RHE - Chapter 2138: Wunu Shibi Battles Duwu Sili!

Translated by: Hypersheep325
Edited by: Michyrr

Wunu Shibi was somewhat apprehensive of Duwu Sili, as they were both Great Generals. But during the Battle of Talas, Duwu Sili had fallen for Wang Chong's trap and fallen prey to a cultivation defect while cultivating 'formation phenomena'. His strength had plunged, and in Wunu Shibi's eyes, he was no different from a cripple.

He was a Great General in name only.

But a moment later—


In a cold flash of light, a howling wave of Stellar Energy exploded outward and blocked Wunu Shibi's strike.

"Duwu Sili?! How?"

Wunu Shibi was forced back two steps, staring in shock at Duwu Sili, who was brimming with strength and didn't seem to be suffering from a cultivation defect at all.

All of the Western Turks knew that Duwu Sili had been deceived by Wang Chong, and the matter had been confirmed by Ishbara Khagan himself. But from his performance just now, Duwu Sili didn't seem injured at all.

"Wunu Shibi, you're too arrogant. It was not for no reason that the Fourth Prince joined the Great Tang. You are destined to fail today."

Duwu Sili calmly shook his head, his face and aura having utterly transformed.


Wunu Shibi's expression chilled. He had wanted to ask how Duwu Sili had recovered his energy, but after hearing those last words, his heart was dominated by thick killing intent.

"Even at your peak, you were no match for me. I'd like to see how long you can last under my saber!"

As Wunu Shibi spoke, his seething Stellar Energy transformed into tens of thousands of giant pythons that attacked Duwu Sili. At the same time, his saber flashed, and several waves of saber energy cleaved through the earth at Duwu Sili and the Fourth Prince.

And as Wunu Shibi made his move, waves of heat radiated from his body, and a grandiose blazing sun appeared behind him and infused its energy into his saber energy.

The Sun God Art!

This was the art by which Wunu Shibi had come to be called the Solar Great General. When he pushed his energy to its apex, he could create a blazing sun that reigned over a torrid desert, a heat that could burn all things in the world.

But with a mighty boom, Duwu Sili once more blocked this thunderous blow.


Duwu Sili's cape flapped in the wind, and space twisted behind him into the form of a massive wolf head that seemed intent on devouring the heavens. It raised its neck and howled, and with this howl, Duwu Sili soared in power. Most importantly, the wolf head behind Duwu Sili turned from azure and purple to gold. Mysterious symbols and patterns appeared on the wolf's forehead, infused with the principles of the world and an enigmatic energy.

"The Celestial Wolf of Desolation!? Impossible!"

Wunu Shibi stared in disbelief at the golden wolf head.

Each Great General of the steppe belonged to a different lineage. Everyone knew that Duwu Sili cultivated the art of the Celestial Wolf, but he had always only been able to manifest an azure Celestial Wolf, or a violet Celestial Wolf at best. Even this meant that there was a big gap between him and the Solar Great General, Wunu Shibi.

But Duwu Sili had seemingly transcended. The evolution of the Celestial Wolf to the golden Celestial Wolf of Desolation changed everything.

The last person of the steppe's Celestial Wolf lineage to have cultivated the Celestial Wolf of Desolation had lived more than two hundred years ago. Through this feat alone, Duwu Sili had surpassed Wunu Shibi and reached a terrifying level.

"The world's clouds roil! The Celestial Wolf Swallows the Stars!"

Duwu Sili ignored Wunu Shibi, his right hand reaching out like a wolf's claw as he began his assault.

The difference between this technique used now and in the past was like the difference between the heavens and the earth.


The massive, golden wolf head transformed into a streak of light that savagely slammed into Wunu Shibi's searing saber energy. The immense force blasted apart the saber energy, then his Stellar Energy barrier, and caused him to stagger back ten-some steps.

"Impossible! Impossible! How could you get this powerful?"

Wunu Shibi's eyes flew open in shock.

He was Duwu Sili's rival and was far too familiar with his abilities. Even if he hadn't suffered from a cultivation defect, he would have never been able to reach this level. How was it possible for him to have made so much progress?!

"Wunu Shibi, do you still not get it? This is why you can't win today. Everything you see has its reason."

Duwu Sili did not pursue, simply looked at Wunu Shibi and sighed.

"Nonsense! You just have a slight advantage. Look around you! Do you really think you can win?!" Wunu Shibi sternly said.

This was just their first exchange. For Duwu Sili to already claim that he had won was just a little too cocky.


Wunu Shibi angrily roared, his body exploding with even more Stellar Energy as he slashed his saber and unleashed another wave of heat.


Several explosions rang out as the two Western Turkic Great Generals battled. Wunu Shibi's dantian trembled as the tyrannical and blazing saber energy caused space itself to ignite.

But to Wunu Shibi's alarm, even though he was using all his strength, all his techniques, he could not do anything to Duwu Sili.

"The Celestial Wolf Bites the Sun!

"The Celestial Wolf Swallows the Stars!

"The Celestial Wolf Topples Mountains!"

Compared to Wunu Shibi's shock and anger, Duwu Sili was very composed. He smoothly unleashed technique after technique, and though his moves seemed light and nimble, each one carried enough weight to shatter mountains.

In a flash, the most renowned Solar Great General of the Western Turks was on the back foot against Duwu Sili, firmly suppressed.


First Prince Irbis Shiyun paled at this sight.

He was well aware of just how powerful Wunu Shibi was. He had never imagined that Duwu Sili could fight evenly against him, let alone suppress him.

"Bastard thing!"

Irbis Shiyun raged, his fists clenching as he stared across at Fourth Prince Barshad.

"Everyone, hear my order! Immediately move out and kill Barshad!" Irbis Shiyun savagely declared.


In a flash, the members of the First Prince's faction who had been awed by Duwu Sili's display took out their weapons and lunged at Barshad.


At almost the same time, with a great roar, the Western Turkic generals who supported Barshad took out their weapons and began to battle with the First Prince's supporters.


The two factions soon fell into fierce combat. While the First Prince had many supporters in the Western Turkic Khaganate, so did the Fourth Prince. Sabers gleamed and flashed in the snowstorm, blood spurting and men falling to the ground.

Soon, only First Prince Irbis Shiyun and Fourth Prince Barshad were left on the summit.

The two of them stared at each other amidst the sounds of combat.

"You've truly got some luck!"

With a savage glint in his eyes, Irbis Shiyun unsheathed his scimitar. In the end, he still needed to personally kill his fourth brother.

On the other side, Barshad warily gripped his sword.

When two warriors met on a narrow road, only one would emerge victorious. He no longer had anywhere to retreat to.


But just when Barshad was about to pull out his sword and do battle with the First Prince—


A figure suddenly shot through the snowstorm, joining Duwu Sili and Wunu Shibi's battle. Boom! Before anyone could react, an energy clearly more powerful than both Duwu Sili's and Wunu Shibi's appeared and sent Duwu Sili flying like he was an autumn leaf on the wind.


Duwu Sili cried out, and even though he put all his strength into defense, his Stellar Energy barrier was still broken. A palm slammed into his chest, scattering his Stellar Energy and jolting his organs. His mouth flew open as he vomited blood.

Kaboom! Snow flew everywhere as Duwu Sili crashed into the ground, creating a giant crater atop Mount Sanmi.


This sudden intervention took even Wunu Shibi by surprise.

"Imperial Father!"

Barshad shivered, instantly recognizing this assailant, and a hint of shock appeared on his cool and collected face.

This man wore a thick wool cloak, possessed a pair of chilling eyes, and radiated blazing and righteous energy. It was none other than the supreme ruler of the Western Turkic Khaganate, Ishbara Khagan!

Everyone knew of the prodigious strength of Wunu Shibi and Duwu Sili, but few people realized just how powerful Ishbara Khagan was.

Nomadic people followed the principle of the strong eating the weak. Everything was decided by strength, so if he had not been far stronger than Duwu Sili or Wunu Shibi, how could Ishbara Khagan ever have reigned over the Western Turkic Khaganate?

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