RHE - Chapter 2226: Battling Again in the Cold Wave!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Was it as those men in black always said, that all empires and dynasties were merely ants in their eyes?

Genesis Supreme, the Divine Works Elder, and their comrades had far too many disconcerting secrets.

The Divine Works Elder continued to speak.

"That boy truly does have some ability. This is the first time I've ever seen Venerable Genesis Supreme with such a headache. However, he has also succeeded in stimulating Venerable Genesis Supreme's rage. The battle will be starting soon, yes? Relax. Everything has been prepared and readied. Soon, the entire steel fortress will collapse. This war will not be as difficult and complicated as you think!"

The Divine Works Elder smiled.

An Lushan wanted to ask more, but at this time, urgent footsteps came from outside.

"Reporting!" A Youzhou soldier rushed inside and got down on one knee. "Master, Venerable Genesis Supreme has ordered for the city to be attacked tomorrow and requests your presence!"


The messenger's words made everyone tremble in shock and look over in unison.

"The battle is finally beginning!"

"So fast!"

The group quickly departed.


War drums began to thunder. After a pause of ten-some days, the clouds of war were once more gathering over Youzhou, and the atmosphere in the northeast once more turned tense.

A day quickly went by.


In the snowstorm, a snow eagle sharply screeched as it turned away from Youzhou and toward the steel fortress to the south.

"It's finally starting!"

On the northern wall of the steel fortress, Wang Chong stood with his hands behind his back, his black hair dancing in the wind.

"Pass on my order! All soldiers, stand by and prepare for battle!"

Amidst howling winds, the cold wave surged over the steel fortress and into the distance. At that moment, while Wang Chong stood motionless on the wall, his mind was in turmoil.

The last battle had finally come!

Ever since his reincarnation, Wang Chong had been constantly participating in various wars, but this war was somewhat different from all the others.

An Lushan, it is about time things between us ended, Wang Chong silently remarked. His eyes seemed to pierce through the snowstorm to the alliance camp on the other side.

For a long time, his and An Lushan's fates had been intertwined as if decided by destiny.

One wanted to destroy the Great Tang!

The other wanted to protect it!

Between the two of them, only one was ever bound to survive.

The battle had been on pause for so long that Wang Chong was confident that the alliance assault would be completely different this time.

Wang Chong sensed that the battle would not be so protracted this time. Between the two of them, between the Great Tang and the alliance, things would be totally brought to an end.

I hope that you won't disappoint me!

Wang Chong slowly raised his eyes to the skies.

The Celestial God Organization… Genesis Supreme… An Lushan… the Yeluohe… the otherworldly invaders… Countless thoughts passed through Wang Chong's mind.

In his last life, Wang Chong and everyone else knew that An Lushan had summoned the otherworldly invaders, but nobody knew how he had summoned them, why he could summon them, or what the otherworldly invaders were. Even at the time of the apocalypse, nobody knew about these things.

But now that he had been reborn, Wang Chong suddenly had a feeling.

In his last life, although he had been made the Supreme Marshal in the apocalypse and led the remaining soldiers of the Great Tang in campaigns across the realm, he had been so busy fighting that there had been many things that he had not been clear about.

Perhaps it was better to say that he didn't have the leisure to understand these things, as he had far too many things to be concerned about.

He had been like a boat on the ocean that was full of leaks. There were far too many holes to patch, but repairing any hole was essentially useless.

But in this life, things were different.

When a stone dropped into water and stirred countless ripples, it would also stir up the truth lurking beneath the surface.

For the first time, Wang Chong felt like he was getting close to the core secrets from his last life. He was verging on an explanation for the truth of the calamity that was completely different from what it was in his last life.

His actions in this life had caused some things to slowly emerge from the waters.

This was particularly true with the Yeluohe, these things that should have never appeared.

Though they were incomplete, Wang Chong sensed that the Yeluohe were even stronger than the complete otherworldly invaders in some aspects.

At the very least, these Yeluohe did not have some of the flaws and weaknesses the otherworldly invaders had possessed in his last life.

In addition, these Yeluohe had clearly been constructed through use of particular 'otherworldly invaders', and not ordinary 'otherworldly invaders'.

Wang Chong had a keen understanding of otherworldly invaders, and he could tell that they were actually divided into different levels.

These Yeluohe were clearly constructed from higher-level 'otherworldly invaders'.

What was the Celestial God Organization?

How had they been able to obtain these otherworldly invaders?

Why did they not use real otherworldly invaders? Did they really create these Yeluohe to help An Lushan? What was the truth?

Wang Chong had far too many questions.

Regardless, the Celestial God Organization had an inextricable connection with the apocalyptic calamity.

In this life, he had to find an answer and make the people guiding these events from behind the curtain pay a price.


A cold gust of wind blew past as Wang Chong turned around and slowly disappeared into the snowstorm.

With the clouds of war stirring, both the steel fortress and the alliance camp became much quieter. Even the number of scouts had decreased. But the tension continued to rise.

On the wall, Xu Keyi, standing next to Zhang Que, suddenly turned his head and asked, "How is it? Any signs of movement?" His voice was tinged with unease and concern.

Upon hearing Xu Keyi's question, Chen Burang and Sun Zhiming also turned to look.

Youzhou was preparing to attack, and from a distance, they could hear the pounding of drums carried by the wind.

They had believed that the alliance would start moving at around daybreak, but it was now noon, and there was still no sign of movement from Youzhou.

This was far too strange.

"None. I've checked several times, but the alliance has shown no sign of movement. However, it's true that they are preparing for battle," Zhang Que said, his brow creasing in confusion.

The battles the Great Tang had fought before had been extremely protracted, fought from daybreak until nightfall. No one would intentionally delay, because both sides in this battle were anxious to go on the offensive.

All of them wanted to defeat their foe as quickly as possible and obtain victory.

Yet though the alliance had blown the horns and pounded the drums, all signs showing that they were preparing to attack, they still had not moved. This was incredibly suspicious.

"What has His Highness said?" Sun Zhiming asked.

"Wait! There's nothing else to do but wait! We aren't Youzhou soldiers, who can resist the cold and wind with the power of the Yeluohe. The formation only covers the steel fortress. If we go out to fight, our strength will plunge!" Zhang Que sternly said.

Zhang Que had been constantly serving at Wang Chong's side. More than a year ago, when the Little Ice Age had descended, Zhang Que had participated in the Battle of Talas.

Zhang Que remembered the gruesomeness of that battle like it had happened yesterday.

The Arabian Empire had commanded so many men, but the vast majority had not been killed by the Great Tang. They had been frozen to death in the blizzard.

Once the blizzard had stopped and Zhang Que had emerged to take a look, he saw that many people had been frozen into statues along with their horses.

With this past example, he knew that leaving the fortress at this point to fight would be extremely unwise.

"What sort of trick is this An Lushan trying to play?"

All of them frowned, the same thought emerging in their minds.

Finally, as night was about to fall, there was some movement.


A sharp screech came from above, and a large bird plunged out of the snowstorm like a sharp sword and landed on Zhang Que's shoulder.

At this moment, Zhang Que instantly paled.

"Someone, report to His Highness at once! Enemy attack!"


A few seconds later, the pounding of war drums broke through the storm.

At the same time, the thundering of hooves and neighing of horses grew louder and louder, closer and closer.

An Lushan and the alliance army had finally begun their assault!


A horn blared out from the fortress, and the fortress swiftly entered a battle-ready state. Countless soldiers filed out of their barracks and up to the walls.

Gears began to creak and turn.

Five minutes later, the fortress fell silent, its conversion to a war machine complete.

Everyone watched as Wang Chong, Wang Zhongsi, Zhangchou Jianqiong, and Abusi mounted the walls.

On the other side of the battlefield, within the snowstorm, was a completely different scene.



"All of you, get in there!"

In the snowstorm, the pounding of hooves and neighing of horses mixed together with harsh orders and the cracking of whips. In the snow, one could see Eastern Turkic cavalry, Khitan cavalry, Xi cavalry, Goguryeon soldiers, and Youzhou soldiers marching toward the steel fortress.

If one were able to look down from the sky, one could see that the Yeluohe were scattered throughout the army, gray-white halos beneath their feet.

Centered on these Yeluohe were significantly dimmer gray-white halos that spread to the rest of the army.

Hypersheep325, Starve's Notes:

The alliance army is moving out, the power of the Yeluohe protecting them from the cold!

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