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CSG - Chapter 2901: Sheng Yi

“Hahaha, Zhan Yun, the Soil of Divine Blood in Yang Yutian’s hands amount to five catties at the very least. Your Heaven’s sect actually wants to use five billion supreme grade divine crystals to exchange for five catties of Soil of Divine Blood? Since when has the price of Soil of Divine Blood been so low?” The great elder of the Heavenly Crane clan, He Qianchi, laughed aloud. His gaze towards Zhan Yun was filled with undisguised disdain and mockery. He was singling him out.

Earlier, the Heaven’s sect wanted to use an extremely cheap price to buy Divine Metal of Profound Ice from their Heavenly Crane clan. This had already caused great displeasure to He Qianchi. Now that he saw how the Heaven’s sect had opened their gaping mouths in an attempt to swallow the entire pie, how could He Qianchi allow the Heaven’s sect to succeed?

The great elder of the Heaven’s sect, Zhan Yun, glanced at He Qianchi coldly. He said, “It’s not like the Soil of Divine Blood belongs to your Heavenly Crane clan. Your Heavenly Crane clan has no right to butt into this.” Afterwards, Zhan Yun looked at Jian Chen and said, “Yang Yutian, what do you think about my suggestion?”

Jian Chen did not answer him. Instead, he clasped his fist at He Qianchi and said, “Senior, there’s something I’d like your guidance for. I hope senior can tell me about the exact price of a tael of Soil of Divine Blood in the Saints’ World. Roughly how many supreme grade divine crystals would it be worth?”

Jian Chen knew the price of Soil of Divine Blood in the Darkstar World, but that did not mean it was the Saints’ World’s price.

Zhan Yun’s face immediately sank. An undiscoverable gleam of cold light flashed through his gaze towards Jian Chen.

He Qianchi glanced at Zhan Yun in a rather gloating manner. Zhan Yun’s face had already become rather ugly, which made him find Yang Yutian more and more pleasing to the eye. He chuckled. “In the Saints’ World, Soil of Divine Blood is extremely precious. It’s basically only exchanged for with various God Tier materials that are just as precious. No one is stupid enough to actually exchange it for supreme grade divine crystals.”

“Of course, if you have to use supreme grade divine crystals to measure its worth, a tael of Soil of Divine Blood is worth ten billion supreme grade divine crystals at the very least. If someone is in urgent need of Soil of Divine Blood, the price might even multiply by several times over.”

“In the Saints’ World, supreme grade divine crystals aren’t worth anything. The energy of the world gathers together, and after a period of evolution, it’ll turn into divine crystal mines endlessly. Across the Saints’ World, there are more divine crystal mines than you could count. Any organisation with Primordial realm experts would be in possession of a divine crystal mine at the very least. Some large organisations will even be in possession of several dozen of them, and the daily yield of just one of them will be staggering.”

“Moreover, only Godhood experts can use supreme grade divine crystals. Primordial realm experts basically all use coloured divine crystals for cultivation. As a result, while supreme grade divine crystals are vital to all organisations for nurturing their juniors and providing energy to formations and so on, their value is still limited at the end of the day.”

“As for the Soil of Divine Blood, that’s an outstanding material for refining higher quality God Tier pills. Even Grand Primes find tremendous benefits from these pills. Yang Yutian, do you understand the true value of the Soil of Divine Blood now?”

“I understand now. Thank you for telling me, senior.” Jian Chen clasped his fist at He Qianchi before flicking his finger. A small piece of Soil of Divine Blood flew through the air, directly towards He Qianchi. He said, “It’s a mere token of appreciation from me, so please accept it, senior.”

Jian Chen’s actions almost made He Qianchi’s eyes pop out as he was unprepared. However, he soon responded and immediately waved his hand, accepting the piece of Soil of Divine Blood as quickly as possible. He was overjoyed inside. “It’s actually two taels of Soil of Divine Blood. Hehe, hehehe. We can refine another two batches of complete Ancestral Blood pills now. This kid is not bad, yeah, not bad at all……”

Seeing how He Qianchi had obtained two taels of Soil of Divine Blood from merely saying a few words, Zhan Yun’s face became as ugly as it could. In his opinion, He Qianchi had obtained the two taels of Soil of Divine Blood completely over his head and in his face.

“Seniors, I’ll use a tael of Soil of Divine Blood to compensate you for the several billions of supreme grade divine crystals you brought into the Darkstar World. May I ask if that is acceptable?” Jian Chen glanced around, looking at the fifty organisations of the Hundred Saint City.

As for the Heavenly Lightning clan and the Jade Pill sect, Jian Chen had set them aside for now, as they had paid the most in the Hundred Saint City. Just a tael of Soil of Divine Blood was probably nowhere near enough.

“The loss of divine crystals is nothing. The humiliation is what we care about. A tael of Soil of Divine Blood is nowhere near enough!” a great elder from a peak organisation said flatly.

“This is all the Soil of Divine Blood I have. If that’s not enough, then all I can do is make it up to you with Godking grass. A tael of Soil of Divine Blood plus a thousand stalks of Godking grass.” As Jian Chen said that, he took out a large amount of Godking grass from his Space Ring, but they were all low grade Godking grass.

By now, low grade Godking grass had already become no different from waste in Jian Chen’s eyes. They were the expendables he had prepared for practising alchemy on. Now, it was perfect for him to make use of this trash.

However, none of the peak organisations present viewed them like the waste they were in Jian Chen’s eyes.

But at this moment, something happened. The great elder of the Jade Pill sect suddenly appeared before Jian Chen. He wielded a sword and erupted with sharp light, directly slashing it at Jian Chen. At the same time, he bellowed out, “Under the orders of the two ancestors of my sect, I must bring Yang Yutian back to the Jade Pill sect.” Although that was what he said, the great elder of the Jade Pill sect directly swung his sword at Jian Chen’s right arm.

As he slashed down, his gaze remained fixed on the clump of Soil of Divine Earth in Jian Chen’s right hand the entire time, as well as the Space Ring on his finger. His eyes shone with a blazing light of interest.

Clearly, this great elder of the Jade Pill sect had no interest in capturing him. He only wanted to steal the Soil of Divine Blood and the Space Ring.

Among all the Chaotic Primes present, some of them had begun desiring the huge clump of Soil of Divine Blood in Jian Chen’s hand a long time ago, but none of them had done anything yet. As a result, the great elder of the Jade Pill sect’s actions were like setting off a fuse. Following him, a few Chaotic Primes that had become tempted a long time ago could no longer control themselves anymore. They all struck decisively with blazing desire.

All of them targeted Jian Chen. Some stared at the five catties of Soil of Divine Blood in Jian Chen’s hand, while others stared at the Space Ring on his finger.

Since they could reach Chaotic Prime, none of them were foolish. They had considered a long time ago that who knew how many precious resources he had secretly extorted from the Darkstar race in the Darkstar World with his battle prowess on par with Chaotic Primes. Even if someone told them that all the precious resources from the entire Darkstar race was in Jian Chen’s possession, they would believe it firmly.

He was indeed capable of something like that with his strength.

As a result, no one believed that Jian Chen only possessed five catties of Soil of Divine Blood. He must have been hiding even more precious resources on him.

“Assemble the formation and seal this place. No one is permitted to leave…”

There were over a dozen Chaotic Primes who had taken action to rob Jian Chen, while the remaining Chaotic Primes all poured their strength together and cast down a formation or summoned their god artifacts and sealed up the space, preventing anyone from escaping.

The Heaven’s prestige great elder of the Heaven’s sect, Zhan Yun, took action too. His presence erupted. With his cultivation at the Seventh Heavenly Layer of Chaotic Prime, there were without a doubt only a handful of experts in Darkstar City as powerful as him. He swung both his hands and knocked away the two mid Chaotic Primes around him in an extremely brutal manner, rushing straight towards Jian Chen with lightning speed.

It all happened in a split second. After all, just how fast were Chaotic Primes? In just a single moment, over a dozen Chaotic Primes had already arrived before Jian Chen.

But at this moment, a folding fan silently appeared beside Jian Chen. As the folding fan was swung, over a dozen fan spines shot out, turning into over a dozen swords with a soul-stirringly powerful pressure and hurtling towards the Chaotic Primes that surrounded Jian Chen in a flash.

“It’s the Myriad Bone Guild’s number one assassin of the saint tier, Sheng Yi!”

The moment they saw the folding fan, many of the Chaotic Primes present immediately changed in expression. Information regarding Sheng Yi immediately filled their heads.

Sheng Yi was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Chaotic Prime, the strongest Chaotic Prime in the Myriad Bone Guild. He wielded a high quality god artifact and was extremely powerful. In the past, he had once achieved the most glorious result, which was successfully assassinating a First Heavenly Layer Grand Prime that had just broken through. He was a figure feared by many.

Pipipingu, Deceptioning.'s Notes:

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Written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao (心星逍遥). Translated by Pipipingu, Deceptioning..