no longer stand the heat and chose to hide in a KFC.

Xu Chuanchuan's appetite was larger than the average girl's. After ordering ten spicy wings, one packet of fries, and one large Coke, she found herself a seat and sat down.

While wearing the plastic glove provided, Xu Chuanchuan looked at the restaurant's other customers. She noticed that, aside from herself, every other table was seated by two or more people. Suddenly, sadness filled her.

She had no boyfriend and no friends. The colleagues she got along with were all married women. Although she had a younger sister studying in a local university, her sister had just started her freshman year and was busy studying.

Out of boredom, Xu Chuanchuan began fiddling around with her phone.

At this time, a couple walked past her table, and a strong perfume triggered her nose, causing her to sneeze. Inadvertently, she caught a look at the couple.

The man was well-dressed and wore an innocent smile on his face. The woman wore a red, sexy dress and had heavy makeup on. Pinching her throat, the woman said, "Shaohua, can we change locations?"

In response, the innocent man asked, "What's bad about this place?"

Pouting, the woman did not even try to hide her disdain as she said, "This place is too low-class. Fried chicken and hamburgers don't match your status at all."

Hearing this, Xu Chuanchuan, who was savoring the "low-class food" in her mouth, grew speechless.

Unfazed by the woman's words, the innocent man said, "You can leave if you don't like it here. I won't stop you."

Immediately, the red-dressed woman changed her stance, wearing a smile on her face as she fawningly said, "No, no, this place isn't low-class at all. I won't go anywhere. I'll go wherever you want to go today."

Retrieving her gaze from the couple, Xu Chuanchuan returned her focus to gnawing on her chicken wing while reading the comments her reader left.

Meanwhile, the couple standing beside her table grew even more annoying as the red-dressed woman childishly said, "Do you want to come to my house after eating?"

In response, the innocent man said, "Visiting your house during the day? Will that be appropriate?"

Smiling, the woman replied, "It's fine, it's fine. I'm the only one living there."

Briefly sweeping his gaze across the woman's large breasts, the man fell into deep thought as he softly muttered, "Why isn't she here yet…"

Having heard the man's mutterings, the woman asked, "Who's not here yet?"

Quickly putting on an upright expression, the man replied, "I don't like visiting other people's houses."

Reacting in joy, the red-dressed woman quickly said, "Let's go to your house, then!"

Without thinking, the innocent man replied, "My house isn't a place that just anybody can visit."

Her smile vanishing, the red-dressed woman gently pushed the man as she angrily questioned, "Could you be hiding another woman in your house?"

The innocent man's brows jumped up momentarily upon hearing the woman's question. He then sheepishly said, "That… Shuangshuang, to tell you the truth, I already have a girlfriend."

For a moment, the red-dressed woman's face rapidly went through several shades of color. She then raised her voice and shouted, "You're lying! I don't believe you!"

Overhearing the couple's conversation, Xu Chuanchuan inwardly wondered, They're not going to start fighting, right?

Dreading over the potential fight, Xu Chuanchuan accelerated her chewing speed, her mind blocking out all of her surroundings as she blazed through her chicken wings. After drinking half of her Coke, she felt slightly bloated and thought to pay a visit to the washroom. However, she also worried that once she left her seat, the staff members would mistake her for leaving and clear her table, taking away her uneaten fries.

Thinking up to this point, Xu Chuanchuan hurriedly made her way to the counter and quietly said to the staff there, "I'm going to the washroom. Please don't clear out my items."

In response, the staff member said, "Table 1? Alright, we'll take note of it."

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Xu Chuanchuan dashed straight for the washroom.

Two minutes later, she came out of the washroom. To her joy, her food remained on her table.

At this time, however, a woman walked in through the entrance. The woman was tall and thin. She also wore a pair of heels that did not hinder her movements in the slightest.

The woman had refined makeup on, and her long ponytail swung from side to side like a broom in mid-air as she walked. Her overly-exaggerated Cartier earrings also let loose a crisp ring with each step she took.

The woman wore a deep-blue, sleeveless shirt with a deep V-neck, and covering her bottom half were a pair of white jeans that further exemplified her two long legs. Her steps were very wide, and in the blink of an eye, she had arrived beside Xu Chuanchuan.

Looking at the woman, Xu Chuanchuan suddenly felt as if she had come to the wrong place. After all, the woman before her looked no different than the fashion models she usually saw on TV. Only, this woman wasn't doing a catwalk right now. Instead, the woman walked with big strides, quickly walking past her and stopping before Table 11.

Currently, the annoying couple Xu Chuanchuan came across before occupied the table.

In a flirtatious tone, the red-dressed woman said to the innocent man, "I don't care how many girlfriends you have. I'm satisfied so long as you have me in your heart. If you don't want to go to my house, why don't we—"

"Murong! You're here!" the innocent man stood up and said excitedly when she saw the tall woman. He then turned to the red-dressed woman and said, "Meet my girlfriend, Mu—"


The crisp sound of a slap echoed throughout the restaurant as the tall woman's palm met the innocent man's face.

Having her words interrupted and seeing her companion getting slapped by another woman that appeared out of nowhere, the red-dressed woman momentarily fell into a daze. When she snapped out of it, she quickly stood up and asked, "Shaohua, are you alright?"

Holding his burning cheek, the innocent man glared at the tall woman and bellowed, "Murong Shi, have you gone mad?!"

In response, the woman named Murong Shi grabbed the cup of Coke on the table without hesitation.

However, the red-dressed woman had reacted in time and tightly held onto Murong Shi's wrist as she questioned, "What are you trying to do?"

Sneering, Murong Shi swept her gaze around her and noticed a cup of Coke placed on a table right next to her. Seeing that the cup still had quite the amount of liquid remaining, she grabbed it without a second thought.

Seeing this, Xu Chuanchuan shouted, "That's mine!"

Unfortunately, Xu Chuanchuan was one step too late as Murong Shi had already removed the cup's semi-translucent cap and emptied its chilling contents on the innocent man's face.

The red-dressed woman blanked out in surprise at this scene.

Meanwhile, the Coke flowed down the man's smooth cheeks, drenching him. The man also coughed violently as some of the brown liquid had entered his mouth unexpectedly.

However, just as he was about to open his mouth and throw a slew of curses at Murong Shi, the latter got ahead of him as she coldly said, "Jiang Shaohua, if you dare toy around with me again, the thing that's splashing on your face the next time won't just be Coke!"

After leaving behind these words, Murong Shi turned around and haughtily walked away, paying no attention to the strange gazes bystanders were giving her.

As for Xu Chuanchuan, after snapping out of her daze, she promptly extended her arm and blocked Murong Shi's path.

Frowning, Murong Shi asked, "Do we know each other?"

After seeing the spectacle before, Xu Chuanchuan realized that the woman before her was not to be trifled with when angry. However, she still couldn't help but feel her heart aching when she thought about her unfinished Coke. In an aggrieved tone, she said, "That cup of Coke you splashed just now is mine."

Turning her gaze to Table 1, Murong Shi noticed the mess on the table and realized her blunder. She then returned the gaze to the woman blocking her, her icy expression softening slightly. However, she still maintained a blunt tone as she said, "Sorry, I thought nobody occupied that table. I don't have my purse with me. You can ask that man to compensate you for the Coke."

As soon as she finished speaking, the tall woman walked around Xu Chuanchuan and left without another word.

In this situation, Xu Chuanchuan could not help but grow speechless.

Hellscythe's Notes:

That's it for ABBR! Thank you everyone for following Xu Chuanchuan and Murong Shi on this arduous journey, and please consider trying out the new yuri novel I'm translating - My Cousin is Always Busy(GL).
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