IMDC: Chapter 2002

 Chapter 2002 (Raw 2098): Famous in the Outer Palaces
 After leaving the Silver Dragon Palace, Bai Yunfeng and the others immediately split up to search for Lu Feng, who had run off somewhere.
 Soon, the White Dragon Palace’s people came out as well. Xiao Chen nodded slightly in greeting to these people.
 Liu Ruyun came over and asked, “Xiao Chen, do you really not intend to come to the White Dragon Palace? I feel that you have some misunderstanding with my father. This misunderstanding has to be resolved eventually. Isn’t it good to talk it out?”
 When Xiao Chen heard this, he looked at Liu Ruyun’s face. Then, he suddenly understood and smiled. “Actually, your father did not invite me, right?”
 Fluster appeared on Liu Ruyun’s exquisite face. Then, she pretended to be calm as she said, “Of course not. There is an invitation… Alright, there isn’t one. However, it is fine for me to invite you to the White Dragon Palace to visit, right? After we go to Ancestor Dragon City in the future, there will not be many chances to return.”
 Xiao Chen sighed in his heart. This girl simply did not know what kind of irreconcilable conflict there was between her father and himself.
 The conflict would be resolved only if the White Dragon King restored Liu Ruyue’s memories. However, she was the White Dragon Race’s hope for taking the Dragon Emperor position.
 Even if Liu Ruyue failed to take the Dragon Emperor’s position, the White Dragon Race would continue to prosper with her talent and strength.
 There was no one more suitable to be the successor of the White Dragon Race.
 If the White Dragon King restored Liu Ruyue’s memories, everything he had done would go to waste.
 If not for some considerations, the White Dragon King might have killed Xiao Chen in the ancient city.
 Xiao Chen said softly, “There will be a chance. In the future, when all of us go to Ancestor Dragon City, everyone can still meet.”
 Liu Ruyun frowned and sighed, “Alright.”
 When Xiao Chen saw Liu Ruyun’s pitiful appearance, he felt assured. His tone turned much warmer as he said, “It is indeed very boring to remain in the White Dragon Palace at all times. Although I cannot go to the White Dragon Palace, if you have the opportunity, you can come to the Heavenly Dragon Palace to find me.”
 Liu Ruyun relaxed her expression and smiled. “That’s right. Why am I so stupid?”
 “Junior Sister Liu, we should go now!”
 The White Dragon Palace’s disciples urged as they stood on a flying demonic pet.
 “I’ll be going first, then. Oh, right, this is for you.”
 Liu Ruyun sorted out her emotions. Before she left, she passed Xiao Chen an exquisite brocade box.
 The demonic pet soared into the clouds, flying increasingly farther away before vanishing from Xiao Chen’s sight.
 Xiao Chen’s gaze fell on the brocade box, which felt very heavy in his hand. The brocade box’s exterior was very exquisite.
 He could not tell what was inside.
 “Xiao Chen, we searched the surroundings, but we could not find Junior Brother Lu Feng,” Bai Yunfeng and the others said somewhat anxiously after they rushed back, looking at Xiao Chen.
 Xiao Chen no longer showed an easygoing expression. He sighed, “Let him have some quiet. After he figures it out, he will return. Let’s go back to the sect first.”
 Inside the Silver Dragon Palace, the many heaven-class core disciples still had not left the island.
 The scene of Xiao Chen fighting with Xu Fuguan and Li Feng replayed in their minds, having made a deep, unforgettable impression.
 On the other hand, they felt nothing about their first senior brother’s battle with Lu Feng.
 The Silver Dragon Palace disciples had long known about their first senior brother’s strength. Defeating Lu Feng was a matter of course.
 “Senior Brother Yuan, where do you think Xiao Chen ranks in the entire Dragon’s Gate’s outer palace?” a disciple asked curiously.
 Yuan Xi thought for a while before replying, “With a conservative estimate, he should be able to enter the top ten.”
 The others felt shocked that Yuan Xi gave Xiao Chen such a high evaluation.
 Top ten in the outer palace!
 Furthermore, this was just a conservative estimate. It had been more than one hundred years since a Heavenly Dragon Palace disciple reached such heights.
 “Then, can he enter the top five?” a disciple asked boldly. Actually, he wanted to say “top four.”
 Yuan Xi shook his head and replied, “If that is all the strength he has, it is not sufficient to get into the top five. However, there are still two more months, so it is hard to say.”
 Xiao Chen, who was returning, did not know that the Silver Dragon Palace’s Yuan Xi had such a high evaluation of him.
 The group’s return was much faster than when they went. They arrived at Heavenly Dragon City in less than ten days.
 The moment the four entered the city, people recognized them.
 “It seems to be the White Robed Bladesman Xiao Chen and the others.”
 “It really is Xiao Chen. He looks exactly the same as the paintings!”
 The news of Xiao Chen defeating two opponents simultaneously in the Silver Dragon Palace had spread to all of the Dragon’s Gate’s outer palaces at lightning speed.
 When the news reached the Heavenly Dragon Palace, it had set the entire place abuzz.
 In the past gatherings between three outer palaces, the Heavenly Dragon Palace disciples were mostly observers, just there to represent the Heavenly Dragon Palace.
 Occasionally, there would be an eye-catching person who could win one exchange at most.
 However, Xiao Chen fought against two this time and won, defeating the Silver Dragon Palace’s Xu Fuguan and the Golden Dragon Palace’s Li Feng at the same time.
 Even when those two brought out forbidden techniques, Xiao Chen still defeated them, chopping them in half.
 A Divine Dragon bloodline outer palace disciple would find this hard to accomplish. However, the Heavenly Dragon Palace’s Xiao Chen managed to do this.
 It had been many years since the mixed-blood dragon bloodline cultivators of the Heavenly Dragon Palace felt this delighted.
 “Junior Brother Xiao, it looks like you are famous.”
 After the group entered Heavenly Dragon City, they had to fly lower because of the rules.
 As the group flew by, it seemed like there was a sea of people below chasing after the Demon Blood Vulture to get a few more looks.
 Xiao Chen felt surprised. In his opinion, what he did was nothing worth boasting about. However, all of the cultivators in Heavenly Dragon City seemed strangely satisfied with it. The expressions of those people were definitely sincere.
 Li Luo noticed the shock on Xiao Chen’s face. She said softly, “Junior Brother Xiao Chen, don’t feel surprised. You only returned recently and spent most of your time in the Heavenly Dragon Palace cultivating. Perhaps you really do not know the status of the mixed-blood dragon bloodline. In the past, the other six outer palaces suppressed our Heavenly Dragon Palace to the point where we could not catch our breath. Before them, we do not have any confidence at all.
 “However, since Junior Brother returned, you first killed Rakshasa Tian’s clone in the Abyssal Underworld and saved the empire’s legion. Now, you simultaneously defeated a Golden Dragon Palace heaven-class core disciple and a Silver Dragon Palace heaven-class core disciple. These are things that we never dared to imagine in the past.”
 Bai Yunfeng sighed, “Junior Sister Li Luo is right. The sights of the Six Colored Divine Dragons are set very high. To them, even the True Dragons are only as good as the mixed-blood dragon bloodlines. Just look at Yuan Xi, and you will know. He shows nothing on the surface, but he has a deep-seated disdain for mixed-blood dragons.
 “Junior Brother Lu was just seeking advice from him, but he did not even give Junior Brother Lu a chance. If it were a disciple from any other outer palace, he definitely would not have minded giving some pointers if they were as strong as Junior Brother Lu.”
 As the group chatted, the Heavenly Dragon Palace came into view.
 According to the rules, the group had to report their gains and what they saw to the sect first. Not wishing to go through the hassle, Xiao Chen asked Bai Yunfeng to deal with it, while he returned to Cold Moon Cave alone.
 Xiao Chen did not let the matter of the many cultivators chasing after him in Heavenly Dragon City inflate his ego.
 He spent some time eliminating the Star Extermination sword Qi and the Destruction Dao’s mysteries from the two powerful forbidden techniques, not leaving any hidden damage.
 After that, he chose to cultivate quietly and stably.
 After seeing Yuan Xi’s strength, Xiao Chen discovered that the four outer palace great expert disciples lived up to their reputations.
 Furthermore, Yuan Xi said that the Golden Dragon Palace’s Qin Mu was even stronger than the other three outer palace great expert disciples.
 Xiao Chen felt some pressure. If he did not progress, he would end up regressing. If he were satisfied with his current strength, Qin Mu would thoroughly humiliate him in the fight between the seven outer palaces.
 “I nearly forgot about that.”
 After recalling the exquisite brocade box that Liu Ruyun gave him before she left, Xiao Chen opened it to take a look.
 He was stunned to see that it was filled with various snacks.
 He had thought that it would be cultivation resources or something similar. Unexpectedly, it was snacks. She was indeed still a young girl.
 Speaking of which, the person that Liu Ruyue was the closest to was probably Liu Ruyun.
 Xiao Chen casually took out a pastry and tasted it; it was pretty good.
 Three days later, some information from the First Palace Master interrupted Xiao Chen’s cultivation.
 There was news of the Five Element Divine Lightning.

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