IMDC - Chapter 2266 (Raw 2372): Idle Clouds Change to Wild Cranes; the Lush Mountains and Green Water Question the Heart


The sound of the Divine Lightning lingered in the ears. The explosive power of the Divine Lightning Talisman when ignited by his 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor Soul Energy surpassed Xiao Chen’s expectations.

He even had some difficulty controlling it. Just the sound waves already shook the small world.

“Cracks! The small world is showing some weakness!”

The Heavenly Book Scholar looked up and saw cracks flickering with electric light in the sky.

His eyes lit up with joy.

As long as this small world broke, all the danger could be resolved.

At that time, no matter how strong this Sikong Shu was, he would not dare to linger lest the city’s guards captured him.

The straw-raincoat-clad man on the Snow Python was slightly shocked at the might and pressure Xiao Chen gave off.

Even more surprising for the straw-raincoat-clad man was that Xiao Chen had guessed that there were others in this place.

“Even at your deathbed, you dare to be so arrogant. Xiao Chen, you really are reckless!”


As the thunder roared, the lake water parted. Then, a silver-haired old man holding a white treasure pearl came out of the water like a dragon emerging from the sea. When he leaped out of the water, he coldly eyed Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen could clearly sense Dragon Might in the silver-haired old man’s aura.

Anyone familiar with the Dragon Race could tell that this was an expert of the Silver Dragon bloodline, one of the Six Colored Divine Dragons.

A strange look flashed in the Heavenly Book Scholar’s eyes. Then, he whispered to the Ninth Prince, “This person is the Silver Dragon Palace’s Palace Master, the Clan Head of the Silver Dragon bloodline. He is conferred king in the Divine Dragon Empire as the Silver Dragon King.”

“What?!” Surprise flashed in Wang Yan’s eyes.

The Silver Dragon King, the leader of a bloodline in the Divine Dragon Empire. To think that such a person ignored his status and came to the imperial capital Yan City to assassinate Xiao Chen.

What kind of trouble had Xiao Chen caused in the Divine Dragon Empire?

Xiao Chen looked at the silver-haired old man, and his gaze turned cold. Then, he asked, “Since when did the Silver Dragon Palace become the lackey of the Golden Dragons?”

The silver-haired old man scolded coldly, “What a sharp tongue! If you are wise, you will come back to the Divine Dragon Empire with this king, meet the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor, and plead guilty to your crimes. Otherwise, you will be resisting orders. Don’t blame me for being merciless in that case.”

When this silver-haired old man saw that the straw-raincoat-clad man’s fishing line had already wound around Xiao Chen, he took Xiao Chen as meat on the chopping board, just waiting for someone to chop him up, so he did not give Xiao Chen any face.

Xiao Chen guffawed, “What resisting orders?! Old fool, listen up. Right now, I am a Rank 6 envoy inspector of the Heavenly Alliance. I have no reason to heed the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor’s commands.”

“It looks like you intend to resist to the end. That is fine as well. I don’t have to waste time arguing with you.”

These two came to assassinate Xiao Chen in the first place. They did not intend to reason with him.

Since Xiao Chen refused to obey, the Silver Dragon King immediately showed a murderous intent.


The Ninth Prince said with a sullen expression, “Of the two of you, one is the White Marsh Beast Empire’s royal teacher, and the other is the Divine Dragon Empire’s Silver Dragon King. You both hold noble statuses, but this is the Yanwu Dynasty. To think that you completely look down on this prince, killing all my secret guards!”

The straw-raincoat-clad man said calmly, “We were only defending ourselves. The Ninth Prince’s secret guards discovered us and wanted to attack us. We were left without a choice. I believe that the imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs will understand. If we offended the Ninth Prince, we will personally go and apologize to the Yan Emperor.”

The moment the straw-raincoat-clad man said that, Wang Yan’s face turned green from anger. Even if his royal father did not favor him, he was still a prince. To think that these two people did not give him any face. They only said that they would apologize to the Yan Emperor, planning to just ignore him.

“We are under orders to capture a Dragon Race fugitive. I believe that the Ninth Prince will not protect him. Otherwise, if we accidentally injured Your Highness…” 

The Silver Dragon King laughed coldly. His words conveyed utter disregard for the Ninth Prince.

To him, the Ninth Prince was just a child of the younger generation. The Ninth Prince was not qualified to speak to him on equal terms.

Furthermore, the two came prepared and knew the Ninth Prince well.

The person backing them even wanted to teach the Ninth Prince a lesson, to make the Ninth Prince suffer.

Hence, the two did not feel any fear at all.

“Well, I, Wang Yan, am interfering in this matter today. If you have the guts, then kill me!”

Wang Yan was incensed. His ten fingers continuously changed positions, quickly forming hand seals.

Instantly, Wang Yan’s ten fingers flickered with light, causing space to tremble. An image of the Yan Imperial Sword appeared before him. This Yan Imperial Sword was different from the one that Xiao Chen saw before.

Aside from containing the strong might of the dynasty, this sword image also contained an incredibly horrifying killing Qi.

According to rumor, the Royal Clan disciples could summon the sword image of the Yan Imperial Sword.

Then, they could use the sword image to forge a personal treasure. In the future, if they became the Yan Emperor, they could merge the Yan Imperial Sword with their personal treasure, placing their mark on the Yan Imperial Sword.

Xiao Chen felt somewhat surprised. Unexpectedly, the Ninth Prince was willing to take out his personal treasure to help Xiao Chen in his anger.

If this treasure suffered any damage, not only would the Ninth Prince sustain harm, but so would the dynasty’s Luck.

Sikong Shu, cracks already appeared in this small world. We cannot delay any longer. The Silver Dragon King sent a voice projection as he frowned slightly.

This small world was not due to a tenth-layer Water Dao Domain but the combination of the Water Dao Domain and the treasure pearl in the Silver Dragon King’s hand.

Once some flaws appeared, the small world would be hard to mend.

I understand. I’ll delay the Ninth Prince; you work on killing Xiao Chen. He is a fugitive of your Dragon Race. I am just an outsider, so it is not appropriate for me to deal the killing blow, the straw-raincoat-clad man replied indifferently.

The Silver Dragon King cursed in his heart. This Sikong Shu has not been very helpful. He just waited for me to appear and kill Xiao Chen.

That does not matter. All this is not important. The most important thing is Xiao Chen dying today!

“Ka ca!”

Just as the straw-raincoat-clad man was about to make a move to restrain the Ninth Prince, Xiao Chen quickly drew the Tyrant Saber.

Then, he immediately cut the fishing line binding him and quickly shook free of it.

“Pu ci!”

Blood leaked out of Sikong Shu’s mouth. Startled, he exclaimed, “My fishing line…” 

The seemingly unremarkable fishing line was actually incredibly sharp. A Small Perfection Sovereign Emperor could not resist it at all. Even a Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor could forget about struggling free.

Even Soul Tools could not break the fishing line.

Sikong Shu had searched for divine materials all over the world and used his own soul and blood to refine the fishing line for centuries.

However, Xiao Chen cut the fishing line with his saber.

More importantly, Xiao Chen’s saber was not a Soul Tool.

“That is impossible. Even a Medial Grade Soul Tool cannot break my fishing line.”

Disbelief flashed in the straw-raincoat-clad man’s eyes. He could not accept this at all.

In reality, it was as the straw-raincoat-clad man said. Even the Tyrant Saber would have difficulty cutting this fishing line in Xiao Chen’s hand. However, he had used his Soul Energy to ignite the Divine Lightning Talisman in his Soul Pool. Since then, he had been jolting the fishing line with the power of the Divine Lightning.

The Ninth Prince had bought Xiao Chen a lot of time. When Xiao Chen drew the Tyrant Saber, the Divine Lightning had already significantly weakened the fishing line.

Hence, the Tyrant Saber could easily cut it.

“I can’t be bothered with so much anymore.” Seeing Sikong Shu staring vacantly, the Silver Dragon King snorted coldly and charged over alone.

The Silver Dragon King held the treasure pearl in his left hand and formed a knife-hand with his right, hacking down on Xiao Chen.


Before the Silver Dragon King arrived, his Dragon Might and terrifying cultivation already caused Xiao Chen’s Qi and blood to surge, tearing his internal organs.


At the critical moment, Wang Yan held up the scarlet Yan Imperial Sword and shielded Xiao Chen.

A saber and a sword swung at the same time.

While the two managed to block the Silver Dragon King’s startling strike, the attack still knocked the two back, causing them to vomit a large mouthful of blood.

The difference in cultivation was too great. The Silver Dragon King was a 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor, just half a step away from becoming a Peak Sovereign Emperor.

Furthermore, as the Silver Dragon King, his accumulations and the resources available to him far surpassed an ordinary Sovereign Emperor’s.

With just one hand, the Silver Dragon King easily knocked Xiao Chen and Wang Yan back at the same time.

“You overrate yourselves!”

The Silver Dragon King showed a slightly unsightly expression. He actually failed to inflict much damage on two juniors with one strike.

Although the Silver Dragon King knocked Xiao Chen and Wang Yan back, the two could still fight.

He is too strong.

Xiao Chen and Wang Yan thought the same thing. The Silver Dragon King felt boundlessly strong, not something a regular 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor could compare to.

However, the Silver Dragon King had to maintain the small world and could not fight at full power. This gave the two plenty of opportunities.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The Silver Dragon King fought with one hand against the two. He showed great might and power but could not severely injure Xiao Chen and Wang Yan. After ten-odd moves, he even felt somewhat weak.

However, the Silver Dragon King could not put down his pride and ask Sikong Shu for help. He felt exceptionally frustrated.

“Silver Dragon King, you are only so-so. You are far from comparable to the White Dragon King. You are not even comparable to the three Palace Masters of my Heavenly Dragon Palace. Your reputation is undeserved,” Xiao Chen mocked the Silver Dragon King, trying to agitate him into abandoning the small world. 

As long as the Silver Dragon King released the small world, it would immediately startle the entire imperial capital. Then, the two would truly survive this calamity.

“Ninth Prince, you keep obstructing me over and over again. However, this king could not bear to injure you. Since you want to force me to do this, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

The Silver Dragon King felt utterly enraged, but he ignored Xiao Chen.

“Just take care of yourself.”

Just as the Silver Dragon King prepared to attack without holding anything back, a voice suddenly came from the treasure pearl in his hand.

“Who is it?”

The Silver Dragon King immediately revealed a shocked expression. “Crack!” The treasure pearl shattered.

“What is a Fiend? Idle clouds change to wild cranes; the lush mountains and green water question the heart!”

A resplendent Fiendish saber light replied to the Silver Dragon King. Then, a figure appeared from the saber light when the small world completely crumbled.

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