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TL - Chapter 1: Tan Jiao 01 (1)

Even now, I could remember clearly the ship’s appearance.

The ship was immaculately white and brand new. It had three floors; the first floor was a public area, while the second and third floors were guest rooms with luxurious and comfortable interiors. The ship was called Yunnan Beauty, and it departed from Dali, Yunnan Province for the deep mountain lakes on the twenty-third of June, 2016.

It was a trip that I had always longed for and also a trip that changed my destiny.

Our lives were knitted together on that very ship.

But we almost got split up later on.

My name is Tan Jiao, and I am a web novel author that specializes in romance novels with mystery elements. My pen name is Qi Zhu. Even though I am not very skilled, I have made some money and gained some fame. Since I have plenty of free time, I go traveling whenever I’m not writing novels. However, I always sign up with travel agencies for those easy and worry-free trips. Compared to my other artsy writer friends who li…

Written by 丁墨. Translated by Blender_Gaming. Edited by Nora.