IMDC: Chapter 2046

 Chapter 2046 (Raw 2141): Where Is the Dragon Head?
 There had been a dragon head on the azure mountain?
 When Xiao Chen heard that, he felt shocked. As he looked at the azure mountain in the distance, he kept muttering to himself.
 Xiao Chen had arrived in this place by comparing the modern map to the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor’s memories. Initially, he just felt somewhat suspicious and did not dare be sure about it.
 He had prepared to stay here for some time and continued searching.
 However, this steep azure mountain with its grandeur and suddenly cut-off summit made Xiao Chen sink into deep thought.
 Now, he heard from the straightforward youth that there was once a dragon head on the azure mountain.
 Xiao Chen’s heart skipped a beat. He asked seriously, “What is your name?”
 “I don’t have a name, but the villagers all call me Iron Egg,” the straightforward youth replied, feeling somewhat nervous.
 “Iron Egg, earlier you told me that there was a dragon head on the azure mountain. Which elderly said it?”
 “Many of them did. Hey, Big Brother Xiao, did you believe me, thinking that there was a dragon head there?” When Iron Egg saw that Xiao Chen believed the nonsense he mentioned, he felt greatly shocked.
 Xiao Chen replied softly, “It’s hard to say. However, legends and rumors usually have some basis. Help me out here; bring me to meet the elderly of the village.”
 “Haha! That is just a minor matter. Everyone can’t wait to speak to a person like Big Brother Xiao. Come, I’ll bring you over.”
 Under Iron Egg’s lead, Xiao Chen spoke with many of the elderly in the village, asking them about the dragon head on the azure mountain.
 The elderly were aware of this story but could not explain it. They all said that it was passed down from their ancestors, but no one had personally seen the dragon head.
 There was just some oral literature passed down through the generations.
 As for worshiping the azure mountain, it had already become a tradition common to all the villages within this area.
 However, if asked why they worshiped the azure mountain, no one could give a reason.
 Naturally, Xiao Chen was not satisfied with baseless answers, which were not very reliable.
 “Big Brother Xiao, sorry, it looks like I failed to help you.”
 Iron Egg felt somewhat embarrassed at the fruitless search.
 Smiling, Xiao Chen countered, “Why are you apologizing? You did not do anything wrong. Do you have time to accompany me to the other villages? I would like to go and ask around more.”
 “I can. However…I have to go hunting. I have not hunted anything for half a month already.”
 “Leave that to me.”
 Hearing that Xiao Chen would help him hunt, Iron Egg felt incredibly excited. He excused himself for a moment and soon returned riding on a horse with a bow on his back and a saber at his waist.
 Iron Egg’s getup looked very formidable. Xiao Chen borrowed a horse from the village, and the two set off together.
 In the following days, Xiao Chen and Iron Egg roamed the area. They would leave during the day and come back every night, never returning empty-handed. The two would always have large game.
 The people in the village all rejoiced. Unexpectedly, a great cultivator stayed in their village and even helped them hunt.
 The ordinary people living in the Desolate Sea were always short on food and water.
 While this place was rife with fortuitous encounters for cultivators, ordinary people had to plan and face their living circumstances carefully.
 Xiao Chen had not experienced life like that for very long already. After living this way for several days, he sighed with emotion.
 The village chief, Grandpa Seven, smoked a pipe as he watched Xiao Chen leave and return every day. He showed a complicated expression but did not say anything.
 After asking around in many places, Xiao Chen obtained some useful information.
 The villages in the surrounding five thousand kilometers all indeed had the tradition of worshiping the azure mountain. Many of the villages had similar legends about a dragon head on the azure mountain.
 With all the legends added together, Xiao Chen could at least verify that the azure mountain once had a dragon head. However, that was something inestimably long ago.
 That was the reason why there were no definitive texts about it passed down.
 It was Dragon Head Mountain!
 Xiao Chen and Iron Egg rode on their horses and stopped by a river, looking at the azure mountain.
 Xiao Chen needed to make time to go and check out the azure mountain for himself.
 “Gallop! Gallop! Gallop!”
 Just as this moment, rapid hoofbeats rang out; it was a group of wandering bandits. The leader wore a black cloak and a conical bamboo hat, which covered him completely.
 That person approached quickly, rushing at the two.
 When Iron Egg saw this, horror flashed in his eyes. He clenched his right fist, apparently furious.
 Iron Egg’s mount sensed his emotions and started neighing restlessly.
 Xiao Chen felt startled. During the past few days, he had seen many roving bandits, but he had never seen Iron Egg so agitated before.
 Xiao Chen did not have a good impression of these roving bandits.
 Usually, he would wipe them out without even letting them speak.
 However, the roving bandits in front of Xiao Chen seemed different. He looked carefully and discovered that the leader seemed somewhat unusual.
 After observing for a moment, Xiao Chen realized that the leader cultivated a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique and possessed a significant cultivation.
 The leader was a Holy Venerate, like Xiao Chen.
 This was rather rare. The bandits that Xiao Chen usually ran into only knew some insignificant skills. Those with any amount of strength would not end up being bandits, as they had many other means of livelihood.
 For a Holy Venerate to hang around with a group of bandits was a rather shocking matter.
 “My lord, he is the one. He killed several of our brothers recently and never leaves anyone alive each time. We had to spend a lot of effort investigating before we discovered him,” a bandit said, pointing at Xiao Chen while holding his horse reins.
 The cloaked man glanced at Xiao Chen and felt that the other party’s cultivation seemed higher than his. Even so, he did not panic, merely said coldly, “Friend, are you not aware of the rules, as you’ve just arrived in the Desolate Sea? If you are wise, you’d better scram far away. Don’t offend the people you should not offend.”
 The cloaked man had just spoken when a strand of saber Qi pierced through the heads of the bandits around him.
 Blood flowed continuously from the wounds, killing these people on the spot, and their bodies tumbled off their horses.
 “You dare to attack my men?! You are seeking death!”
 The cloaked man was shocked. He never expected Xiao Chen to attack at the drop of a hat, instantly killing his people. This completely enraged him.
 “You speak too much nonsense.”
 Xiao Chen grabbed with his hand. Disinclined to drag this out, he directly executed Firmament’s Rage.
 He immediately scooped up the other party into his palm, not giving him a chance to escape.
 When Xiao Chen opened his palm again, boundless electric light and saber Qi burst out, and blood flew into the air.
 “Big Brother Xiao, you…you…you killed the Demon Envoy!”
 The flabbergasted Iron Egg stammered when he spoke.
 “Demon Envoy?”
 “That is the cloaked person earlier. Demon Envoys control all the bandits in the area. They are like evil demons; no one dares to disobey them. They are practically like demon gods.”
 Iron Egg was incredulous. To think that Xiao Chen killed the Demon Envoy in one grab.
 Xiao Chen did not explain. This Demon Envoy was only an early-stage Holy Venerate.
 Right now, Xiao Chen’s combat prowess equaled an Initial Perfection Sovereign Personage’s. Squishing a Holy Venerate to death was as simple as crushing an ant.
 Iron Egg was not very knowledgeable and did not know the difference in strength between cultivators, hence his shock.
 However, Iron Egg’s words put Xiao Chen on guard.
 It looked like these bandits had a Demonic Dao faction backing them and were not that simple.
 “Don’t tell others about today.”
 “Yes, yes, of course. I know. Big Brother Xiao Chen, can you teach me to cultivate? I want to be like you!” Iron Egg said somewhat longingly.
 “Let’s speak about that again when we return.”
 After dealing with the corpses here, Xiao Chen turned his head back to glance at the azure mountain before returning to the village with Iron Egg.
 The two again did not return empty-handed.
 At the village, Xiao Chen took out a huge ferocious beast from his storage ring. The many families of the village rejoiced as they went forward to process the beast meat. They had been waiting for a long time.
 This beast meat was starkly different from that of the wild beasts that the villagers hunted.
 This beast contained Spiritual Energy in its body. When ordinary people consumed it, it would strengthen their physiques—both muscles and bones—providing great nourishment.
 “Young Hero Xiao is truly a blessing to our village.”
 “You helped us gather enough food to last us several years in just a few days. We no longer have to risk going hunting in the future.”
 “Big Brother, for you!”
 Qing Chen squeezed her way through the crowd with much difficulty. Then, she ran over excitedly with a garland made of twigs and wildflowers.
 When Xiao Chen saw Qing Chen putting in a lot of effort and showing great excitement on her face, he could not bear to turn down her kind intentions. So, he dismounted, bent down, and let her crown him with the flower garland.
 “Big Brother looks really good with the flower garland on.” Qing Chen felt delighted when she saw Xiao Chen wearing the flower garland she made.
 Iron Egg rubbed his head and smiled. “Little Qing Chen, why didn’t you make one for Elder Brother Iron Egg?”
 “Iron Egg, to think that you are not embarrassed to say that! Look at your swarthy face; you won’t look good even if you wear it,” someone teased, and everyone laughed.
 Iron Egg retorted hurriedly, “Screw you. Who said that I, Iron Egg, won’t look good? When I traveled to the other villages with Big Brother Xiao, I was quite popular with the ladies.”
 “You are boasting…”
 While everyone laughed, Xiao Chen noticed Grandpa Seven smoking a pipe and looking at him from a distance.
 Xiao Chen had long noticed that Grandpa Seven seemed to have something to say to him. So, he took his leave of Iron Egg and walked over.
 As Grandpa Seven smoked his pipe, he led Xiao Chen to his house.
 After the two sat down and drank a cup of wine, Grandpa Seven asked, “Little Brother, have you been going around to ask about the azure mountain’s dragon head?”
 Xiao Chen put down his wine cup and nodded. “Yes. I want to know where the dragon head went.”

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