IMDC - Chapter 2102 (Raw 2207): Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords

Those selected by the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor were definitely extraordinary.

After Xiao Chen invited Yun Fei and Lei Hao in and chatted with them, he realized that they were already over one hundred years old despite their youthful looks.

This somewhat shocked Xiao Chen.

“Little Brother Xiao Chen, why are you so shocked? We should be the ones feeling shocked. It is normal to see one-hundred- or two-hundred-year-old Sovereign Personages. Not everyone can compare to a sect’s outstanding talents. Most people in the world are ordinary. Of course, we are already considered extraordinary for advancing to the Sovereign Stage before five hundred years old.” Yun Fei laughed softly at Xiao Chen’s expression.

This made sense. One or two centuries were not even ten percent of a Sovereign Personage’s lifespan. They could still be considered young.

The stocky Lei Hao seemed to be somewhat inarticulate. He only listened to the conversation of the other two and rarely spoke.

After familiarizing himself with the two, Xiao Chen found that they had pretty good tempers and characters, rather casual people. The three got along, and the feeling of unfamiliarity faded.

Even Lei Hao started speaking more, changing Xiao Chen’s impression of him.

Compared to sects, a faction like Peach Blossom City did not seem to be very competitive.

Sect disciples underwent various selections, and the weak would get eliminated while the elites got promoted. As such, the competition was intense. Hence, most people would not be as open with each other.

In the end, Peach Blossom City was not a sect, and the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor seemed to dislike such competition. This was the same with his two disciples.

Yun Fei said softly, “I am skilled with the Sword Dao, and right now, I practice only one Sword Technique, the Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords.”

Xiao Chen exclaimed in shock, “You practice only one Sword Technique, no other Secret Techniques or killing moves?”

The three started chatting about the Martial Techniques they practiced. When Yun Fei spoke about his Martial Technique, Xiao Chen sustained another shock.

Yun Fei nodded and said, “I practiced others in the past. After I obtained the Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords, I forgot all of the rest. Now, I practice only the Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords. Unfortunately, I am untalented and stupid. I reached the seventh sword only after one hundred years.”

Lei Hao’s lips curled up as he argued, “If you are stupid, there are no smart people in the world. Even Master praises you, saying that he has not even grasped the Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords’ main points after comprehending it for centuries. You managed to practice it and even reached the eighth sword. That is already unprecedented.”

Yun Fei smiled without saying anything, but he did not refute him, either.

However, Xiao Chen thought to himself, A Sword Technique that can get a Sovereign Personage to forget all other Martial Techniques must be extremely incredible.

Lei Hao followed up, “I am skilled at Fist Techniques and have grasped the Thunder Dao. I also cultivate my physical body and have already formed a Thunder War Body.”

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. If this Lei Hao were skilled at the saber as well, Lei Hao would be a reflection of him.

“Little Brother Xiao Chen, what are you skilled at?”

Xiao Chen thought for a while, then said, “I am skilled with the Saber Dao and grasp two other Great Dao—thunder and ice. I also dabble in Fist Techniques. As for my Vital Qi, I can bring out two hundred Cauldron Force with a casual strike.”

Yun Fei and Lei Hao felt flabbergasted as they exchanged looks, smiling bitterly.

“No wonder Master felt assured enough to let you participate in the test despite your youth. Three Great Dao and two hundred Cauldron Force with one punch. Hehe! Ordinary Great Perfection Sovereign Personages would not be a match for you,” Yun Fei said as he looked at Xiao Chen.

“It’s still alright,” Xiao Chen replied humbly. He did not feel too excited about this, as Yun Fei and Lei Hao gave off a feeling of formidability.

These two were not ordinary Great Perfection Sovereign Personages. Furthermore, they were more than one hundred years old. Their cultivations were incredibly deep.

“Brother Yun, I am very curious about your Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords. Would you give me some pointers?” Xiao Chen looked straight at Yun Fei. He was genuinely curious about the Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords’ charm. To think that it could get Yun Fei to forget everything that he learned to focus on this one Sword Technique.

“Not a problem.”

Yun Fei was extremely straightforward. Thus, the three went to the residence’s practice grounds, and Xiao Chen and Yun Fei flew in.

After bowing to each other, they both moved one hundred meters back and cautiously eyed each other.

“Xiao Chen, you need to be able to see Yun Fei’s first sword strike. If you cannot see it, you might lose by the second sword strike,” Lei Hao warned Xiao Chen from the side.

That horrifying?

On hearing that, Xiao Chen could not help but fully focus. He readied his Dragon Might as Veritable Essence Energy gushed throughout his body and his Great Dao Energy stored up power, waiting to be unleashed.

In contrast to Xiao Chen holding his saber in his left hand, Yun Fei carried his sword on his back.

Xiao Chen could sense that the other party was skilled at the Wind Dao besides the Sword Dao.

Yun Fei’s Sword Technique should focus on speed, killing the opponent before they noticed the attack.

“Brother Xiao, I’m going to attack.” Yun Fei smiled faintly. Right after he spoke, his sword appeared in his hand.

Xiao Chen did not see how Yun Fei drew his sword. This blue sword was one meter long and looked plain. By the time he clearly saw the sword, a melodious sword hum was singing by his ears.

In the next moment, a boundless sword intent burst out of the sword.

A terrifying sword instantly rushed over. A cold light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes; Yun Fei’s sword was already before him.

Fast! Too fast!

Xiao Chen did not clearly see how the other party’s sword arrived before him.

At the critical moment, Xiao Chen drew his saber, and his aura erupted ferociously. Dragon roars rang out in the surroundings as three types of Dao Might coalesced and layered on his body.

Xiao Chen’s suppressed aura instantly soared to the peak.

However, the other party’s sword strike was too fast. Xiao Chen only managed to draw his saber halfway before Yun Fei’s sword clashed with it.


When the sword tip came in contact with the saber, Xiao Chen saw a vague image of a head opening its mouth and roaring, formed by a boundless strong wind, behind Yun Fei.

The other party immediately suppressed Xiao Chen’s aura, keeping his saber half-sheathed.

Then, Yun Fei forced Xiao Chen back.

A gale blew by Xiao Chen’s ear. With every step back, he felt the power of the wind doubling behind Yun Fei.


The power of the wind filled the entire practice ground. The invisible wind seemed to materialize. As the wind howled, it stirred up the clouds in the sky.

The sky even darkened from the power of the wind.

What a terrifying Wind Great Dao, using the sword to control the wind! If this continued, Xiao Chen would lose very miserably.

This would suppress Xiao Chen’s momentum to rock bottom. Yun Fei’s next sword strike would defeat him before Xiao Chen could bring out his moves.

I have to draw my saber. However, when I draw my saber, he can take advantage of the opening to land a strike.

At that time, I will instantly lose. However, if I do not draw my saber, it would only be a matter of time before I lose, given how he is suppressing me.


Xiao Chen’s blood raced, boundless battle lust blazing in his eyes. He had not seen such a strong Sword Technique in a long time already.

The difficult situation before Xiao Chen did not mess up his mental state. Instead, he became excited. His hot blood rushed, his battle lust flourishing.

He did not have much time to think, only the time it took for a spark to fly.

To draw or not?

This was a trap. Whether Xiao Chen drew his saber or not, he would lose. The correct method was to take another approach.


Xiao Chen relaxed his left hand, which held the scabbard. Then, the scabbard dropped.

The instant the scabbard fell, he landed a palm strike on the flat of his saber with his left hand.

Xiao Chen, who was originally suppressed and in constant retreat, instantly steadied his footing with this palm strike’s aid.

Amid loud sounds, his palm strike knocked Yun Fei back.

However, the instant Yun Fei got knocked back, he executed the second sword move. His sword moved three times faster than on the previous strike as he thrust it out.


Now prepared, Xiao Chen escaped danger yet again. However, right after he dodged, Yun Fei’s third sword move arrived.

The third sword move doubled in speed compared to the previous one. Even more terrifyingly, Xiao Chen discovered that it was not just the speed that increased but also the might.

After the third sword move layered over the first two sword moves, the vast Sword Might pressed over. Even the air seemed to turn solid.

Xiao Chen’s Movement Technique suffered from the intense pressure as his feet moved, slowing down significantly.

It would be hard to resolve the situation at this moment unless he executed a Secret Technique, like the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram, Candle Dragon Eyes, or the Divine Lightning Eye.

However, that would be pointless and would make it look like he could not afford to lose.

After dodging the third sword move with much difficulty, Xiao Chen decisively chose to concede before Yun Fei executed the fourth move.

“I admit defeat.”


Yun Fei tossed the sword up. The sword turned into a beam of light and landed in the scabbard on his back. The power of the wind that caused the sky to change color immediately dispersed along with the pressure.

“Haha! Xiao Chen, you are really capable. To think that you could dodge three sword moves in your first exchange. I thought that you would fall with the second sword move,” Lei Hao said admiringly as he walked over.

Lei Hao genuinely felt awed. Xiao Chen was not even one hundred years old yet, and he was only a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage. Furthermore, this was his first time coming in contact with the Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords.

Xiao Chen was truly incredible for being able to dodge three sword moves.

After all, this Thirteen Wind Controlling Swords was a supreme Sword Technique left by a Sword God. Even the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor did not grasp it fully.

“Lei Hao, you are wrong. Xiao Chen could have broken my third sword move earlier,” Yun Fei corrected while shaking his head.

Now, it was Lei Hao’s turn to be shocked. He looked incredulously at Xiao Chen and asked, “Little Brother Xiao Chen, could you really have broken the third sword?”

Xiao Chen nodded. “I have two Secret Techniques. One is a defensive Secret Technique that can block the full-powered strike of a Peak Sovereign Personage. The other is an Eye Technique that can instantly burn the opponent’s body and soul with a Candle Dragon’s flame.

“However, even after executing those Secret Techniques, I might not be able to block the fourth sword move. If we want to decide on a victor, I believe Brother Yun Fei would have to bring out the sixth sword move. That would be pointless. After all, it is just an exchange and not a life-or-death battle.”

Xiao Chen’s words sounded comforting to Yun Fei and Lei Hao and significantly improved their impressions of him.

They were all under the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor; there was no need to be overly competitive.

“Let’s stop here for today. Xiao Chen, I’ll come and have an exchange with you tomorrow. We can fight all we want. There is simply no way to vent our pent-up feelings against Yun Fei’s nonsensical Sword Technique. The two of us definitely can fight to our hearts’ content if we fight each other.”

When Lei Hao saw Xiao Chen’s strength and character, he felt very interested. He looked forward to exchanging moves with Xiao Chen.

“Great. It is decided, then,” Xiao Chen answered straightforwardly with a faint smile.

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