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CSG - Chapter 2904: A Sudden Accident

Jian Chen clasped his fist at the elder and great elder from the Heavenly Lightning clan and Jade Pill sect. “The jade with laws and the God Tier pill that the Heavenly Lightning clan and the Jade Pill sect provided are both precious items, so your organisations will obviously receive a sizable compensation.”

Only when they heard that did the elder of the Heavenly Lightning clan and the great elder of the Jade Pill sect ease up slightly. They also understood that since Yang Yutian had the Heartless Child’s support, they could not keep pressuring him. If they could obtain some Soil of Divine Blood from Yang Yutian because of their organisation's losses, it would not be too great of a loss. Perhaps they could even make a small profit.

However, while it was a good mindset, they were still a little wishful. Jian Chen’s next words made these two people’s faces twist.

“However, the resources on me right now are limited. I’ve basically exhausted all of the Soil of Divine Blood, while the remaining lower grade materials are definitely beneath your attention. As a result, your organisations will have to wait a little for your compensation,” Jian Chen said calmly. Apart from the low grade Godking grass, he would not be exposing any other items. Moreover, he temporarily decided against compensating the Heavenly Lightning clan and the Jade Pill sect for their losses.

The losses of the two organisations were far too great. It was not that easy to reach an agreement over it.

Even if he would give the two organisations a fitting compensation, it was impossible for him to take out the precious items from the World of the Fallen Beast, as the Heavenly Lightning clan and the Jade Pill sect would definitely make some exorbitant demands.

“Exhausted? Yang Yutian, do you think we believe these blind lies of yours?” the great elder of the Jade Pill sect said sternly. His body had already healed a bit, except the injuries to the soul could not recover that easily. As a result, he was still as pale-faced as ever, enduring the stabbing pain from the soul at all times.

“Yang Yutian, we know that the Soil of Divine Blood and various other precious resources from the World of the Fallen Beast have already ended up in your hands. It’s fine if you don’t give our Heavenly Lightning clan a perfect compensation plan, but the organisation behind our Heavenly Lightning clan is well beyond what you can provoke. Once you’ve provoked the organisation behind us, even the Myriad Bone Guild can’t protect you,” the elder of the Heavenly Lightning clan said sternly.

“Yang Yutian, you boldly claim that you’ve already exhausted the resources you’ve collected from the World of the Fallen Beast, so do you have the courage to take out everything on you and let us check through it?” a Chaotic Prime said sternly from the crowd. He was also a great elder of a peak organisation from the Saints’ World that had interests in the World of the Fallen Beast, except they never joined the Hundred Saint City.

Jian Chen’s gaze immediately coldened with that. He stared straight at the Second Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime who had spoken up like he was staring dagger. Jian Chen sneered coldly. “And who are you supposed to be? I’m discussing with the seniors of the Hundred Saint City over how to resolve this problem. Do I need an outsider like you to tell me what to do? Just what gives you the right to make me take out my Space Ring?”

“Yang Yutian, y- you…” The Second Heavenly Layer great elder’s face darkened with Jian Chen’s rude retort. He became filled with anger. However, as soon as he made contact with Jian Chen’s pressing, cold gaze, he immediately thought about what had happened when he heavily injured the great elder of the Jade Pill sect. He immediately became fearful again, forcing back the vicious threats he was about to utter.

“Senior Sheng Yi, let’s go.” Jian Chen had no plans on staying any longer. There were far too many Chaotic Primes gathered here, with plenty of mid and late Chaotic Primes. He had used three strands of Profound Sword Qi and consumed a tremendous amount of the power of his soul. If another battle occurred, it would be extremely disadvantageous to him.

The Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan suffered the greatest losses, but in the end, they received no compensation at all, so they were obviously reluctant to let Jian Chen leave freely like this.

However, beside Jian Chen was Sheng Yi, and after receiving the tael of Soil of Divine Blood as compensation, the other fifty organisations of the Hundred Saint City no longer had any plans to trouble Jian Chen because of the Myriad Bone Guild. As a result, no matter how discontent the Jade Pill sect and the Heavenly Lightning clan were, they could only watch on helplessly as Jian Chen left.

“Fellow Yang Yutian, our Heaven’s sect are on very good terms with the Myriad Bone Guild. Earlier, I didn’t know fellow Yang Yutian was a part of the Myriad Bone Guild, so I almost got into a dispute with you and made a laughing stock out of myself. I hope you can forgive me.” Before Jian Chen left, the great elder of the Heaven’s sect, Zhan Yun, sucked up to Jian Chen to improve their relationship. He had a face full of smiles. His attitude had changed so drastically that even the tael of Soil of Divine Blood and Godking grass that Jian Chen had compensated the Heaven’s sect with were returned in whole by Zhan Yun.

“Fellow Yang Yutian, be sure to visit the Heaven’s sect regularly in the future. If there is anything our Heaven’s sect can help you with, our Heaven’s sect will definitely do all that we can.” Zhan Yun was extremely cordial.

Jian Chen glanced at Zhan Yun with a strange expression and said nothing more. He accepted the Soil of Divine Blood that Zhan Yun had returned before swaggering away with Sheng Yi.

Great elder, a- aren’t you a little too enthusiastic with Yang Yutian? After all, he still isn’t a part of the Myriad Bone Guild’s upper echelon.” After Jian Chen left, a regular elder of the Heaven’s sect communicated to Zhan Yun in confusion.

Zhan Yun glanced at the elder and said, “What do you know? Yang Yutian might not be a part of the upper echelon right now, but his status is probably even higher than some members of the upper echelon. Didn’t you hear he has the Heartless Child behind him?

When he reached there, Zhan Yun began to recollect the past. Right now, he could not help but think about the supreme expert with an extremely terrifying cultivation he had come across accidentally in the passageway between the worlds when he led the disciples of the Heaven’s sect to the Spirits’ World. Only when he reached Starsource City on the Starsource Continent did he learn that the supreme expert’s true identity was actually the second boss of the Myriad Bone Guild, the Heartless Child.

The Heartless Child personally escorted a junior to the Spirits’ World. Was this person Yang Yutian?” Zhan Yun thought. Even though their appearances and presences were completely different, Zhan Yun’s feeling that the two of them were the same person became stronger as soon as he remembered how Yang Yutian could change his appearance and presence in the World of the Fallen Beast.

The Spirits’ World had five sacred lands. Between each sacred land was an extremely distant region of space. Among the five sacred lands, one of them was known as the Starsource Continent, which was the closest sacred land to the passageway between the worlds.

Jian Chen and Sheng Yi directly reached the Starsource Continent through the teleportation formations on the Darkstar Continent first before travelling through space, flying directly towards the passageway.

A bone tower sped through the vast space. Inside the bone tower, Jian Chen had an entire floor to himself. He currently crossed his legs, silently recovering the power of his soul.

Sheng Yi stood on the top floor of the bone tower alone, silently controlling the bone tower as it shot through the empty space. He constantly changed directions, avoiding the dangers of the ruined world.

“Senior Sheng Yi, do you know what kind of organisation the Spirit God clan is in the Saints’ World?” At this moment, Jian Chen’s voie rang out. The Spirit God clan was bold enough to proclaim that they could protect him in front of so many peak organisations, which piqued Jian Chen’s curiosity.

“The Spirit God clan? They’re an archaean clan that has declined. However, while they’ve already lost the title of archaean clan, they’re still a force to be reckoned with…” Sheng Yi’s voice rang out inside the bone tower.


But at this moment, the bone tower shook violently, and a tremendous pressure suddenly enveloped the entire structure. Jian Chen could clearly feel that the bone tower that had been speeding through space had come to a screeching halt due to a tremendous force at that moment.

Pipipingu, Deceptioning.'s Notes:

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..