IMDC: Chapter 2006

 Chapter 2006 (Raw 2102): Rescue
 “I’ll speak! I’ll speak! A disciple of our Thunder Eagle Castle discovered a Thundercloud Fruit in this forest, one that already birthed Dao patterns, so we brought the entire sect over,” the Holy Venerate old man said in incredible pain; the snake had already squeezed him until his skin turned black.
 “How strong is your Castle Master?”
 “Small Perfection Sovereign Personage. Skilled at the Thunder Dao…”
 When the old man finished saying everything, the pale, middle-aged man flung him away.
 “Scram, then.”
 The Holy Venerate old man fled in a panic, not daring to turn his head back. The mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows pondered, “Ten-thousand-year-old Thundercloud Fruit. It is quite valuable; are you interested?”
 The pale, middle-aged man said, “I am not a lightning-attributed cultivator, and that Castle Master is a Small Perfection Sovereign Personage. Naturally, I will not take this risk.”
 However, from the pale, middle-aged man’s easygoing expression, it was clear that he did not think much of this Thunder Eagle Castle’s Castle Master.
 “Then, help me obtain that Thundercloud Fruit,” the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows and a cloak said indifferently.
 The horrifying venomous snake silently entered the Demonic Pet Pouch at the middle-aged man’s waist. Then, he smiled indifferently. “Mister Gong, you are really unwilling to let treasures of the Thunder Dao off. That’s fine. It’s a small matter. I’ll take it as an appetizer for our cooperation.”
 “Cut the crap. I help you, and you help me. You will get your share.”
 The two immediately changed their route, entering the forest and searching for the Thunder Eagle Castle’s group.
 “Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”
 Rain continuously fell in the forest. Although cultivators could prevent the rain from falling on them and the environment would not affect their strength, such terrible weather still affected their mood.
 As Xiao Chen moved about the forest, he captured all movements in it. With his acute Spiritual Sense, he quickly discovered some clues.
 Rain could wash away the signs of battle and cleanse the air of the bloody stench, but it could not erase the auras left by cultivators.
 One hour later, Xiao Chen stopped in front of a large tree.
 He could hear the sounds of intense fighting without using his Spiritual Sense.
 “I found it.”
 Xiao Chen thought for a moment before changing his clothes and putting the Death God Mask on his face.
 Immediately, his aura became thoroughly isolated. Even if a Divine Vein expert came, he would not be able to find Xiao Chen, who hid intentionally.
 The Thunder Eagle Castle elite disciples in front advanced ferociously under the leadership of a Sovereign Personage.
 That Small Perfection Sovereign Personage expert had hardened facial features. He wore a simple robe that exposed his well-built arms and chest. His body seemed to be filled with explosive power.
 “Castle Master, how much longer? This forest is too dangerous. Half of our brothers have died already.”
 Aside from the ferocious beasts, there were even more dangerous plants in the forest that could catch one off guard.
 More than a hundred men of the Thunder Eagle Castle entered. Now, only fifty or sixty of them remained; the rest were dead.
 “Don’t hesitate; keep going.”
 The Thunder Eagle Castle’s Castle Master felt conflicted. However, when he thought about obtaining the Thundercloud Fruit and further advancing his Thunder Dao, he steeled himself and pressed forward.
 The trees of the forest might have lived for thousands—even tens of thousands—of years. The hardness of the wood could rival divine steel.
 The environment looked simple, but in reality, even a Sovereign Personage had to be careful.
 “Castle Master, it is there. Half a month ago, I discovered a Thundercloud Fruit there. However, there was a ferocious beast coiled around it. Hey, why is it gone? That ferocious beast’s aura was extremely terrifying. I could feel it even from far away,” a Thunder Eagle Castle disciple said in confusion, feeling greatly shocked.
 The Thunder Eagle Castle’s Castle Master showed a gloomy expression. He said sullenly, “Go over and take a look.”
 A group of people advanced quickly. Soon, they saw the corpse of a ferocious beast lying quietly on the ground.
 Thick blood pooled on the ground. Even the heavy rain could not wash it away as it continuously seeped into the soil.
 Electric light flickered not far from the ferocious beast corpse. Thunderclouds spread out in all directions.
 There was a simply dressed youth with a clean face trying to subdue the Thundercloud Fruit, suppressing its Dao.
 “Who is it?!”
 Seeing the mutated fruit being taken away enraged the Thunder Eagle Castle’s Castle Master. He shouted, “Quickly hand over the Thundercloud Fruit! Otherwise, you can forget about leaving alive.”
 The clean and neatly dressed youth had a gaze as clear as water. However, he did not look inexperienced. His crisp voice rang out, “I am Sang. This place is not safe. If you do not leave now, none of you might be able to.”
 [TL Note: Sang is the only name given. The meaning of this name is Mulberry.]
 “I do not know whether I will die or not. In any case, you will die today!”
 When the other party did not surrender the Thundercloud Fruit and even talked back, threatening them, the Thunder Eagle Castle’s Castle Master immediately showed killing intent in his eyes.
 The Thunder Eagle Castle’s Castle Master called out, preparing to get the Thunder Eagle Castle’s people to attack together and not let this youth escape.
 Just at this moment, a miserable cry sounded. A vine had erupted from the ground and grabbed a Thunder Eagle Castle disciple.
 Tiny spikes covered the snakelike vine, looking like needles. It instantly sucked out all of that disciple’s blood, turning him into a pile of withered bones.
 Closely following that, more vines sprouted out of the ground one after another.
 “Bloodsucking Vines!”
 “Everyone, run!”
 All the Thunder Eagle Castle disciples panicked, chopping apart the vines in a frenzy. However, these vines seemed to be endless; it felt impossible to cut them all.
 “Damn it! How can it be like this?”
 The Thunder Eagle Castle’s Castle Master glanced at that youth. Then, he looked at his disciples. He clenched his teeth, left with no choice but to give up on the Thundercloud Fruit.
 The Thunder Eagle Castle’s Castle Master did his best to protect the disciples that came with him, chopping apart the vines and preparing to charge out of the encirclement.
 The Bloodsucking Vine was one of the most ferocious mutated plants of Thundercloud Ancient Marsh. Its roots were deeply buried; no one knew how deep.
 Cultivators rarely escaped death when they ran into it.
 However, these Bloodsucking Vines seldom appeared. It was usually impossible for cultivators to encounter them.
 For some reason, the Bloodsucking Vines suddenly appeared in this forest.
 “Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”
 A few disciples tried to soar into the air, wanting to fly out of the forest directly.
 Who knew, the vines seemed to have eyes as they darted out from the ground. Before the disciples could fly a kilometer up, the vines grabbed them and sucked out all their blood, turning them into white bones.
 “Everyone, do not act rashly. Do not ever fly up. The Bloodsucking Vine does not have eyes, but it is extremely sensitive to the sound of the wind.”
 The Thunder Eagle Castle’s Castle Master shouted, “Follow closely and charge out!”
 This group of Thunder Eagle Castle disciples slowly went further away, their fate unknown.
 Xiao Chen prepared to show himself. However, two figures appeared and coldly eyed the plainly dressed youth Sang.
 “Hand over the Thundercloud Fruit!”
 It’s him!
 Xiao Chen felt slightly shocked under the mask. One of the two cloaked people was the mysterious man shrouded in bloody shadows, whom Xiao Chen saw in the Nine Cauldron Pavilion.
 Xiao Chen had no impression of the other person. However, when he saw the mark on that person’s forehead, he knew that the other person was a White Marsh Beast Empire cultivator.
 Sang frowned slightly. He sensed danger from the two. Just as he hesitated, a snake suddenly shot out from behind him. It opened its mouth at lightning speed and spat out a toxic liquid.
 When the toxic liquid pierced through the rain, the rain instantly turned black. The toxins mixed with the rain falling towards Sang.
 “Despicable!” Sang, who was suppressing the Thundercloud Fruit, scolded. Then, he dodged hastily. However, he was still too slow. A drop of toxin landed on him.
 Sang felt a heart-wrenching pain. His lips immediately turned black, and his complexion paled, looking drained of blood.
 “Haha! Just obediently hand over the Thundercloud Fruit. With you inflicted with my Flying Dragon Snake’s venom, no one can save you without the antidote; even if a True God showed up, he wouldn’t be able to save you.”
 The youth snorted coldly as he turned and ran, moving very fast.
 “Trying to run? It’s not that easy!”
 “After him!”
 The mysterious Mister Gong and the pale, middle-aged man leaped onto the Flying Dragon Snake and gave chase.
 As the Flying Dragon Snake slithered on the ground, it moved like a storm, knocking down the towering trees in its way. This showed how strong it was.
 However, just as the two were about to catch the youth, a figure holding a ghost pennant descended, blocking them.
 Mister Gong and the pale, middle-aged man both felt startled and quickly got the snake to stop.
 That person wore a white mask with scriptures densely carved on it. He also had black Demonic Qi around him.
 The most crucial thing was that the two could not plumb the other party’s bottom line, unable to figure out how strong he was.
 Changing his voice under the mask, Xiao Chen issued a cold shout.

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