IMDC: Chapter 1873 (Raw 1884): Cultivating the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art

At the mention of Lan Luo, the Soaring Dragon Marquis appeared somewhat sad.

Just at this moment, footsteps suddenly rang out from outside. It was Lan Luo rushing in.

“Eighth Sister!” Long Yan exclaimed in a bit of a fluster, appearing somewhat shocked.

Seeing the expression on the two men’s faces, Lan Luo said, “It is indeed as Xiao Chen said; you are both hiding something from me.”

The Soaring Dragon Marquis exchanged looks with Long Yan. After a moment of silence, he said, “Tell her the truth.”

Long Yan organized his thoughts, then told Lan Luo everything.

“This Monarch Yu is really disgusting. I absolutely will not marry him.”

Lan Luo showed a disgusted expression. When she thought about Monarch Yu’s actions, she felt repulsed.

Long Yan asked, “Earlier, you said that Xiao Chen already knew. What’s up with that?”

Lan Luo did not hesitate to tell the two everything Xiao Chen told her.

After the Soaring Dragon Marquis heard that, he smiled bitterly and said, “I already gave him such a high evaluation. Unexpectedly, I still underestimated him. Let’s just leave things be. After the little monk’s master comes, I will personally send him off and give him a gift as an apology.”


Night arrived as it normally did.

Xiao Chen treated his injuries in the courtyard and worked on the comprehensions he gained during the day’s battle.

During the fight with Monarch Yu, Xiao Chen had gained a good estimation of his own strength.

With Xiao Chen’s strength now, it should be simple to join any Rank 7 sect.

However, that Monarch Yu was not considered a powerful expert of the dynasty’s younger generation since he had yet to join a Rank 7 sect.

In terms of strength, Xiao Chen should still be some distance from a Rank 7 sect’s core disciple.

However, Xiao Chen had already limited this distance to a certain extent. When he just arrived at the Great Thousand Realms, he was not even comparable to a Rank 3 sect disciple.

In a few short years, he had managed to enter the Central Great Realm with his strength and accumulation. This was already relatively hard to achieve.

In this battle, Xiao Chen’s greatest comprehension was understanding how mighty his peak move was.

After activating his Great Desolate Eon bloodline and using his Soul Energy to power the God Shadow Bow, he would definitely kill a Holy Venerate with one shot if he caught him off guard.

The other thing was the purple saber Qi that he had brought out at the end. He had practiced Dreamlike Mundane World to its limits already.

Now, Xiao Chen could freely use Creating Dreams with the Saber, Entering Dreams with the Saber, and Dreams as a Saber as he pleased.

The next step was physically entering the dream, infusing his Saber Technique deep into the marrow and soul.

With a casual saber strike, Xiao Chen could send out that incredibly strange purple saber Qi that seemed both real and fake at the same time.

His weakness remained his cultivation.

Before Monarch Yu joined a Rank 7 sect, his cultivation already reached late-stage Star Venerate. So, what would the cultivation of those Rank 7 sect disciples be like?

Actually, Xiao Chen set his sights too high. Within the four dynasties, Rank 7 sects were very rare and extremely few in number.

A Rank 7 sect already stood at the top of this world.

Joining a Rank 6 sect was already extremely incredible for a regular person. One would be able to carve out a place for themselves in the dynasty and become famous all over the Central Great Realm.

Furthermore, there were limited spots for the recruitment of Rank 7 sects. In reality, many Rank 6 sect true inheritors were not much weaker than Rank 7 sect disciples.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and said softly, “It is time to cultivate the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art.”

Xiao Chen’s cultivation had been stagnating for some time already. Maintaining primal chaos Veritable Essence Energy required him to dual cultivate the Righteous Dao and Demonic Dao before he could improve.

Just simply cultivating one was not enough.

The Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art had a total of nine layers, every one of which was very hard to cultivate. They required vast resources and clearing of a corresponding demonic tribulation.

While Xiao Chen cultivated, he needed to stop any Heart Demon from affecting him; it was much harder to cultivate than the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation.

This was another challenge for Xiao Chen, a hurdle that he had to face as a dual cultivator of the Righteous Dao and Demonic Dao.

“During the Great Desolate Eon, ferocious beasts wandered around, and the world was in chaos. There was no logic or reason. Only the strong could survive. Among the tens of thousands of ferocious beasts, there was a huge bird that could hold up the heavens, known as Demonic Cloud. At first, it was just a clump of demonic clouds born in the primal chaos. Although it had the bloodline of the Primal Chaos God Demons, it was still incredibly weak…”

The title page recorded how the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art was created.

This Cultivation Technique was born from the Demonic Cloud Bird, a Great Desolate Eon ferocious beast. After the Primal Chaos Demonic Scripture—the Demonic Dao’s Primogenitor Grade Cultivation Technique—was lost, this Cultivation Technique entered the ranks of the top ten Demonic Dao Cultivation Techniques.

This Cultivation Technique had not appeared for at least ten thousand years already, ever since the Scarlet Blood Pirate King fell. Now, few knew about it.

Xiao Chen carefully read through the secret manual, then pondered it.

In order to cultivate this Cultivation Technique, he had to condense a demonic cloud seed in his body first. Otherwise, he could not succeed.

With this thought, Xiao Chen stood up and left the building to look up at the night sky.

After thinking for a while, he soared straight up and eventually arrived among the clouds.

Gathering demonic clouds would not be difficult in a forbidden sea.

However, this was the Yanwu Dynasty, a dynasty where the Righteous Dao ruled. Hence, it was not as easy.

The ambient Spiritual Energy was different.

The Spiritual Energy of the Yanwu Dynasty was astonishingly pure. There was no need for intentional tempering for the Spiritual Energy to condense.

Those that were born and raised in the Yanwu Dynasty had a higher starting point than those outside for most of their life.

Xiao Chen casually grabbed a clump of clouds. After analyzing it for a while, he looked to an even higher place.

“It is not enough. The clouds here are too thin. I have to find a place where the clouds are exceptionally dense.”


Xiao Chen’s figure continued to rise. He slowly felt pressure building up—an invisible pressure encasing the entire dynasty’s territory.

He looked up and seemed to see an invisible giant dragon glaring at him.

That was the dynasty’s Luck protecting this ancient dynasty.

Once one reached a certain height, one would infringe on the dynasty’s might. Continuing to fly upwards would become incredibly difficult.

However, Xiao Chen already saw an extremely dense cloud bank ten kilometers higher. That was extremely suitable for condensing demonic clouds.

He projected his Dragon Might and barged through the resistance, flying to that bank of clouds.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Xiao Chen used his Dragon Might to clash with the dynasty’s Luck, looking very insignificant in the process. During the clash, countless thunderous lightning bolts tore across the sky, streaking out in all directions.

As he reached the bottom of the cloud bank, lightning flashed and thunder roared, accompanying a heavy downpour.

“I’ve arrived.”

One hour later, Xiao Chen caught his breath and entered that somewhat scarily dense cloud bank.

The clouds were pitch-black, a mass of terrifying thunderclouds.

When Xiao Chen stretched out his hand, he could not see his fingers. The extremely intense lightning-attributed energy within the clouds interfered with his Spiritual Sense.

Under such circumstances, Xiao Chen could not send out his Soul Energy at all.

The thing that Soul Energy feared the most was natural lightning. With just a touch, Soul Energy would crumble.

Xiao Chen could only open his Heavenly Eye and grope around in the clouds while advancing cautiously.

This bank of thunderclouds was deep and immeasurable, boundlessly vast.

Several times larger than the entire Soaring Dragon Marquisate in size, it was exceptionally startling.


Suddenly, a transparent and crystalline ferocious beast flickering with electric light flew towards Xiao Chen.

“A Thunder Spirit!”

Xiao Chen recognized this ferocious beast as a spirit born in an environment with an extreme concentration of a particular attribute. This spirit was that of the lightning attribute. It was naturally brutal, cruel, and bad-tempered, with extremely strong offensive powers.

This was a hundred-year-old Thunder Spirit that had the strength of a Star Venerate. Made up entirely of energy, it was exceptionally problematic for regular people to handle.

However, Xiao Chen had his own means of dealing with it. He took out the Soul Slayer Bow and infused his Heart Flame into the arrows, then shot out ten arrows before the Thunder Spirit arrived.

When he was one kilometer away, the Thunder Spirit finally collapsed. It turned into mere streaks of lightning that swam away like electric snakes.

They left a resplendent crystal floating in the clouds.

This crystal was known as a Thunder Crystal. Its value differed depending on its age.

To lightning-attributed cultivators, the Thunder Crystal was extremely precious. There were experts who specialized in hunting Thunder Spirits for the Thunder Crystals.

Xiao Chen casually collected and put away this hundred-year-old Thunder Crystal before proceeding forward.

As he flew deeper into the clouds, he encountered more Thunder Spirits. These Thunder Spirits all had varied appearances.

Sometimes, they looked like snakes. Sometimes, they looked like huge trees. Sometimes, they looked like humans. They had only one common point: they were all energy bodies.

After Xiao Chen finished off a batch of more than a hundred Thunder Spirits, he went no farther. With his strength, going deeper would put him in danger.

This bank of thunderclouds was more horrifying than Xiao Chen imagined.

However, this place was sufficient. He could already absorb the clouds’ power to condense a demonic cloud.

Xiao Chen released the Demon Blood Vulture to have it protect him.

With a loud cry, the Demon Blood Vulture hid in the clouds, flying around happily.

Xiao Chen sat down, cross-legged, and closed his eyes. Then, nine stars lit up on his Primal Core. He infused Demonic Qi Veritable Essence into both his hands as he continuously formed hand seals.

As his hands flashed, the Demonic Qi Veritable Essence Energy drained. A terrifying aura slowly spread out from his body.

This aura caused the clouds to churn and surge in horrifyingly huge waves.

Then, Xiao Chen’s hands stopped, forming the final Heaven Swallowing Seal.

A gigantic Demonic Cloud Bird image appeared behind Xiao Chen. After the Heaven Swallowing Seal manifested, it opened its mouth and sucked.

The Demonic Qi hidden in the deep and immeasurable demonic clouds turned into thousands of tiny black lines that entered his body.

The black energy lines glowed with a demonic nature. As they swayed, they drew together a large patch of demonic clouds.

The process of condensing demonic clouds was rather successful.

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