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TL - Chapter 6: Wu Yu 01 (3)

I thought I had come across a sweet and charming woman. Yet, after seeing me yell at Wu Miao, she revealed her hostility to me.

She took another glance at me, seemingly hesitant. Then she bit her lip and continued her barrage, “The brand of the T-shirt you’re wearing is good, and even your pants are new. But your shoes are old and cheap. This shows that you come from a middle-income family, so you’re thrifty by nature. You came on this trip with the money you made by helping your professor with projects, right? But…” She paused for a moment and looked me in the eye. “That beautiful girlfriend of yours is also wearing very plain clothes. That means her family’s financial situation is similar to yours. However, she was not wearing a single piece of new clothing. Someone has been buying new clothes to show off but didn’t get her any. Humph…”

I felt stunned; I had never anticipated her to talk about this matter. Wu Miao’s appearance promptly appeared in my mind. I a…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.