RHE - Chapter 2227: The Final Declaration of War!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

The gray-white halos greatly boosted the ability of the army to resist the extreme cold.

Moreover, as the army set out, they carried with them round or square copper pearls or cauldrons.

These were special ritual tools that Genesis Supreme had brought along, their surfaces covered with mysterious inscriptions. Crimson light like lava spewed out from the depths of these ritual tools, rising more than three hundred feet into the air.

Invisible energy rippled out from these ritual tools. Within several hundred feet, the snowstorm could not get close. These ritual tools were systematically distributed throughout the army, together creating a mobile formation that covered the entire alliance army and minimized the effects of the snowstorm on it.


"When the battle begins, I want everyone to charge in there! The steel fortress has a large amount of roast pig, roast lamb, beef, chicken… You can eat as much as you want!

"Once we kill the Tang, all of it will be ours!"

An Eastern Turkic general cracked his whip to keep the army advancing as he looked at the fortress and savagely shouted.

"A roast pig with a crispy outside and tender inside, the yellow fat dripping to the ground and sizzling, sprinkled with cumin and salt… Have you eaten this before?

"None of you have eaten it, but I have! I don't want to eat those rock-like rations anymore. Get out there and kill all the Tang, and all of it will be yours!"

The Eastern Turkic general's words had everyone's stomachs grumbling and their fingers twitching.

The news of the feasts the Tang had been holding over the last few days was known throughout the entire army. For the alliance army, which had been living a savage life, that food within the fortress held an irresistible allure.

Not even jewels and gold held as much temptation.

An Eastern Turkic soldier swallowed his saliva and roared, "General, just tell us what to do and who to kill! We'll follow your orders! His Majesty just needs to promise that he'll hold us a feast just like the Tang did once we win!"

The Eastern Turkic general raised his whip and heartily laughed. "Haha, so little imagination! The Tang's main army is here. If we kill all of them, all of the Great Tang will be ours. Roast pig, roast lamb, gold and women—it's all yours for the taking!"

"Many thanks, General!"

The Eastern Turkic general's words energized all the surrounding soldiers.

Similar situations happened amongst the Khitans, Xi, Goguryeons, and Youzhou soldiers.

Farther in the rear, An Lushan and Gao Shang were satisfied to see this.

They still keenly recalled the feasts the Tang had held over the last few days.

Everyone knew what Wang Chong's goal had been.

He was flaunting his power in front of the alliance, mocking the alliance for being all bark and no bite, for their miserable defeat in the last battle and their failure to even overcome the walls. He was both beating down the alliance army's morale and raising the Tang army's morale.

Two birds with one stone!

This matter truly had stirred chaos in the alliance ranks, but An Lushan and Gao Shang had speedily reacted and used the matter to stir the fighting will of their soldiers.

If they won in battle, all of the wine and meat the Tang had enjoyed would be used to hold a multi-day feast to celebrate their victory.

If Wang Chong wanted to use this low-class method to disrupt the alliance army, then he was dreaming.


In the center of the army, hundreds of specially selected elites wielding cudgels pounded on the drums atop rows of war carts, the thunderous booming guiding the army through the snowstorm.

An Lushan rode out, and riding with him were Ozmish Khagan, Yeon Gaesomun, the Khitan King, and the Xi Queen.

"Everyone, victory or defeat will be decided in this battle!" An Lushan said, his face determined. "In this battle, we will utterly defeat the Great Tang!"

"Haha, with Venerable Genesis Supreme here, we will definitely defeat the Great Tang. Lord Protector-General, be at ease. Once we win this battle, we will definitely recommend Lord Protector-General to be made the new Tang Emperor!" the Khitan King loudly proclaimed.

"Hehe, Brother Wanyan, you can't call him the Tang Emperor. Protector-General An will be learning from past dynasties and setting up a new dynasty!" Ozmish Khagan corrected, smiling.

"Oh, that was my mistake."

The Khitan King slapped himself on the head.

Everyone couldn't help but laugh at this.

"Your Majesties, thank you for the praise, but it is still too early to speak about such things. Our first priority is to take that fortress as soon as possible."

An Lushan smiled, his expression unperturbed.

"Heh, the only thing the Tang can rely on is their walls. Venerable Genesis Supreme has already promised that he will deal with the walls. Once the walls are brought down and they are deprived of the protection of their formation, our soldiers will strike together with your Yeluohe. Do you really think this won't be enough to defeat the Tang?" Goguryeo Emperor Yeon Gaesomun said in his deep and savage voice, faintly smiling.

Everyone smiled in understanding. They were so relaxed and confident primarily because of Genesis Supreme's promise.

There was no one in the world that could beat the King of Foreign Lands when it came to using steel in warfare. Whether it was erecting a steel defense line on an open plain or building a fortress in the space of one night, turning a melee into a siege, Wang Chong's methods were truly worth praising. But without these things, the Great Tang's fighting power would drop an entire level.

The moment the walls fell, the Tang would be defeated.


A messenger with a flag on his back swiftly rode over.

"Master, the front has sent word that they will soon arrive at the steel fortress."


Everyone trembled in shock and came to their senses.

"Come on! Let's go and see the Great Tang's King of Foreign Lands!"

An Lushan's eyes flashed with cold light as he swiftly advanced.

Atop the walls of the fortress, Wang Chong stood like a spear thrust into the ground.

His imposing figure had long ago become the backbone of the entire army.

Wang Chong's sharp gaze pierced through the howling winds, and his Psychic Energy rippled outward, keeping constant surveillance on the movement in front of him.

"It's here!" Wang Chong suddenly declared, his brow twitching.

As if in response to Wang Chong's voice, thumping hooves came out of the storm. Two to three thousand figures emerged out of the blizzard, but in the blink of an eye, it became an army of hundreds of thousands.

The atmosphere instantly tensed.

The battle had finally begun. But at this time, Wang Chong was focused on a certain point in the north, not on the alliance soldiers before him.

Whoosh! The ranks of the alliance army suddenly parted, and a familiar and rotund figure soon appeared, accompanied by several figures that radiated storms of energy.

Though the snow kept him from seeing the man's face, Wang Chong instantly recognized who this was.

An Lushan!

This was the only person in the world that Wang Chong could recognize purely by seeing the shape of his body.

"Wang Chong, are you ready? Today will be the day of your death!"

An Lushan's booming voice was carried by the wind into the fortress.

Though he was doing his best to restrain it, when An Lushan saw Wang Chong, he couldn't help but unleash some of his immense hatred and killing intent.

He had only met Wang Chong a few times, but the two of them had a grudge as deep as the ocean between them. Wang Chong was the person he wanted to kill the most.

"Foolish clown, with this king here, you will never succeed at anything!" Wang Chong coldly said from atop the walls.


An Lushan's face instantly turned bright red, seemingly enraged by Wang Chong's words.

Wang Chong had not explicitly cursed him in any way, but the casual tone and deep contempt in his voice had been the best provocation.

Several years ago, when Wang Chong had pursued him through the capital, he had carried the same contempt in his eyes. But even though An Lushan was now the Protector-General of Youzhou with an army of millions and the powerful Yeluohe on his side, Wang Chong still looked at him with such contempt.

Wang Chong, the day I take your head and rip your body to shreds is not far off, An Lushan savagely declared to himself.

But An Lushan did not say such things in front of the other sovereigns.

"The mighty War Saint still plans to run and hide? Wang Chong, if you're really so formidable, come out of your fortress and fight a decisive battle with my alliance!" An Lushan sternly said.

"War is the art of deception. If both sides simply threw aside their defenses and engaged in a direct clash, what would be the point of strategy? The point of generals? An Lushan, I didn't think that you would still be so naive after becoming Protector-General," Wang Chong indifferently said.

These words had An Lushan fuming from every pore. Wang Chong was clearly mocking his lack of understanding in the art of war.

Hypersheep325, Starve's Notes:

As usual, Wang Chong and An Lushan trading barbed words. Get fighting already!

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