Chapter 1914

Chapter 1914 (Raw 2015): Charging out of Encirclement
Nine dragons soared into the air and instantly dodged the attacks of the four high-ranked Rakshasa Demons.
The black-armored Rakshasa Demon was extremely decisive. He immediately chose to summon Rakshasa Tian’s clone.
Rather than letting Xiao Chen destroy the statue, the black-armored Rakshasa Demon might as well waste this one chance to summon Rakshasa Tian’s clone and kill all these invaders.
“Clack! Clack! Clack!”
Rocks fell off the surface of the three-kilometer-tall Rakshasa Tian statue, and the Underworld Monarch Might continuously strengthened.
Below, Liu Feng and the other three had already won their fights. Their expressions changed slightly, and after being stunned for a moment, they decisively retreated.
Although the scene before them was surprising, the plan had still taken this possibility into account.
The best result of the mission was the destruction of the altar. The worst would be its failure. However, there was still an in-between possibility. That was what was happening now—the other party summoning Rakshasa Tian’s clone in advance.
Clearly, Rakshasa Tian’s clone could not be summoned every day. Otherwise, the Rakshasa Race would be unrivaled in the Abyssal Underworld. They could summon Rakshasa Tian’s clone only once a month.
It required sufficient sacrifice and time. The Underworld God Altar itself also needed maintenance.
Rakshasa Tian’s clone being summoned in advance of the battle was still an acceptable result for the Flame Dragon Legion.
However, for Xiao Chen’s group, it was practically a death sentence.
It was already hard to flee in the first place. With Rakshasa Tian’s clone showing up, would they have a chance to leave?
Liu Feng pulled out the signal flag. After rotating the bottom once, he shot it towards the sky.
Instantly, the signal flag burned bright in the sky, looking like a star. The color changed continuously before finally fixing on red.
A few late-stage Holy Venerate Rakshasa Demons fighting Wei Hongfei in the air felt a scary Underworld Monarch Might surging out.
These Rakshasa Demons looked up and happened to see the rocks falling off the Rakshasa Tian statue. So, they could not help feeling stunned.
“With the Underworld Monarch appearing, you will all die for sure!”
When the Rakshasa Demons surrounding Wei Hongfei saw this scene, they started laughing coldly. Their attacks became even sharper.
However, just at this moment, Wei Hongfei’s eyes suddenly flared and turned golden.
Wei Hongfei instantly activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline. The Dragon Might from the Great Desolate Eon Golden Divine Dragon Race infused into him. A berserk Dragon Might immediately knocked the Rakshasa Demons back.
He looked around casually at the others, who were in a chaotic situation. Then, he turned and fled with the Great Desolate Eon Dragon Might supporting him.
In such a situation, Wei Hongfei simply did not have any leeway to care for others. He might not even be able to escape himself.
Extremely decisive, Wei Hongfei turned into a flash of golden light, using the Great Desolate Eon Dragon Might to flee. With the Dragon Might spreading out, no one could block him. Soon, he carved a path out for himself.
“After him! When his bloodline power runs out, it will be time for him to die!”
The Rakshasa Demon experts that Wei Hongfei knocked back clearly did not intend to let him off so easily.
The Rakshasa Demons turned into flashes of demonic light and gave chase.
“This time, I truly am going to die.”
The somewhat fatigued Murong Yan looked at the endless flood of Rakshasa Demons surrounding him. When he felt Rakshasa Tian’s clone manifesting, he could not help the despair appearing in his eyes.
Although Wei Hongfei attracted the attention of most of the Rakshasa Demon experts, Murong Yan was still facing practically the entire Rakshasa army.
Although there were not many experts, as the adage went, many ants could bite an elephant to death. Murong Yan had activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline way before Wei Hongfei did.
It was impossible for Murong Yan to use his bloodline power to save his life.
Countless Rakshasa Demons surrounded Murong Yan; they were in every direction, even above and below. However, they did not dare to act rashly.
This berserk Red Dragon Race cultivator had made too deep an impression on these Rakshasa Demons earlier.
Murong Yan restrained the anger in his heart. His entire body was bathed in blood. He looked around as he panted. He had only one simple thought in his mind: to kill more before he died.
Between the two Dragon Race cultivators, there was no telling who was right or wrong.
However, it was clear that Murong Yan’s thoughts were much more direct than Wei Hongfei’s.
This showed a difference in intelligence.
As Rakshasa Tian’s clone was being summoned, the nine lightning dragons soared into the sky. Then, they merged in a vortex of thunderclouds in the sky.
The instant Xiao Chen’s figure appeared, countless bolts of lightning burst out of his body.
When Xiao Chen looked around, he saw that Liu Feng and the rest already left. Within one second, he had analyzed the situation before him.
This is bad!
The Underworld Monarch Rakshasa Tian statue had already shed off a significant portion of its stone covering. Rakshasa Tian’s clone would descend shortly.
At that time, no matter how capable Xiao Chen was, he would end up surrendering his life.
“Run away, you lowly, mixed-blood dragon. With the Underworld Monarch appearing, you will die for sure. Hahaha!” The black-armored Rakshasa laughed maniacally as he looked at Xiao Chen in the air. He continued forming hand seals through all this.
A horrifying Underworld Monarch Might had already swept through the entire battlefield, giving all the Rakshasa Demons a great boost in morale.
Those who were fleeing were being pursued, all of them in extremely sorry states.
“Clack! Clack! Clack!”
The sound of the rocks falling off the Underworld Monarch Rakshasa Tian statue was like a death knell. It incited worry and disrupted thought.
Can I flee?
Where can I flee to? When Rakshasa Tian’s clone appears, there will be nowhere safe.
I can only fight!
Black clouds spread out under the thundercloud vortex. Xiao Chen activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline, and a golden light appeared in his eyes, looking like a divine flame burning.
However, before the light could escape, he closed his eyes.
The Tyrant Saber, in his right hand, left his hand and spun around in the air, flickering with boundless electric light.
Buddhist sect’s Seven Kill Seal!
A swastika appeared on Xiao Chen’s forehead as he formed a hand seal with his right hand. After he activated the Great Desolate Eon bloodline, his killing Qi became incomparably horrifying. With a sevenfold increase, the boundless killing intent that erupted filled the entire city.
The killing intent instantly suppressed the Underworld Monarch Might, giving all the Rakshasa Demons pause. When the killing intent arrived, their movements stiffened.
The horrifying killing intent surged and burned. It was as if a murderous god born in an ancient battlefield had appeared in the mundane world.
However, Xiao Chen’s heart remained incomparably calm. He was like a person of the Buddhist sect looking at the situation with a discerning eye. An unbearably turbid aura permeated the entire demolished city.
Only Xiao Chen gave off a gentle light, separate from the killing intent pervading the place.
He was like the lotus flower not retaining water or the sun and moon never remaining in the sky forever.
Xiao Chen was clearly in the water, but he did not get wet at all—an extremely profound state.
“What is he doing?”
The black-armored Rakshasa Demon slowed his actions of summoning Rakshasa Tian.
What was Xiao Chen doing?
Naturally, Xiao Chen was staking everything on a gamble, making a final effort at survival.
Xiao Chen ferociously opened his eyes. At this moment, Rakshasa Tian completely revealed himself. A gray light shone in all directions.
Xiao Chen looked up, and a pair of jade-green eyes projected a terrifying will straight into his Soul Pool.
An ordinary person would not be able to move at all before the horror of Rakshasa Tian and this will, frozen on the spot.
However, Xiao Chen, who was in the air, did not evince any fear of Rakshasa Tian’s clone at all.
Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and directly drew the Tyrant Saber, which had been spinning in the air.
A crisp saber hum rang out in the surroundings.
Resolving the Mundane!
After resolving the mundane heart, there was no desire, no joy, and no grief. Xiao Chen was immune to all mental attacks and negative emotions.
After activating his Great Desolate Eon bloodline and forming the Seven Kill Seal, he executed Resolving the Mundane. The might of his saber strike already reached an inconceivable level.
Xiao Chen landed his saber strike, splitting in half Rakshasa Tian, who just appeared and did not know what was going on yet, with the eternal saber light from the Tyrant Saber.
The undiminished might of the saber strike landed on the altar. The black-armored Rakshasa Demon aside, this saber strike crushed the high-ranked Rakshasa Demons, not even leaving bones behind.
This saber strike continued cutting down and destroyed the entire altar.
Just like that, Xiao Chen’s saber strike destroyed Rakshasa Tian’s clone before it could make any moves at all.
Liu Feng and the other Dragon Race disciples, who were fleeing, were stunned by this saber strike, deeply shocked.
Before the shock waves dissipated, Xiao Chen’s Great Desolate Eon bloodline slowly withdrew. He wiped the blood off his lips and revealed a smile. “The gamble paid off!”
He had gambled that the moment that Rakshasa Tian arrived would be Rakshasa Tian’s weakest moment.
If Xiao Chen did not kill Rakshasa Tian’s clone with this saber strike, Rakshasa Tian’s clone would kill him in the next second.
Fortunately, his gamble proved right.
“Go!” Xiao Chen called out, and there was a flash of red light. The Demon Blood Vulture appeared and carried him into the air.
On the Demon Blood Vulture’s back, Xiao Chen consumed several Medicinal Pills in rapid succession—Primeval Heavenly Pills, an Underworld Heart Pill, and a Living Blood Pill. After that, he closed his eyes and rested.
Fortunately, the Demon Blood Vulture had not come out from the start to the end, preserving its strength.
It flew forward swiftly, carrying Xiao Chen and killing its way out in the sky.
After recovering slightly, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and happened to see Murong Yan below being forced into a corner.
Murong Yan’s armor was broken, and wounds covered his entire body. Fatigue showed on his face, his eyes listless. His figure swayed, but he gritted his teeth and held on.
“This fellow…”
Without hesitating, Xiao Chen leaped down and turned into a lightning bolt. He streaked past many Rakshasa Demons riding flying ghostly beasts in the sky. As he approached Murong Yan, the lightning bolt turned into a lightning dragon and pushed everyone back.
Then, the lightning dragon surrounded Murong Yan, continuously circling him. It picked up Murong Yan and turned into a lightning dragon storm, soaring into the air.
After knocking the Rakshasa Demons in the air away, the storm abated. Xiao Chen and Murong Yan landed on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back.
“Hahaha! This great me is actually not dead. I, Murong Yan, am indeed not fated to die!”
Murong Yan went wild with joy when he landed on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back. He laughed endlessly but did not say thanks to Xiao Chen at all.
However, Xiao Chen had seen this happen too many times already. Even so, he did not care. He promptly closed his eyes, taking the opportunity to recuperate further.
The few times Situ Changfeng saved this fellow, he did not even get a word of thanks.
There was something wrong with this person’s brain. He felt that people rescuing him was something normal and logical. He did not feel that there was anything wrong with this thinking.
However, someday, if one were in dire straits, Murong Yan would definitely come to save one without care for himself.
Likewise, Murong Yan would not expect a word of thanks in return. In his opinion, doing so was something very normal and only right.

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