IMDC: Chapter 1870 (Raw 1881): Saber Light like a Dream

Meteors fell from the sky as the God Shadow Bow in Xiao Chen’s hand shook the surroundings.

This shot directly exploded a star the size of a city.

If this were the Starry Heavens, strong Holy Venerates would be able to do the same thing with their full power as well.

It was just like destroying a city with one sword strike. The problem was that they were not in the Starry Heavens but in a city.

Despite the great height, Xiao Chen’s shot still exploded a star.

Everyone felt that this was too exaggerated and shocking.

This was especially so when Xiao Chen was a Star Venerate.

The upper echelon who had seen the world were all startled and shocked.

The only one who could maintain his calm was the Soaring Dragon Marquis.

Monarch Yu watched all this dispiritedly on the drill ground. Then, his expression distorted.

Monarch Yu glared at Xiao Chen and exclaimed, “You snake! No wonder you wanted to compete in archery. It turns out that you have a Soul Tool. You lowly peasant, how dare you scheme against this Monarch?!”

Xiao Chen held his bow and stood upright. “Think whatever you want. However, you lost. That’s all there is to it.”

“Monarch Yu, you can’t be that shameless. Earlier, when everyone used the same bow, your archery skills clearly were weaker.” Long Hua stood up for Xiao Chen in anger. He had seen everything that happened and figured out what was going on.

The other Long Clan disciples thought the same as Long Hua. However, a barrier in their hearts prevented them from doing so. They were too embarrassed to speak up for Xiao Chen.

Even now, Monarch Yu still wanted to dispute the victory. Actually, there was no point in doing so anymore. Even a fool could tell that he lost.

Whether Monarch Yu was willing to admit to it or not, he lost.

Furthermore, it was a crushing defeat. Be it his honor or reason, he lost it all in this contest.

The aloof and dazzling Monarch Yu fell to rock bottom.

Although Monarch Yu’s strength was still astonishing, he no longer garnered everyone’s worship or respect.

Monarch Yu was now just an ordinary person, a somewhat shameless one, in fact.

First, Monarch Yu broke the rules and took out an inherited Dao Tool. Now, he refused to admit defeat and even used profanities. He was not resigned to his loss and no longer showed any grace.

Monarch Yu turned into a stranger that no one recognized.

“Scram. This Monarch has not lost. This Monarch’s best skill is the sword. Defeat the sword in my hand first!” Monarch Yu snorted coldly. Then, he drew his sword in an instant.

Sword intent howled out like the wind.

Long Hua’s expression changed slightly as he moved away quickly. Monarch Yu’s sword intent nearly injured him.

Xiao Chen gently pushed off with his feet and opened a distance, putting away the God Shadow Bow as he did so.

Monarch Yu’s sword intent was exceptionally strong. It contained an unimaginable tyrannical dynasty’s might. The surging sword intent swept over like a sea of flames.

“This Monarch will not lose!”

Monarch Yu appeared gloomy as he leaped into the air and thrust with his sword.

A fiery light burst out of the sword tip, looking as piercing as the blazing sun.

This was the famous Heavenly Flame Sword Technique of the Yanwu Dynasty’s royal clan.

The emperor’s relatives, who shared the Yanwu Dynasty’s royal clan bloodline, possessed a strong affinity for the fire attribute.

Aside from some special exceptions, most would choose to cultivate fire-attributed Cultivation Techniques.

With assistance from their bloodline, these people could achieve more while doing less, cultivating much faster than regular people.

The royal bloodline cultivators would have stronger comprehensions and usage of fire-attributed Cultivation Techniques.

Monarch Yu’s sword tip displayed the effects as it burst out with the power of fire without restraint.

The instant the sword tip lit up, the sword intent spread out like sparks.

The sword intent burst out in front of Xiao Chen. There was no way to dodge at all.

The two already used up their Soul Energy. They could only use their Veritable Essence Energy, their Martial Techniques, and their other skills to fight.

This was the first time Xiao Chen faced such a strong fire-attributed Sword Technique.

It startled him slightly. He could not find a suitable way to handle it for the time being.

Holding his Tyrant Saber, Xiao Chen moved back as he fought.

Since erupting, Monarch Yu did not stop at all. Flames roared relentlessly into the surroundings.

They blasted deep pits in the drill ground, which was reinforced by formations.

“Heavenly Flame Sword, Nine Dragons Soaring!” Monarch Yu bellowed, and Veritable Essence Energy surged throughout his body. Nine lively fire dragons with the dynasty’s might appeared one after another, continuously circling him.

“This move…”

When the members of the Marquis’s Residence’s upper echelon saw this move, they were mildly startled. They felt that things seemed to have gone out of control.

Once the nine terrifying fire dragons appeared, fires ignited all over the drill ground due to the horrifying temperature.

No moisture remained in the air, which turned arid.

“What a terrifying temperature.”

At the same time, the fluids in Xiao Chen’s body also started evaporating rapidly.

Before this move was launched, it already felt like it would kill.

Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless. He circulated the Ice Feather Divine Incantation, and his body became like ice. Icy feathers appeared in the surroundings, drifting like a snowstorm of swan feathers.

The ambient temperature decreased slightly.

Monarch Yu, who executed the Nine Dragons Soaring in front, already flew into the sky.

There, he shone with a dazzling light. As flames burned, he looked like the blazing sun.

Monarch Yu reflected the true blazing sun in the sky, competing in brightness and making it seem like there were two suns.

Then, he furiously pointed his sword at Xiao Chen.

The surrounding sky suddenly turned dark, leaving a sun that shone brightly.

This light dulled the five senses, preventing one from distinguishing whether the sun in the sky was the true blazing sun or Monarch Yu with nine fire dragons around him. It was quite incredible.


As Monarch Yu pointed with his sword, a dragon-like sword light flew out of the sun, burning up all light.

The sword light shooting towards Xiao Chen contained Monarch Yu’s peak sword intent, the dynasty’s might, and terrifying fire-attributed energy.

Monarch Yu’s Cultivation Technique supported the sword light, allowing that fire-attributed energy to bring out a might equivalent to the Fire Dao’s Great Dao Energy.


The sword light was startlingly fast, arriving at Xiao Chen in nearly a flash.

Xiao Chen executed the Thunder Dragon Steps to its limits, quickly dodging as electric light flickered.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Who knew, this sword strike was just the start.

There was a total of nine sword strikes, each faster than the one before. The last sword strike nearly forced out Xiao Chen’s Azure Dragon Divine Wings.

There was already such power without using Soul Energy. If it contained Soul Energy, there might even be a qualitative improvement in these nine sword strikes’ might.

After nine sword strikes, the entire drill ground lay in ruins, filled with holes. The ground cracked, and countless huge rocks flew out and covered the sky and sun.

“Xiao Chen, die!”

When Monarch Yu saw that Xiao Chen managed to dodge his move, he turned livid.

Monarch Yu’s Star Venerate Will swept out from his forehead, together with a vast dynasty’s might.

Ancient drumming sounded vaguely, together with songs of poetic sagas, as Monarch Yu’s Star Venerate Will brought out some of the boundless accumulations of an ancient dynasty.

This was the protection that the dynasty’s Luck provided the royal clan disciples in its territory.

If Monarch Yu’s royal bloodline was pure enough, he could truly bring out a small portion of the ancient accumulations under the dynasty’s land.


This Star Venerate Will contained an ancient might and felt solid. Everywhere it passed, the huge rocks in the way instantly turned to ashes, disappearing.

Xiao Chen did not show any weakness. The dragon seal in his Soul Pool flickered.

Then, he used his will of soul, which contained the Azure Dragon’s Dragon Might, to clash without fear.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The two wills of soul collided violently, producing immense explosions. The entire Marquis’s Residence shook intensely. The shock waves even reached the city.

The buildings in the city were not like the ones in the Marquis’s Residence, which were reinforced by formations.

The two’s auras spread out in the air. The shock waves swept out, blasting countless rocks.

“This…no longer feels like a fight between Star Venerates.”

“What a terrifying aura! This is more like two Holy Venerates fighting. The only difference is the lack of Holy Venerate Will.”

“This Xiao Chen is really incredible. He is clashing wills with Monarch Yu in the Yanwu Dynasty’s territory, and he is not losing!”

“His Dragon Might is really unfathomable. What exactly is it?”

“However, up until now, Xiao Chen has been defending passively. If he does not retaliate, Monarch Yu will wear him down.”

The many hidden experts of the Marquis’s Residence all flew out.

These people carefully observed the intense fight of the two in the air.

Surging sword intent and saber intent clashed all over the drill ground.

The two’s figures flashed, moving so quickly that they did not even leave afterimages.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The sword and saber clashed. With each impact, loud, crisp sounds rang out, roiling the clouds in the sky.

The sky changed colors, the winds blew, and clouds surged.

When fighting within the dynasty, the people of the royal bloodline would have an innate advantage within the same generation. Xiao Chen not only held his own despite this disadvantage but even made up for his weaker cultivation, which was one grade lower than Monarch Yu’s.

Monarch Yu was also a powerful genius, a demonic genius capable of fighting above his cultivation level.

He was no ordinary Star Venerate expert. Along the way, he had plenty of resources to stabilize each cultivation grade. His accumulations were deep and vast, far from what ordinary people could attain.

As a relative of the emperor, of all the things Monarch Yu lacked, resources were not one of them.

However, now, everyone was shocked to discover that this sectless and factionless independent cultivator’s accumulations were even stronger, vaster, and deeper than Monarch Yu’s.

Although Xiao Chen initially seemed like he would not last, as he faced Monarch Yu, he grew increasingly calmer and more relaxed.

“I will not lose. I absolutely will not lose to a mixed-blood dragon like you!”

Monarch Yu glared furiously, appearing crazed as his long hair fluttered about messily.

The greater Monarch Yu’s disadvantage was, the crazier he became. He kept sending out sword strikes recklessly.

Xiao Chen was not willing to go all out with such a person. It was simply not worth it.

So, he waited to see how long Monarch Yu could keep up these crazy actions.

Xiao Chen silently started to execute Dreamlike Mundane World, the Saber Technique he comprehended from the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s first move, Breaking the Mundane.

As he backed off, saber light danced about.

The swaying saber light from the strange purple saber turned into illusions that played in Monarch Yu’s eyes, quietly creating a dream.

“I am the relative of the emperor! I absolutely will not lose!”

Monarch Yu grew increasingly berserk, apparently risking his life to bring out moves that would damage both of them.

Xiao Chen snorted coldly and made his first move.

Dreams as a Saber!

Xiao Chen withdrew all the saber light in the air and turned them into a beautiful purple saber light. Then, he broke through Monarch Yu’s sword move in an instant.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!”

An endless string of crisp sounds like treasure swords shattering rang out.

The beautiful purple saber light looked real and fake at the same time, like a dream or a fantasy. When it reflected in Monarch Yu’s eyes, it activated the dreamland that Xiao Chen left in him.

Monarch Yu’s eyes turned glazed as he stood still.

However, the purple saber light did not stop. It pierced through the exquisite armor Monarch Yu wore and the protective measures that experts left on his body, stabbing into his chest.

The purple saber light looked like a long, solid spear pinning Monarch Yu to the air and holding him immobile.

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