Chapter 1915

 Chapter 1915 (Raw 2016): The Legion Surrounded
 “Xiao Chen, you are truly incredible. To think that such a talent like you could come from the Mixed-Blood Dragon Palace; that is really strange,” Murong Yan exclaimed in excitement when he saw Xiao Chen open his eyes.
 Xiao Chen said expressionlessly, “I’m from the Heavenly Dragon Palace.”
 “Haha! Isn’t the Heavenly Dragon Palace the Mixed-Blood Dragon Palace?”
 “Say another word, and I will toss you off.”
 Seeing that Xiao Chen did not seem to be joking, Murong Yan laughed abashedly and said, “I won’t say anymore. I won’t say anymore.”
 The Demon Blood Vulture carried the two forward, carving a path out with its might.
 Dust clouds roiled at the rubble of the Underworld God Altar. The black-armored Rakshasa Demon walked out from the rubble, looking weak and frowning heavily.
 Anger flashed in the black-armored Rakshasa Demon’s eyes. To think that someone destroyed Rakshasa Tian’s clone the moment he appeared.
 The Underworld Monarch Rakshasa Tian was something like a deity to them. Hence, the black-armored Rakshasa Demon found this turn of events unacceptable.
 Just at this moment, a black-clad man walked out from behind the rubble. This person had a perfect figure. His bare arms bulged with muscles. His eyes were spirited and his expression cold and stern. However, there was a sinister-looking scar on his right cheek.
 This scar gave that handsome face a very different air, making him look sinister and overbearing.
 “Yan Cangming, I have followed your plan and summoned the Underworld Monarch’s clone in advance. If things do not proceed the way you said that it would, neither you nor I will be able to bear the consequences,” the black-armored Rakshasa Demon said through gritted teeth as he looked at the black-clad man.
 Rakshasa Tian had a myriad of incarnations. One clone counted as nothing. However, to the black-armored Rakshasa Demon, the clone’s destruction was a humiliation, one that would inevitably incite mockery in the future.
 This might even become a reason for others to attack the Rakshasa Race. The black-armored Rakshasa Demon could not help getting angry.
 The scarred Yan Cangming said indifferently, “Don’t worry. The Flame Dragon Legion should have set off already. Lord Wu Ting has long been prepared. We are just waiting for them to come. After this, the Dragon’s Gate will not be able to develop further for ten years in this first layer of the Abyssal Underworld.
 “Besides, I have already prepared a trump card. You know about that, so why worry?”
 At Yan Cangming’s mention of the trump card, the black-armored Rakshasa Demon’s expression relaxed somewhat. Then, he said somewhat playfully, “It is still you Flood Dragon Humans that are the best at dealing with the Dragon Race. After all, you were once part of the same race.”
 It turned out that this scarred man was a Flood Dragon Human. It was rather hard to tell.
 A murderous intent flashed in Yan Cangming’s heart. However, there were no fluctuations in his expression. After a while, he suppressed his murderous intent.
 “What do you think of the Dragon Race cultivator who chopped apart Rakshasa Tian’s clone with one saber strike?” the black-armored Rakshasa Demon asked as he looked at Yan Cangming.
 Yan Cangming looked into the distance and replied, “Very strong. The mixed-dragon race has not had such a horrifying character in many years already. However, it will be difficult for him to have a future in the Divine Dragon Empire due to the limitations of his bloodline.”
 “Are you certain?” the black-armored Rakshasa Demon asked softly.
 Xiao Chen’s earlier saber strike left a deep impression. It was simply hard to imagine how horrifying this person’s future would be.
 However, Yan Cangming said that there was no need to worry, that Xiao Chen would not be able to accomplish much.
 Yan Cangming thought for a long time, then said indifferently, “If the mixed-blood dragons were not pushed so hard, then why did most of them follow the Black Dragon King into the Abyssal Underworld back then.”
 “Shut up. Don’t mention those three words!”
 The black-armored Rakshasa Demon erupted in rage. He showed a sullen expression and unreasonably interrupted Yan Cangming.
 The words “Black Dragon King” were taboo in the nine layers of the Abyssal Underworld. No one was permitted to mention them. Yan Cangming glanced at this black-armored Rakshasa Demon and said softly, “The preparations should be done. I need to rush over to Lord Wu Ting’s side. I’ll leave this place to you.”
 After speaking, Yan Cangming disappeared in a flash into the darkness, going far away.
 Most of the Flame Dragon Legion had already gathered outside Flame Dragon City. They were ready to depart and take back the resource node.
 War chariots gathered like clouds on the desolate wilderness. Warships covered the sky.
 Tens of thousands of Dragon Race cultivators stood in tight formation, exuding invisible Dragon Might and spreading their aura.
 General Feng had seen the signal that Liu Feng sent out. The Underworld Monarch clone being activated in advance was an acceptable situation.
 However, although the Flame Dragon Legion considered it acceptable, that was the situation that the seven youths carrying out the mission were the most unwilling to see.
 It would already be very fortunate if one of the seven could leave after Rakshasa Tian’s clone arrived.
 “General, it is almost time,” the adjutant prompted softly from the side.
 General Feng collected his thoughts. Then, a burning flame flashed in his eyes as he said, “Flame Dragon Legion, set off!”
 Immediately, horses with dragon blood broke into a gallop, neighing loudly. The war chariots rumbled over the ground, making the ground tremble slightly.
 The warships flew together in the sky, covering the sky and sun.
 The Flame Dragon Legion advanced rapidly. The tens of thousands of troops were actually no slower than Xiao Chen and the other six. The entire legion was like an exquisite machine.
 As time passed, this machine picked up its pace. The Flame Dragon Legion looked like a huge burning dragon from a distance. It became like a clump of flame in the air, moving very quickly.
 In just a while, this team traversed fifty thousand kilometers, traveling somewhat startlingly fast.
 Everywhere the Flame Dragon Legion passed, the ghostly beasts in the way instantly burned to ashes.
 If a lone Sovereign Personage faced this Flame Dragon Legion, he would have to flee and not dare to show his sharpness wantonly.
 Wei Hongfei heaved a sigh after escaping the pursuit of the Rakshasa army and landing on a mound.
 He consumed a Medicinal Pill and closed his eyes to recuperate. His Grade 6 Golden Dragon bloodline helped him to recover quickly.
 After about fifteen minutes, Wei Hongfei suddenly opened his eyes. He saw two figures rushing over to him in the dark night.
 Dragon Race aura!
 When the two figures approached, Wei Hongfei discovered that it was Liu Feng and the White Dragon Palace core disciple.
 “Brother Wei!”
 Upon seeing Wei Hongfei, the two showed joy on their faces and landed on the mound.
 Wei Hongfei asked, “Where are the others?”
 There were still traces of blood on Liu Feng’s face, which looked rather miserable. He sighed and said, “I saw the Rakshasa Demons surrounding and killing Brother Hong and Brother Ma. I don’t know about Xiao Chen and Murong Yan, but I believe it would be hard for them to escape.”
 Murong Yan had activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline long ago. Furthermore, he attracted the attention of so many Rakshasa Demons. Needless to say, it would be hard for him to escape death.
 As for Xiao Chen, after that saber strike, he definitely would be extremely weak. Furthermore, he had been in the center of the rubble, surrounded by Rakshasa Demons elites. Likewise, he would find it hard to escape death.
 “If Brother Xiao Chen died, it would be too unfortunate. If not for him killing the Underworld Monarch’s clone at the crucial moment, even with Brother Liu’s and my best efforts, we could not possibly have fled.”
 The White Dragon Palace core disciple recalled Xiao Chen’s saber strike, still feeling shocked.
 This greatly startled Wei Hongfei, and he jumped to his feet with astonishment on his face. “Say that one more time? Xiao Chen’s saber strike destroyed Rakshasa Tian’s clone?!”
 “It is absolutely true. Brother Liu Feng and I saw it with our own eyes!”
 Liu Feng did not dare to lie. He nodded in agreement. If not for Xiao Chen’s saber strike, he would have died long ago.
 Even if Rakshasa Tian did not make a move, his Underworld Monarch Might would support the Rakshasa Demons and greatly increase their strength.
 Being able to escape under the current circumstances was already very fortunate. What more when facing a strengthened Rakshasa Demon army?
 Wei Hongfei’s expression changed. He tightly clenched his right fist, complicated emotions flashing in his eyes.
 The instant Rakshasa Tian’s clone appeared, the first thought of Wei Hongfei, a Golden Dragon Palace core disciple, was to flee right away.
 However, Xiao Chen, a mixed-blood dragon bloodline cultivator, actually dared to do something that Wei Hongfei did not dare to do: gamble with his life.
 Vaguely, Xiao Chen completely surpassed Wei Hongfei.
 As the empire’s current ruler, those of the Golden Dragon Race were all incredibly proud. Such a result made him feel somewhat embarrassed.
 If Wei Hongfei had dared to gamble with his life, perhaps he might also have had the chance to kill Rakshasa Tian’s clone when it first appeared.
 However, he had not dared to make this gamble. If he failed to kill Rakshasa Tian’s clone, he would have died for sure.
 Wei Hongfei lost to Xiao Chen just on this point alone.
 “No, we have to go back and rescue Xiao Chen. Even if we cannot rescue him, we need to bring back his corpse. We cannot let the Underground Demons desecrate his corpse,” Wei Hongfei said seriously with a determined look in his eyes.
 “Brother Wei! Brother Wei!”
 The two quickly tried to stop Wei Hongfei. What kind of joke was this? Charging back in their condition was tantamount to suicide.
 “I’ve made up my mind. The two of you don’t need to follow me.”
 Actually, Wei Hongfei still could fight. From the very beginning, he had held some strength in reserve. He still had some trump cards available.
 Xiao Chen’s gambling his life to kill Rakshasa Tian’s clone impressed Wei Hongfei deeply, so he decided to go back and make a gamble as well.
 If Xiao Chen was not dead, then everything would be worth it.
 Liu Feng advised anxiously, “Senior Brother Wei, the two of us are grateful to Xiao Chen for saving us. However, if we go back now, we would only be sending ourselves to death. There is no need for it.”
 Just at this moment, the ground trembled endlessly. Cracks appeared on the mound.
 A surging Dragon Might arrived and flattened this one-kilometer-tall mound.
 Liu Feng immediately rejoiced. The Flame Dragon Legion was here. They were now completely safe.
 The adjutant by General Feng’s side waved a flag, and the rapidly moving Flame Dragon Legion instantly came to a halt.
 “This is great. It is really fortunate that there are three of you still alive.”
 When General Feng saw Wei Hongfei and the other two, joy flashed in his eyes. He originally thought that it would already be very good if one person could survive.
 General Feng fixed his gaze on Wei Hongfei. Then, he said, “You truly live up to the reputation of a Golden Dragon Palace core disciple. The Golden Dragon Divine Dragon bloodline is truly extraordinary, living up to its reputation. After the battle, I will fulfill your requests as agreed. I will also report your outstanding military service.”
 Wei Hongfei said seriously, “General does not know about this…”
 After some thinking, Wei Hongfei chose to honestly tell General Feng about Xiao Chen killing Rakshasa Tian’s clone.
 “Such a thing really happened?!”
 General Feng was a Sovereign Personage. However, the shock on his face was no lesser than Wei Hongfei’s earlier.
 Xiao Chen, the Heavenly Dragon Palace core disciple that General Feng worried about the most, had actually forced the other side to summon Rakshasa Tian’s clone in advance.
 Furthermore, Xiao Chen had killed Rakshasa Tian with his own strength. Such a thought was simply incredible.
 The mixed-dragon bloodlines had not produced such an astonishing character for many years already.
 “Bang! Bang! Bang!”
 Just at this moment, a huge fireball flew into the sky. The fireball exploded into countless sparks, lighting up the night sky.
 In that instant, the sky turned as bright as day.
 All the cultivators in the Flame Dragon Legion squinted slightly in some discomfort.
 Countless figures appeared left, right, and behind the Flame Dragon Legion. Those areas were densely packed with people.
 These people wore armor flickering with demonic light and had indistinct scales on their faces.
 “The Flood Dragon Humans!”
 General Feng’s expression changed slightly. He waved his hand, and the Flame Dragon Legion instantly entered in a battle-ready state.

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