Chapter 1918

 Chapter 1918 (Raw 2019): Mission Ends
 Six bolts of tribulation lightning landed on Yan Cangming amid loud sounds.
 Yan Cangming’s strong cultivation blocked most of the tribulation’s might. However, the tribulation ignited his sin, inflicting unbearable pain that he could not extinguish.
 Dense scales appeared on Yan Cangming’s face. That scar turned even more horrifying. His eyes shone with a demonic light.
 Yan Cangming’s expression twisted from the pain. His thoughts were chaotic as he entered a state of Berserking Qi Deviation.
 He gave off terrifying sin from head to foot. The sin seemed nearly solid, continuously torturing him.
 “Young Master!”
 When the many Flood Dragon Humans saw Yan Cangming’s unusual state, they quickly flew over. They had worried expressions as they landed beside him.
 Yan Cangming, who was in a chaotic state and emitting a surging killing intent, gritted his teeth. His eyes slowly cleared up when he saw the Flood Dragon Humans around him.
 This person’s willpower was scarily strong. He could actually endure the rebound of the horrifying sin through sheer determination.
 The Flood Dragon Humans had just gone over to help the pale Yan Cangming up when the Rakshasa Demon Sovereign Personage Wu Ting arrived and slapped him away.
 Yan Cangming was smacked into the air with a crisp, resounding slap. Half his face swelled up, and blood leaked out of his mouth.
 “Haha! Your ambitious scheme ended up getting Rakshasa Tian’s clone chopped down, and the Flame Dragon Legion escaped. Who knows whether we can defend the resource node or not. Yan Cangming, you can forget about having your own territory. You are just a group of wretched dragons. You all should just remain kneeling!”
 Wu Ting was enraged. Since the Rakshasa Tian clone at his resource node got killed, he would become the joke of the Rakshasa Race.
 And worse, the members of his race might even use it as an excuse to come and attack him.
 It would still be fine if Wu Ting managed to eradicate the Flame Dragon Legion and occupy the Dragon’s Gate’s main base in the Abyssal Underworld.
 However, despite the Flame Dragon Legion’s severe losses, it still retained its combat prowess—enough to make conquering Flame Dragon City impossible.
 After paying such a huge price, Wu Ting ended up with nothing but trouble for himself. How could he not be furious?
 The fury of a Sovereign Personage made the group of Flood Dragon Humans tremble in fear, worried that Wu Ting might kill them in anger at any moment.
 “Remain kneeling and slap yourself!”
 “Pa! Pa! Pa!”
 Yan Cangming did not say anything. He remained kneeling on the ground, slapping himself until his face swelled up. Even after vomiting blood, he still did not stop.
 “My Lord!”
 The black-armored Rakshasa Demon slowly descended and arrived at Wu Ting’s side. Then, he reported softly, “I just received news that the Golden Crow Empire’s people are rushing over. It looks like they intend to take the Dragon’s Gate resource node that we occupied.”
 An uncontainable fury welled up in Wu Ting. He sent out a palm wind containing his Sovereign Personage Will and struck Yan Cangming into the air.
 “Retreat. Abandon the resource node.”
 The black-armored Rakshasa Demon glanced at Yan Cangming before snorting coldly and leaving with Wu Ting.
 “Young Master!”
 Upon seeing the two Rakshasa Demons leave, the other Flood Dragon Humans quickly helped Yan Cangming to his feet, their eyes brimming with worry.
 Yan Cangming tightly clenched his right fist. His sharp nails dug into his flesh, causing some blood to seep out.
 “I’m fine. Clear out the corpses of our race. Let’s go, as well.”
 However, where could the Flood Dragon Humans go? This vast first layer of the Abyssal Underworld was like a dark forest. Danger lay everywhere. While it looked vast and boundless, the Flood Dragon Humans had nowhere to truly establish a footing.
 Yan Cangming slowly relaxed his hand. The rage and murderous intent eased, returning him to how he was before.
 However, there was an unforgettable obsession hidden deep in his heart.
 Yan Cangming looked around. The sea of lava mostly had corpses of the Flood Dragon Humans. In fact, not many of the Rakshasa Race died.
 After a while, the Flood Dragon Humans cleared out most of the corpses belonging to their race. All that remained were the Dragon Race cultivators’ corpses, which the Flame Dragon Legion did not manage to collect, and the Rakshasa Demon corpses, which no one cared about.
 It had to be said that the Flame Dragon Legion was indeed well-disciplined and much more responsive than the Rakshasa Race and the Flood Dragon Humans.
 Given an opening, the Flame Dragon Legion instantly turned the situation around, preserving most of their strength.
 However, this opening should not have existed in Yan Cangming’s plan.
 A white-robed bladesman riding a Demon Blood Vulture appeared slowly in Yan Cangming’s mind.
 Four hours later:
 The Flame Dragon Legion returned to Flame Dragon City and tightened security.
 A suppressive atmosphere spread throughout the city. They had not suffered such a severe blow since the Flame Dragon Legion’s establishment.
 If not for Xiao Chen suddenly appearing and creating an opening, the consequences would have been dire.
 “General, the Golden Crow Empire’s army moved out. The Rakshasa Demons and the Flood Dragon Humans are retreating.”
 Before everyone could sit down and catch a breather, this news arrived. General Feng sighed.
 There would be no way to reclaim the resource node. The Golden Crow Empire’s army must have received news and made their move.
 If it were him, he would not let such an opportunity go.
 However, this was still acceptable. General Feng could go over and negotiate with the Golden Crow Race. Perhaps he might be able to reclaim the resource node after paying a price. After all, they were still allies in name.
 “Send out my order. Have people put in their full effort to search for Xiao Chen and the others. Then, bring them back to the city.”
 The legion had left in a hurry, unable to care about Xiao Chen, Wei Hongfei, or the others. They now could only pray that these Dragon Race elites would be very lucky and would survive this calamity.
 Three days later, the Demon Blood Vulture carried Xiao Chen and Murong Yan, who were back in peak condition, to Flame Dragon City.
 Back then, after the two escaped from danger, they did not rush back to Flame Dragon City.
 They moved about carefully, seeking a desolate place where they could recuperate.
 The two had been severely injured and resolved not to come out until they recovered completely. In the end, they returned to their peak states only after three days.
 Murong Yan patted the back of the Demon Blood Vulture and smiled. “Xiao Chen, your demonic pet is pretty good. When can you help me get one?”
 This was the first time the silly bird was praised. After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen said, “There should be an opportunity. Its father is the Demon Blood Vultures’ chief. In the future, we could go and ask.”
 Stop mentioning my father. Every time he is mentioned, I feel angry! the Demon Blood Vulture complained in Xiao Chen’s mind.
 This was understandable. After all, Xiao Chen obtained it only because its father sold it off.
 When Murong Yan heard that, he rejoiced. “Really?”
 “Really. However, we will have to wait for an opportunity first,” Xiao Chen replied casually with a smile.
 After managing to flee alive from consecutive huge battles, the two felt somewhat relaxed.
 “We’ve arrived.”
 “Whoosh! Whoosh!”
 The silhouette of Flame Dragon City appeared before the two. They leaped off and landed firmly on the ground.
 The two had no sooner landed than a group of Flame Dragon Legion cultivators appeared and surrounded them.
 After the earlier battle, Flame Dragon City was much more tightly guarded, several times more so than before.
 “Xiao Chen!”
 “It really is Xiao Chen!”
 When the Flame Dragon Legion cultivators took in Xiao Chen’s appearance, they immediately broke out in joyful smiles.
 The leader of the group said respectfully, “Young Master Xiao, the general has been searching for you for several days already. He thought that something happened to you. Come, come, come. Let’s return to the city.”
 Murong Yan, who was completely ignored, felt upset. He protested, “Hey, I’m here too.”
 “Haha! Young Master Murong, come along as well. The general did not forget you.”
 In mere moments, news of Xiao Chen and Murong Yan’s return to the city spread through the entire army.
 Everywhere the two passed, all the cultivators looked over at them.
 Now, everyone knew that a genius had appeared in the Heavenly Dragon Palace. This genius had chopped down Rakshasa Tian’s clone with one saber strike, then created an opening for the Flame Dragon Legion practically single-handedly, saving more than ten thousand of the Flame Dragon Legion’s cultivators.
 In other words, every cultivator in the Flame Dragon Legion owed Xiao Chen and Murong Yan a favor.
 General Feng and the rest of the Flame Dragon Legion upper echelon came out of the city to receive the two at the city gates.
 Xiao Chen thought back to when he first arrived. Everyone in the Flame Dragon Legion had wondered if he could handle this responsibility.
 Now, Xiao Chen was famous. Everyone knew about the White Robed Bladesman, who chopped down Rakshasa Tian’s clone with one saber strike and rescued the Flame Dragon Legion from danger.
 “Xiao Chen, Murong Yan, it is really all thanks to you two this time. The entire Flame Dragon Legion owes you two a favor.”
 General Feng did not put on any airs, directly declaring Xiao Chen’s contribution.
 Murong Yan accepted this commendation without standing on ceremony. Then, he noticed Wei Hongfei by General Feng’s side. Greatly startled, he exclaimed, “You actually did not die! I thought I saw you being flung into the lava with my own eyes?!”
 Wei Hongfei frowned. Anyone would feel upset at hearing these words. He said calmly, “The Golden Dragon Palace core disciples all have an Emperor Dragon Pill that the Dragon Emperor personally gave. We will not die that easily.”
 After the explanation, Wei Hongfei’s gaze landed on Xiao Chen, and he said softly, “It is really astonishing that the Heavenly Dragon Palace produced someone like you.”
 “Brother Wei, you are too polite.”
 Xiao Chen nodded slightly. This Wei Hongfei was pretty good. He had seen Wei Hongfei delaying Yan Cangming at the risk of death.
 General Feng said softly, “Let’s stop the conventional greetings here first. The five of you, come with me. I will give you the rewards for completing the mission.”

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