Chapter 1921

 Chapter 1921 (Raw 2022: Heavenly Dragon’s Past
 Vice Hall Master Li was very straightforward and extremely supportive. He directly helped Xiao Chen increase his rewards by twenty percent.
 From the original fifty thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills, Xiao Chen obtained another twenty percent, for a total of sixty thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills.
 Gaining an extra ten thousand Primeval Heavenly Pills for nothing was indeed delightful.
 After leaving the Mission Hall and expressing his gratitude, Xiao Chen segued to the reason he came looking for Vice Hall Master Li. “Big Brother Li, this is a cuboid crystal that I obtained when I killed the Demonic Cloud Mountain Eighteen Great Bandits. I believe that this contains the wealth that they accumulated over the years.”
 Vice Hall Master Li received the crystal and marveled, “What an exquisite trinket! To think that this old man cannot figure out anything about it immediately.”
 He toyed with the crystal for a while. Without needing Xiao Chen to say anything more, he smiled and said, “You want me to search for a grandmaster to help you open this up?”
 “That’s right. No matter what the crystal contains, I am willing to give Big Brother Li twenty percent.”
 Vice Hall Master Li smiled and said, “That is pointless. The Demonic Cloud Mountain Eighteen Great Bandits do not interest me, although it would be good to have a reward for our sect’s grandmaster blacksmith. I think highly of you because you show great promise of becoming a Heavenly Dragon before entering Ancestor Dragon City.”
 “Heavenly Dragon? I frequently hear these two words. What exactly is a Heavenly Dragon?” Xiao Chen asked, feeling puzzled.
 Vice Hall Master Li smiled and replied, “Heavenly Dragon is a kind of metamorphosis, a great leap up, breaking out of the cocoon and becoming a butterfly, a thorough cleansing and becoming a legend. The Heavenly Dragon is a legend, an existence above the Divine Dragons. It is very horrifying.
 “Words are pointless; you probably would not understand. Let’s see…do you see that mountain summit? Do you see the Heavenly Dragon statue shrouded by clouds and mist? That’s the one.”
 Vice Hall Master Li pointed into the distance at a statue towering over a mountain summit.
 Xiao Chen looked in the direction that Vice Hall Master Li pointed at. Then, he saw the statue indicated. Even from such a far distance, he could feel the dignity of the gigantic dragon sculpture.
 The entire statue was incredibly long, coiling around the peak.
 That peak was hundreds of kilometers tall. Clouds and mist covered the summit, moving with the wind. The statue hidden there looked like it was alive.
 “The Heavenly Dragon bloodline is a kind of mutated bloodline of the Dragon Race. It cannot be inherited. Actually, Heavenly Dragons existed during the Great Desolate Eon, but they could not pass on their bloodline. Logically, Divine Dragons could mutate into a Heavenly Dragon as well. However, it has never happened before. Without experiencing the tempering from starting from the bottom, one cannot complete this mutation to become a Heavenly Dragon,” Vice Hall Master Li said. There was a tone of anticipation in his voice. However, the Heavenly Dragon would only remain a legend for him.
 “Are there any cultivators with the Heavenly Dragon bloodline in the Dragon Race now?” Xiao Chen asked.
 “No. The chances of a Heavenly Dragon appearing is too low. However, once it appears, the Dragon Race will definitely prosper. Actually…”
 “Actually, what?”
 “I should not be telling you this. However, it does not matter; this old man does not fear it. Twenty-five years ago, my Heavenly Dragon Palace produced a bona fide Heavenly Dragon. However, right after he appeared, he vanished.”
 “He died?”
 “Yes, he died. When I was young, I had already felt he was weird. Indeed, the first thing he did after becoming a Heavenly Dragon was challenge the current Dragon King. If that was not suicide, what else could it be?”
 Vice Hall Master Li seemed to know that person. When he spoke about him, his tone turned very emotional. Even though he tried to hide it, Xiao Chen still could feel it.
 “Speaking of which, he is the one who created that Supreme Dragon Fist you chose.”
 Xiao Chen felt greatly startled. Some ripples appeared in his normally calm heart. He recalled that the disciple that guided him in the Martial Technique Pavilion had told him something different.
 Vice Hall Master Li smiled and said, “He is the one who created the Supreme Dragon Fist. However, due to the matter from twenty-five years ago, the Dragon Race sealed off information about him. Not just anyone knows about it. As the adage goes, everything is determined by fate. Of all the Martial Techniques, you chose that secret manual.”
 Xiao Chen thought to himself, I am an Azure Dragon, a bona fide Divine Dragon bloodline.
 It is not possible for me to become a Heavenly Dragon. Vice Hall Master Li will be disappointed.
 After saying goodbye to Vice Hall Master Li, Xiao Chen walked down the peak alone.
 His conversation with Vice Hall Master Li still lingered in his mind.
 A Heavenly Dragon, who fought with the Dragon Emperor, had actually created the Supreme Dragon Fist. That was truly unexpected.
 No wonder Xiao Chen felt that the Supreme Dragon Fist was filled with defiance and had an unorthodox feel to it the first time he looked at it.
 The vast and mighty group of dragons wanders the world, entering the sky and the sea. Who is honored? The group of dragons is leaderless in the four seas and eight cardinal directions. The world is unfair, and the evil dragon rules. Why is he honored? Fate is unfavorable; life is like paper…what is supreme? In the entire world, only I am honored.
 The incantation for the Supreme Dragon Fist rang out in Xiao Chen’s mind, and his thoughts drifted off.
 It looks like I have to practice this Fist Technique properly. Since it is created by a Heavenly Dragon, it is definitely real.
 Vice Hall Master Li also said that the Divine Dragon bloodline could also produce a Heavenly Dragon, in theory.
 I might still stand a chance.
 I wonder if there is any difference between the Azure Dragon bloodline metamorphosing into the Heavenly Dragon bloodline and an ordinary bloodline doing the same?
 “Xiao Chen!”
 Just as Xiao Chen’s thoughts were wandering, a startled cry recalled him from his reverie.
 Xiao Chen raised his head and looked at the person approaching. He stared somewhat blankly for a moment, then revealed an expression of sudden understanding.
 Zhang Yunxuan!
 This was the person who forced Xiao Chen to make a move before he left for his missions, the person who was beaten up into a dead dog. Coincidentally, he just returned, and he ran into this person.
 “Xiao Chen, you are really bold. The Law Enforcement Hall put you in detention, and you actually sneaked out.”
 Zhang Yunxuan was stunned when he saw Xiao Chen. After getting a clear look, he could not help laughing coldly in his heart.
 Xiao Chen, you are great. It looks like the Law Enforcement Hall has not punished you enough. Even after being put in detention, you dare to sneak out.
 “Quickly, go and call the Blood Dragon Guards; I’ll delay him. After breaking the sect rules and getting punished, he actually dares to sneak out. This is another offense on top of the previous one. Xiao Chen, no one can save you today!”
 Zhang Yunxuan looked at Xiao Chen and smiled coldly. At the same time, his friends hurried off to inform the Blood Dragon Guards.
 Xiao Chen suddenly remembered that he was supposedly put in detention. Back then, Vice Hall Master Li said that he would just casually make up a punishment and that Xiao Chen should not appear for now.
 Xiao Chen had forgotten about it.
 However, did it matter?
 It did not!
 Xiao Chen raised his hand and threw a punch at Zhang Yunxuan. After the tempering from the missions, his cultivation was stable, and his ken had increased. In many ways, he became firm and steady.
 When he punched, his attack was sharp. The fist wind contained thirty Cauldron Force and an incredibly sharp saber intent.
 Xiao Chen raised his leg lightly and moved. Then, two Dao disks appeared behind him, kicking up wind and churning clouds.
 This time, Zhang Yunxuan was prepared. He kept his guard up against Xiao Chen. When he saw Xiao Chen take action, he laughed, “I was just waiting for you to make a move.”
 However, when the fist wind approached, an immense might pressed down; the fierce fist wind was stifling.
 Zhang Yunxuan immediately regretted his choice. He simply could not receive this punch and should have dodged the moment the attack was launched.
 However, Xiao Chen’s fist already arrived. Retreat was impossible.
 A loud sound rang out. Xiao Chen’s punch knocked Zhang Yunxuan into the air. After he landed, he kept backing away.
 “Bang! Bang! Bang!”
 Xiao Chen executed Thunder Dragon Steps, standing on a lightning dragon and emitting electric light from his entire body. Saber winds and fist lights flew out continuously.
 Punch after punch battered Zhang Yunxuan. With every blow, more blood leaked out from between his lips.
 After ten punches, he could no longer endure. After getting knocked back yet again, he vomited a large mouthful of blood.
 Zhang Yunxuan was just about to get up when Xiao Chen stomped down on him.
 “Senior Brother Zhang, the Blood Dragon Guards are coming! The Blood Dragon Guards are coming!”
 At the crucial moment, reinforcements came. Zhang Yunxuan, whom Xiao Chen was trampling on, could not help laughing out loud. “Xiao Chen, your death approaches. Let’s see how you are going to participate in the selection for heaven-class core disciples after the Blood Dragon Guards arrest you!”
 Xiao Chen raised an eyebrow and looked at the four Blood Dragon Guards in the air. Then, killing Qi appeared and vanished in a flash.
 When the four Blood Dragon Guards saw Xiao Chen, their expressions turned startled.
 Before coming, they had not heard that the one breaking the rules was Xiao Chen. When Xiao Chen’s gaze swept over them, they felt a chill.
 “Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”
 The Blood Dragon Guards landed and walked over to Xiao Chen and Zhang Yunxuan.
 “It’s him! It’s him! He escaped from detention and broke the sect rules. Now, he even injured his fellow sect member, committing more offenses on top of what he already did,” Zhang Yunxuan yelled when he saw the Blood Dragon Guards walk over. The glee on his face grew thicker as he pointed at Xiao Chen.
 “Senior Brother, you’ve had it hard. Leave this person to us.”
 “It’s not been hard, not at all,” Zhang Yunxuan said with a smile. However, he soon felt that something was not quite right. These words did not seem to be directed at him.
 “Core disciple Zhang Yunxuan, you deliberately attacked fellow sect member Xiao Chen. You are a vile influence. Now, we will bring you away, according to the sect rules.”
 After the Blood Dragon Guards spoke, they each launched one palm strike and knocked Zhang Yunxuan out. Then, they worked together to lift him.
 The leader of this group of Blood Dragon Guards looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Senior Brother Xiao Chen, we will take our leave first.”
 The disciples that came with Zhang Yunxuan were all stupefied when they saw this scene.
 Why did nothing happen to Xiao Chen? Instead, Senior Brother Zhang was brought away.
 What a joke. Right now, the Blood Dragon Guards did not dare to offend Xiao Chen. Everyone knew that Vice Hall Master Li backed him.
 It was already fortunate that Xiao Chen did not beat them up.

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