RHE - Chapter 2354: Destiny Experimental Body 4!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

With a massive boom, the earth trembled. The terrifying Sword Qi tore open a giant fissure nearly ten thousand feet long in the sturdy ground of the third region. The surging Sword Qi even pierced into the depths of the Celestial Palace, causing it to shudder. Some of the glass tiles even toppled off the palaces on the perimeter.

Even more frightening was that after this terrifying energy was unleashed, even more energy converged from the seal behind the Qin First Emperor, and the Sword Qi appeared once more.

From this, one could conclude that the attack just now had used only a small portion of the First Emperor's remaining power, not even ten percent of it.

"The Sword Qi reacted, but the seal didn't," Li Xuantu loudly called out, a sharp glint in his eyes. "The Qin First Emperor's goal was not to kill people, but to protect whatever is behind him. There's a problem with the Celestial Palace, and the Qin First Emperor must be guarding something inside."

The Qin First Emperor's Sword Qi was frightening, but even when the Sword Qi was at its strongest, it was still protecting the path leading deeper into the Celestial Palace.

They would have to break through the Qin First Emperor's seal to go any farther.

When entering the Celestial Palace, they had only thought about dealing with any possible attack from Heaven. They had never even predicted that they would have to deal with the Qin First Emperor.

"Master, what's going on here? Why did the Qin First Emperor become a guardian of the Celestial Palace? Did Heaven manage to control him?"

Little Nightmare appeared rather anxious.

The Qin First Emperor was extremely powerful. They had only passed by this place out of curiosity, never expecting this development. If they couldn't break through the First Emperor's barrier, they would not be able to access the deeper parts of the Celestial Palace.

Wang Chong shook his head and immediately rejected the idea. "No, the Qin First Emperor isn't under Heaven's control. This is his own will.

"In addition, if Heaven wanted to put down a seal, he wouldn't go through the trouble of using an intermediary."

"So why, then? If the Qin First Emperor's death here was Heaven's doing, his enemy should be Heaven, not us. Why stop us? And what could be inside the Celestial Palace that's worth him protecting?" Li Xuantu said.

The Qin First Emperor was more frightening than they had imagined. If they couldn't resolve this problem, they wouldn't be able to make any progress.

Besides that, Li Xuantu could clearly tell that the Qin First Emperor's power was still gathering. This meant that his attacks would only get stronger and stronger.

Li Xuantu felt like he was no weakling, but not even he was sure that he could break through the seal left by this sovereign from one thousand years ago.

Wang Chong could also sense that energy was gathering. Though he was just standing there, he could feel that invisible pressure growing heavier and heavier.

That sword attack just now could be considered a probe. Wang Chong sensed that a massive battle was about to erupt.

Just when Wang Chong was about to do battle with the Qin First Emperor to break through, a voice rang out in his mind!


"Special Event! Destiny Experimental Body 4 has been discovered! User has been rewarded with 800,000 points of Destiny Energy.

"Scanning—Destiny Experimental Body 4 failed… The Destiny Shard within the body has been seized. Stone of Destiny Repair Plan failed.

"Notice! Remnant energy discovered within Destiny Experimental Body 4 that can be integrated!"


Wang Chong had a few vague ideas, but these words verified these theories and set off a storm in his mind.

Destiny Experimental Body 4?


Wang Chong had never imagined that this would be the truth!

The Stone of Destiny had ten experimental bodies in all, and the mighty Qin First Emperor who was known as the ancestral dragon of all Emperors was actually one of them.

In other words, just like Wang Chong and the Sage Emperor, he was also a transmigrator.

Wang Chong found it difficult to calm down after hearing this earthshaking news.

The Stone of Destiny! The Stone of Destiny!

Wang Chong was finally sure that Heaven had gone to such great lengths to lure these people here to get their Stones of Destiny.

If the Qin First Emperor had been lured by Heaven through Xu Fu, then Heaven had most likely been trying to do the same thing to Emperor Wu of Han. But compared to his predecessor from several hundred years ago, Emperor Wu was clearly more cautious.

The Fengshan ceremonies were clearly not enough to motivate him, and while the green bird's message had tempted him, he was not completely taken. Thus, he had sent Huo Qubing, this young Great General that he trusted so much. Alas, Huo Qubing had failed to return, dying within the Celestial Palace.

The two renowned Emperors happened to both be Destiny Bodies and also transmigrators. This fact left Wang Chong deeply shaken.


Wang Chong still found it difficult to determine whether this was a coincidence or intentional.

Had the Stone of Destiny intentionally chosen these mighty sovereigns as its hosts, or was it because of the Stone of Destiny that they had become mighty sovereigns?

Most importantly, Wang Chong had previously believed himself to be unique, the only transmigrator. But now, Wang Chong knew that this was far from the truth. There had been at least nine people like him throughout history.

One after another, the Stone of Destiny had sent over transmigrators, the so-called 'experimental bodies'. What was it trying to do?

In the past, Wang Chong would not have pondered these things, only considering them to be accidents or coincidences. But now, he sensed that things were far from simple.

As these thoughts ran through his mind, Wang Chong took in a deep breath and calmed himself down. Regardless of what the truth was, he didn't have time to ponder these things. He had some more important matters to settle.

"Don't move. I'll take care of this."

Wang Chong's eyes flashed. Leaving Little Nightmare's mental body behind, he strode toward the seal.

"Wang Chong!"

Li Xuantu paled in fright. Wang Chong's action was too abrupt. He had never imagined that Wang Chong would just charge right up.

Li Xuantu wanted to stop him, but it was too late.


As Wang Chong approached, the energy left behind by the Qin First Emperor howled and seethed, building up even more power than before.


Above the Qin First Emperor, the black Sword Qi grew several dozen times larger, piercing through the clouds, seemingly wanting to cleave apart the Celestial Palace.

Boom! As the First Emperor's power was about to be unleashed, Li Xuantu felt the fabric of space tremble, and an enormous torrent of Psychic Energy erupted from Wang Chong and surged into the First Emperor's body. A moment later, something astonishing took place.

That energy that was about to engulf Wang Chong suddenly froze. Not only that, even that seal behind the Qin First Emperor was fixed in place.

The restless energy was swiftly pacified, as if some invisible and calming energy had been infused into it.

Li Xuantu had wanted to stop Wang Chong, but at this moment, he stopped, his lips trembling in disbelief, and he fell back and silently watched events unfold.

Wang Chong did not have the time to pay attention to him. He was focused entirely on the Qin First Emperor's body.

"Congratulations to user! Link successfully established with Destiny Experimental Body 4. Preparing for integration!"

The Stone of Destiny's voice rang out in Wang Chong's mind.

Wang Chong's conclusion had been correct. Just when the Qin First Emperor was about to attack, Wang Chong had sent out his Psychic Energy into his mind. In his body, Wang Chong had felt the familiar aura of the Stone of Destiny, and through this shared energy, he had succeeded in stopping the Qin First Emperor's attack.

There was no sign of the Stone of Destiny itself in the Qin First Emperor's body, but all throughout, he could sense traces of the Stone of Destiny's power like countless stars.

The Qin First Emperor had once been a host of the Stone of Destiny. Long-term usage of this power would eventually cause the body to fuse with it.

From the First Emperor's age, Wang Chong judged that he had probably been in this world for thirty to forty years. Such a long period of time was more than enough to achieve a high level of fusion with the Stone of Destiny's power. This prevented Heaven from completely stripping out all of the Stone of Destiny's power.


Using the power of the Stone of Destiny, Wang Chong gathered up these points of light in the First Emperor's body. But Wang Chong could sense that there was still some power in the First Emperor's body that was rejecting him, preventing him from smoothly integrating the Stone of Destiny's power.

Wang Chong was taken aback, but he quickly understood.

Wang Chong stepped forward and whispered to the Qin First Emperor, "Your Majesty, go in peace. Although I cannot alter your end, I can stop Heaven and avenge Your Majesty!"

After a brief period of silence, the turbulent energy of the seal flowed into the Qin First Emperor's body, and Wang Chong felt that rejection disappear.


All of the golden points of light in the First Emperor's body began to flow into Wang Chong, and that barrier that had barred their path disappeared.

"A pity."

Wang Chong couldn't help but emotionally sigh at this sight.

The energy left behind by the Qin First Emperor was extremely powerful. If he could absorb it all, it would be an immense boon to him. Alas, it was only the Qin First Emperor's domineering will that had kept the energy from scattering. Now that his will was gone, the energy had scattered with it.

Even so, Wang Chong had still managed to absorb twenty to thirty percent of the purest energy before it had completely scattered.

"Congratulations to user. Integration complete.

"Repair progress at 13%. User has been rewarded 8,000,000 points of Destiny Energy. In view of user's efforts, during the integration process, user was rewarded with the remnant Grotto Heaven Core of Destiny Experimental Body 4."

The Stone of Destiny's voice rang out in Wang Chong's mind.

Hypersheep325, Starve's Notes:

Unfortunate. It seems that in his greed for immortality, Qin Shihuang ended up gifting Heaven a Stone of Destiny! And of course, the reason for Heaven luring in all these people becomes obvious.

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