Welcoming Lonelytree and My Iyashikei Game!
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Welcoming Lonelytree and My Iyashikei Game!

Heyyo everyone!

Today, we welcome to HostedNovel!

He's an old colleague of mine, as well as a veteran translator who has completed many works, such as Age of Cosmic Exploration and House of Horrors!

He has come with a horror scary fantasy book he's currently working on, My Iyashikei Game

Intro to the novel:

Han Fei is a comedy actor who's down on luck.

Things seemed to be turning for the better when he was given an expensive virtual reality gaming helmet to Perfect Life, an soothing iyashikei (slice-of-life) game that heals one's soul.

Little did he know what he thought was heaven was actually a hell filled with terrifying ghosts and vengeful spirits.

Genre: Horror, Romance, Comedy


Do check it out here!