RHE - Chapter 2323: Heaven's Offensive!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr


Wang Chong coldly snorted in reply.

A centipede would not fall over even when dead. Luo Supreme had destroyed his various formations, but not completely. The foundations of those formations remained. To outsiders, there was no difference, and they were completely useless. But for Wang Chong, who had studied the Formation Divine Treatise, these formations still had the ability to operate, though not at the same level as before.

Wang Chong had originally been unable to use these formation foundations as he wanted, but that was before he had obtained the control method for the Decalight Universal Dampening Formation from Luo Supreme.

While the Pantheon Pearl was powerful, Wang Chong would not permit it to get any stronger.

"Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!"

As he activated the formations, Wang Chong used the supreme technique that had allowed him to dominate the world.

Rumble! There was a flash of lightning, and then space was divided in two, half black and half white, one as bright as day and the other as dark as the deepest night. Moreover, at the point of intersection, they formed an S-shaped curve, clearly taking the form of a Yin Yang symbol.

After receiving and digesting Origin Supreme's memories from countless epochs, Wang Chong had further deepened his understanding of Yin and Yang.

It was the same Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, but this could now be considered the ultimate version.

It would be more appropriate to call it the 'Dao of Yin Yang'.

Rumble! As Wang Chong unleashed the Dao of Yin Yang, the dimension shuddered even more fiercely, and even more universal energy began to converge on Wang Chong.

After the breaking of the Decalight Universal Dampening Formation, Heaven had been able to take control of seventy percent of the energy released. But now, with the power of several hundred thousand formation foundations and the Dao of Yin Yang, Wang Chong was able to affect more than sixty percent of the energy, leaving only thirty percent for Heaven.

Let alone Luo Supreme, even Heaven was surprised and shaken by this development.

Wang Chong's cultivation was not as terrifying as Heaven's, and he could not use all sixty percent of the energy, but through this, Wang Chong was able to significantly weaken Heaven.

A moment later, Heaven's voice came out from that greenish-black mist, utterly devoid of emotion. "Hmph, a futile struggle. We would like to see how you stop this!

"Heaven and Earth reversed, the myriad gods emerge! Master of the gods, suppress all worlds for me!"

With a cold cry, Heaven finally unleashed the might of the Pantheon Pearl.


As Wang Chong and Luo Supreme looked on, a mighty and powerful voice began to drone through space.

This was the chanting of the gods.

With each syllable spoken by that ancient voice, several hundred greenish-black characters appeared around the Pantheon Pearl.

The number of characters increased at a dizzying speed, clearly assembling into a massive formation.


Once the number of characters reached tens of thousands, they underwent a qualitative transformation. With a roar that transcended space and time, an enormous god that was hundreds of thousands of feet tall emerged from the center of the formation, its face majestic and a long saber held in its hand.

The King of Gods!

This was the strongest ability of the Pantheon Pearl. The moment this god king appeared, a terrifying energy appeared in this dimension, stirring up the clouds and the vast sea of energy floating in this dimension.

Around the King of Gods, countless gods and devils emerged from the mist, all of them facing the god king and kneeling or prostrating. Even the dimension that Luo Supreme had created seemed to be yielding to this god king.


Though Wang Chong had yet to react to that enormous god king in the sky, Luo Supreme trembled, fear in his eyes.

Even the long-dead shell of Alpha Supreme slightly trembled with instinctive fear as if it wanted to flee from that terrifying god king.

"This is Heaven's special technique from tens of thousands of years ago and one of his strongest. This is one of the major reasons Heaven calls himself the only god since ancient times! Be careful!"

Luo Supreme's expression was stricken with fear.

Many people had no idea that the first people to regard Heaven as a god were not the ignorant mortals, but the twelve Supremes.

As the Epoch Children that had survived various epochs, the twelve Supremes were all outstandingly talented and proud people. When Heaven found them, they had initially been unwilling to bow to Heaven, but then Heaven revealed his absurd power.

No one knew Heaven's origin, only that when they first interacted with him, he was already extremely strong, even to Luo Supreme, who was one of the earliest to follow Heaven.

Each of Heaven's personal techniques could leave a deep, shocking impression, and it made all of them willing to follow Heaven.

Unlike Luo Supreme, even though he could feel the immense waves of pressure from that being in the sky, Wang Chong showed no fear. On the contrary, this only inflamed his will to fight.

"Hmph, what does that matter? In the end, he's a mortal like the rest of us. Even a weak civil official would dare to put their life on the line to bring down an Emperor, let alone martial artists like us who have reached the summit.

"Heaven, let me see how powerful you really are!"

Wang Chong's eyes turned cold as his body and those of his three Divine Embryos erupted with Stellar Energy.

Three Divine Embryos, three clones, meant that Wang Chong had four Daos of Yin Yang under his control!

Although Wang Chong couldn’t use that universal energy like Heaven, he could get close.

Moreover, Wang Chong had no intention of controlling it and taking it into his body to make it his own. He simply needed to consider this universal energy an extension of his Stellar Energy and toss it around.


One bolt of lightning after another exploded in the air, and the dimension seemed on the verge of cracking. At that moment, endless universal energy converged from all sides.


With a massive roar, a dragon of ice tens of thousands of feet long took form, its body as white as snow. Its horns, claws, scales, and whiskers were all realized in vivid detail.

Wang Chong's Divine Embryo 3 had finished its transformation first, taking this vast amount of energy and converting it into a giant ice dragon.


With another roar, a giant golden dragon emerged next to the white dragon.

Right after that, Wang Chong's original body and Divine Embryo 1 took the forms of a violet dragon and black dragon respectively.

These four dragons were terrifying to behold as they looked up at the descending King of Gods, the desire to fight burning in their eyes.


A split-second after those four enormous dragons appeared, they fearlessly charged at the King of Gods.

That decisive action left Luo Supreme stunned.

"This kid!"

As Luo Supreme watched Wang Chong charge, he had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

In his eons of existence, very few people had dared to resist or betray Heaven. There were even fewer people like Wang Chong who, despite knowing of Heaven's power, of the vast chasm dividing them, would still be so itching for a fight.

He knew that Heaven was powerful, yet there was not a shred of fear. On the contrary, he charged straight at Heaven as if he was the one with all the initiative in this battle.

Luo Supreme had never seen such fearlessness and force of will before.

A twenty-some-year-old kid has such daring, while I have lived tens of thousands of years. Have I actually been regressing as I grow older, that I cannot compare to a child?

Luo Supreme mocked himself and quickly calmed down. Seemingly affected by Wang Chong, he began to radiate a powerful fighting intent.


Luo Supreme took control of Alpha Supreme, and the two of them joined Wang Chong in charging at the giant god king.

"Chaos Storm!"

"Beginning of Light and Shadow!"

Luo Supreme and Alpha Supreme used their strongest attacks.

They put even more power into their attacks this time, the Chaos Storm and nebula even larger and infused with even more universal energy.

This was an all-out method where one unleashed all their potential. Luo Supreme couldn't keep up this state for long, but he couldn't worry about such things.

Once Heaven used the King of Gods, there was no going back for them.

At the moment he took out the Pantheon Pearl, Heaven had used this powerful ritual tool to place a seal over this place, so even if they wanted to run, it was impossible.


In the sky, the divinely armored King of Gods clenched one hand into a fist and punched.

That enormous fist tore through space, leaving black fissures several dozen feet wide and nearly one thousand feet long.

Those black fissures were like the abyss, devouring everything in their surroundings.

These were the most dangerous spacetime fissures. The King of Gods could create such fissures simply by moving around, and to be struck by one of its attacks did not bear imagining.

Purely in terms of strength, the King of Gods had surpassed the peak of the Grotto Heaven realm and reached an even higher and more grandiose realm. Though it was still not at the Divine Martial realm, it was not something that Luo Supreme or Wang Chong could stand against.

Even so, Wang Chong and Luo Supreme did not give an inch.

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Written by Huangfu Qi 皇甫奇. Translated by Hypersheep325, Starve. Edited by Michyrr, Desertdoe, Welmar, RED.