RHE - Chapter 2136: Powerful Allies!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

The army Ishbara Khagan had summoned tightly surrounded the area. He had clearly planned this entire operation out and was doing this to ensure that no news leaked out.

He did not want the war with the Great Tang to break out before the major war of the northeast.

Lu Ting and Wang Chong had a rather deep relationship. This was another important factor in keeping a tight lid on the news.


A few moments later, several Wolfguards had tied up Barshad.

"Imperial Father!"

Barshad stared at Ishbara Khagan. His father had truly set his mind to it!

Before this, he had clung to some hope that there was still some space to negotiate, that his father could let him go. But for the welfare of the Western Turks and for the sake of his own ambition, his father was determined to sacrifice him.

At this moment, the father that had always loved and cherished him was truly dead!

No, perhaps it was better to say that he had only ever cherished the deceased Khatun!

Barshad dropped his head.

"Ishbara, you dare!" Lu Ting cried out.

"Kill them!" Ishbara Khagan callously ordered.

But a moment later…


Screams broke out as a bolt of energy erupted, blasting away the Wolfguards and nearby generals.

Two figures appeared next to Lu Ting, respectively black and white, both brimming with energy.

At the same time, two spurts of blood flashed at Barshad's side, as the two Wolfguards beside him were instantly beheaded and sent falling backward.

"Such impudence! You dare!"

A furious roar almost shook the tent into pieces, and even the vast body of Mount Sanmi trembled. Ishbara Khagan's beard trembled as his eyes stared in a certain direction. However, these words were not targeted at Lu Ting, but at the man behind Barshad, Duwu Sili.

Just a moment ago, Duwu Sili had taken up his saber and killed the two Wolfguards who had seized Barshad.

"Duwu Sili, such audacity!"

With a thunderous bellow, Wunu Shibi took out his saber and angrily stared at Duwu Sili.

The Khagan had a supreme status in the eyes of the Western Turks. Duwu Sili's actions were no different from rebellion.

"Imperial Father, have you truly become so heartless? For your dream of the Great Turkic Khaganate, you would sacrifice me without hesitation? Are you truly so sure that An Yaluoshan's alliance can smoothly conquer the Great Tang to live through this cold wave?" Barshad slowly raised his head, revealing his eyes that were red with grief.

"Treasonous son, what are you thinking? Are you making an enemy of Us?"

Ishbara Khagan narrowed his eyes, his voice cold.

Even now, he had not relinquished his resolve to sacrifice Barshad.

"Imperial Father, you wish to kill your lowly son. Your lowly son has no other choice!" Barshad declared, his expression turning much harsher.

Ishbara Khagan's eyes widened in ill foreboding.

Before he could react, Barshad suddenly waved a sleeve. Phweee! A sharp whistle pierced through the snowstorm.


After what seemed like both a second and like many epochs, a heaven-shaking rumble came from all sides, even louder than the stir created by Ishbara Khagan's forces. At this moment, a large number of soldiers was encircling Mount Sanmi.

"Barshad, you dare!"

Irbis Shiyun was both shocked and infuriated. He gnashed his teeth and stared at Barshad, his face twisted into ugliness.

He truly had been the architect behind today's events, but it had already gone completely beyond his control. But even more surprising to him was that the timid Fourth Prince would be so unfathomably shrewd and scheming.

He had hidden soldiers nearby long ago!

And judging by the current situation, there was a high chance that he had been colluding with the Great Tang for some time.

"Wunu Shibi, kill him!"

Irbis Shiyun pointed at Barshad, his face ashen.

On the other side, Barshad completely ignored him.

"Demonic Emperor, Village Chief, I must trouble the two of you!"

Barshad bowed and swiftly backed away.

The ones guarding Lu Ting were none other than the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief.

In all matters, preparedness led to success and unpreparedness led to ruin. For such an important matter as the Western Turks, Wang Chong naturally couldn't send Lu Ting alone to handle things. He had also asked his teacher and the Wushang Village Chief to go with him.


Without another word, not even giving a chance to Wunu Shibi, the Demonic Emperor Old Man raised his hand and unleashed a vast wave of energy at this Western Turkic general.

This energy was so frightening that even Ishbara Khagan and Wunu Shibi were alarmed.

"Seeking your own death!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man coldly looked down on the Western Turks like they were ants.

If Barshad had not requested it, he and the Wushang Village Chief never would have waited so long. Alas, in the end, Ishbara Khagan and the Western Turkic Khaganate had chosen to side with An Yaluoshan and his alliance.

"Brother Zhou, I'll protect Academic Lu and the Fourth Prince. You go and take care of them!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man coldly said.

No matter how powerful one's martial arts were, there was still an eventual limit. There were millions of people in the Western Turkic Khaganate, and it wasn't like he could kill them all. In the end, they required Barshad to preside over the situation and reign over the khaganate. However, with his Subtle realm cultivation, the Wushang Village Chief was more than enough to deal with Ishbara Khagan and Wunu Shibi.


The Wushang Village Chief's face was blank as he listened to the Demonic Emperor Old Man's words, and a moment later, he lunged at the group.

Boom! His white cane thumped against the ground, instantly unleashing a shockwave of energy! "Aaah!" Countless people in the tent screamed as they were sent flying. The Wolfguards suffered particularly tragic losses, instantly losing half their number.

Even Ishbara Khagan was thrown back more than a hundred feet by that astonishing energy.

At this moment, someone heartily laughed.

"Haha! As expected! Our master guessed at what your Great Tang might do! Divine Lords, come out!"

The moment the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief had appeared in the tent, the Youzhou emissaries had immediately sensed something wrong and begun to retreat from the tent.

But the Youzhou commander was not worried upon seeing the Wushang Village Chief suppressing all comers. With a strange light in his eyes, he extended a finger. A moment later, energy gushed out, and a figure in a black robe appeared like a ghost and blocked the Wushang Village Chief's attack with a single palm.

At the same time, another figure emerged with shocking speed. A split-second after the Youzhou commander had spoken, he was already flying at the Demonic Emperor Old Man, Lu Ting, and Barshad.


Two palms instantly clashed in a massive explosion that ripped through Mount Sanmi and ravaged it with shockwaves of energy.


The people in the tent were already heavily injured, and this shockwave sent them flying like they were blades of grass.

Boom! The man in black who had attacked the Demonic Emperor Old Man trembled and was thrown back by the immense force, but he reacted quickly, flipping backward through the air and creating distance between him and the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

"It's you lot again!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man sharply stared, not one bit shaken. He waved his palm, enclosing Barshad in a barrier of energy while he turned to face the man in black.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's expression had turned extremely grave.

These two figures belonged to none other than the men in black they had been fighting against and investigating this entire time, and they were clearly high-class experts of the organization.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's cultivation had reached the peak of the Subtle realm long ago, infinitesimally close to the Grotto Heaven realm. But his foe had managed to take his palm head-on and had not suffered any serious wounds. This was truly surprising.

These people clearly weren't ordinary Divine Lords.

"Hahaha, interesting! It has been a very long time since anyone was able to take this lord's palm!

"An opponent has to be this strong to make killing him a little fun!"

The man in black floated in the air, his voice tinged with madness and bloodlust.

His body radiated powerful energy, but what stood out the most was the illusory abyss behind him, and within was a seething black ocean.

Nearby, another man in black floated in the air, but behind him was a dark, starry sky that was streaked by countless comets and meteors.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man felt an extremely strange sensation from both of these figures. They were clearly different from other experts of the Celestial God Organization!

The Demonic Emperor Old Man narrowed his eyes and coldly said, "Just who are you all?"

The Wushang Village Chief came over, solemnly standing shoulder to shoulder with the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

It seemed that the Youzhou group had also come ready for this face-off in the lands of the Western Turks. In that exchange just now, he had also not been able to gain any advantage.

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