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TL - Chapter 5: Wu Yu 01 (2)

I maintained my pleasant mood up until I checked Wu Miao’s grade four results; up until I discovered she had failed again. Looking at her poor grades, the anger inside me surged once more. I rushed into her room and found her curled up on the bed, enjoying a book with a brightly colored cover. She became startled when she saw me come in; intuitively, she tucked the book under her blanket. I grabbed the book and let out a bitter smile when I saw the cover.

The title of the book was pretentious and nauseating, while the author’s name was Qi Zhu. Thanks to Wu Miao, even I knew about this woman. On one occasion, Wu Miao had even tried to put up the case that this writer was a ‘god-level writer’. I felt dubious about it at that time, so I gave it a read. I stopped after a few pages because the book was all about mushy romance and overt displays of affection.

I should have known that Wu Miao would be hiding in her room reading her books. A nineteen-year-old like her would definitel…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.